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Camp-ish rather than Campy

Author: kingstonguys from United States
23 March 2009

In reading a lot of the other comments (and message board quips) it looks like those people who enjoyed this saw it at a midnight screening. I think there's something to be said about the energy of that. I've had a blast watching a movie that, in the light of day (or on the home screen) is unbearable. I wouldn't call this movie "unbearable" but it sure is filled with missed opportunities. I think, contrary to what one poster says, this movie does take itself too seriously. The whole scenario is absurd, which is fine, but the actors play it "straight" (for lack of a better word) too much, with the exception of the villains and the drag queen (but only when she's in drag). There really is nothing redeeming about any of the B&B residents; they're all bitchy, unfaithful, wimpy--kind of like all relationships at one time or another but all at once. The acting is horrible and it's like the editing department was staffed by the actors--every scene lingers on way too long, letting the viewer watch the actors stare uncomfortably (or cluelessly) at each other (or at nothing)--so they could squeeze out a little bit more screen time. My advice if you must watch this: Be under the influence of something, and make a game out of it. Whenever a character rolls their eyes or calls someone a bitch, have another hit.

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Good drag queen, bad movie

Author: em89072002 from United States
16 December 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The shoddy opening scene of a pretty ugly fat chick clumsily running away from something, pathetically falling down and faking fear sets the tone for the whole movie. Which is to say it's a really bad flick overall. Much of the acting is stuff you'd see in a bad high school play. The editing is a joke; parts just go black for several seconds as they try to transition from one scene to another. And, it's a drab looking production; they should have followed the advice in their opening song and used some color.

So it's a bad movie, but it's also disappointing because the premise of a campy slasher flick seemed to have potential.

There are a few funny parts/lines in the last twenty minutes or so, but maintaining enough interest to get to that point is extremely difficult.

It gets two out of ten stars as there are only two positive aspects of this flick.

1). The drag queen is pretty funny toward the end. Partly because he has good lines and partly because he plays the role well, but only when he is in drag mode. Prior to that he is just a dull character.

2). The opening song and go-go girl are pretty good. The segment has a very cool vibe like the opening credits of a James Bond flick but with a campy twist. So that segment is good, which also means that it is totally out of sync with the rest of the movie.

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Could had definitely been a lot worse.

Author: Boba_Fett1138 from Groningen, The Netherlands
10 August 2010

What can you expect from anything being titled "The Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror"? Nothing great obviously but who can resist such a cheesy title. And while this movie is most definitely not great, it isn't painfully bad to watch either. Its quite amusing actually.

As far as these, simplistic, generic, shoe-string budget, modern, horror movies go, this really isn't a bad one. To be honest, it's on of the best ones I have seen in a long while. It simply did a good job with its very limited resources and was actually quite professionally looking, at least when compared to similar genre movies.

This movie might sound like a very offensive one toward homosexual people but in truth this movie never downgrade itself to any gay-bashing or trying to make fun of homosexuals. Yes, the movie is mostly still a comedy but really not an offensive one. I actually think that some of the people involved with this movie in front and behind the camera's were homosexual themselves. The movie just gave me a that sort of vibe. The only people who might be offended by this are Republicans because they get portrayed as the biggest monster in this movie. It might also be definitely true that this movie its story and concept is just far too silly for anyone to get offended by, in all truth.

The story is just about as simple as it can get. Yes, it's about a gay bed and breakfast...of terror. When a bunch of homosexual couples arrive at a bed and breakfast, somewhere in the middle of the desert, soon some of them start to get brutally slaughtered. It really is all you should need to know. When the motivations get explained the movie actually gets more silly and even worse, till the movie reach its ending, when it's simply just starting to loose it even more, for the worse.

It's a shame that the movie is only that much fun to watch. It's definitely true they could had turned everything up a notch, in order to make this a far more fun and entertaining movie to watch. For a comedy it's simply lacking in its comedy at times. Things could and should had been crazier and more campy, for my taste.

And as an horror...well you can't really take this movie serious as an horror, now can you. In essence the movie is being slasher and yes, the movie does feature blood and gore but you can't really say that the movie ever becomes a scary one. Because of its concept its still being an original one but also nothing more than that.

But seriously, this movie is not half as bad as it perhaps sounds. Give it a shot and you might end up liking it, if only just a little.


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Bad, but not unwatchable

Author: d_woodske from United States
19 May 2010

If this movie was simply titled "Bed and Breakfast of Horror" I am sure much less people would have watched this...and for a's pretty bad.

The pace is slow, acting is poor (more like community theater), and the editing is very bad. Scenes carry, shots are boring and there are few cuts that are meaningful. Also they tried a bit too hard to establish that everyone is gay...we read the title, we already know that...

That said, I have seen much worse out there. Might be worth watching if you want to see some gay cinema, but nothing else is redeeming...even the "horror".

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a bit of fun

Author: rumblefish80 from United Kingdom
17 September 2008

I'm a big fan of quirky horror, I love the serious stuff but I have to admit I enjoy going to see the odd strange film. Caught this in a festival and was happy to see it is getting a DVD release, I think it will do quite well on that format. The audience I watched it with was not that receptive to the film but I tuned them out and really enjoyed the experience. It's not Psycho or anything remotely of that calibre, I'm laughing that I even said that in this comment. If you want a brain dead experience that brings some laughs and you watch with an open mind then this is a fun film. The director Jaymes Thompson did a good job with this material be interesting to see more work from that direction.

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Much more entertaining than expected

Author: slayrrr666 ( from Los Angeles, Ca
20 April 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"The Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror" is a really fun potential camp classic.


Traveling out to the desert, couples Dom, (Vinny Markus) and Alex, (Michael Soldier) Deborah, (Shannon Lee) and Gabby, (Denise Heller) Michael, (Derek Long) Lizette, (Lisa Block-Weiser) and Eric, (Robert Borzych) and Brenda, (Allie Rivenbark) and Starr, (Hilary Schwartz) arrive at the Sahara Salvation Bed-and-Breakfast and check in. Getting ready for a special party to be held later on, they all manage to get through their own problems with each other and try to go through with their own plans. As the night goes on, they all start to notice that the others have gone missing, only to realize that a homicidal maniac is on the loose, killing off those who are deemed to be sinful in the eyes of God, and they must find a way to get away from the dreaded location alive with their libidos in check.

The Good News: There was some really good stuff to this one. The fact that the film reveals so much in it's gayness that it starts to become fun after awhile. There's a lot of scenes with the couples engaging in the acts with each other, or with the advances on the other couples that, because of the sexes and how intently they're presented, is a good time. When it finally starts getting into the ending, the way that everything is played up because of this, through the torture methods and the actions with each other become a lot of fun and really give the film some enjoyable moments. That these allow for plenty of nudity as well isn't a bad thing, as the two lesbian couples present are there to provide this with some great scenes together. There's also plenty of good fun to come from it's more traditional slasher elements come into play. There's a nice selection of stalking scenes in here, namely the one through the back of the lobby from the pool-house and a second one where the killer has a victim trapped inside a car that gets really suspenseful. The chases with the killer through the facility are all quite fun and really enjoyable, with a lot of different scenes that serve to make them exciting. The final revelation of who the killer actually is becomes really fun, as it comes during the torture scenes which are fun on their own, then comes the really good parts which are just an all-out blast with the killer being revealed in a great sequence of events that eventually gets really messy. That also pulls in the last big plus for the film, it's rather nice selection of gore that makes it quite bloody at times. There's several vicious stabbings to the chest and stomach, a really impressive decapitation, a couple throats are ripped out and another has their stomach sliced open, which makes for a rather nice selection of bloody gore. These here are the film's good points.

The Bad News: There wasn't a whole lot of flaws for this one. One of the biggest ones is that the religious preaching between everyone in here. Not only isn't it needed at all, as the very presence of anything to do with that automatically denotes it being placed here, it doesn't do anything to make the film, or the killer, stand out at all. A killer offing homosexuals because they are sinful in the eyes of God isn't anything new, it's simply a cliché and is a really offensive one to boot. That speaks of a lack of creativity very highly and doesn't do the film any sort of favors with it, being that it's so flawed all-around. There's also the film's other flaw, it's length. This one does take a lot longer than it should've been since it does go into all the couples' relationships and back-stories for everyone there, which isn't all that good for keeping this one short. There's times where it becomes taxing, but it's still pretty enjoyable all the way through in spite of that. These here are the film's flaws.

The Final Verdict: A rather fun and enjoyable romp, with a goofy sense of fun and lot to like about it make for a rather pleasant experience. Highly recommended to fans who are the showcased minorities or the most open-minded slasher fans, while those who can't take what's presented should heed caution.

Rated R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language, Nudity and several sex scenes of various strength and participants

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A Gay Old Time

Author: Universal_Citizen from San Francisco, CA USA
22 June 2008

I saw GB&BOT this weekend as part of the Frameline festival in San Francisco. It was a lot of fun and much better than I might have expected. I was thoroughly entertained and I could see this becoming a gay cult classic, with its mix of sexy actors, slasher parody, drag / camp sensibility and poking fun at conservatism. Viewers who are not clued into some gay cultural references may initially find the movie less accessible but I think could still enjoy it.

If you'd like to see it, I asked the director and it is due to get a theatrical release later this year and will be available on DVD in the fall.

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