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Legitimately unnerving
Mr_Ectoplasma18 November 2017
A group of young French Arabs in Paris wind up on the wrong side of the law during riots after the election of a right-wing minister. The group flee and end up at an inn run by neo-Nazis who aren't exactly as welcoming as one may think.

I first saw this film sometime in 2007 when it was released in the United States, and recalled it being very gritty and troubling to the senses. Upon revisiting, I've found this still to be true, though now the context in which the film emerged is more clear. "Frontier(s)" is a prime example of the hard-edged French new wave horror cinema that gained traction in the early 2000s with films like "Irreversible," "High Tension," "Inside," "Martyrs," and the like. "Frontier(s)" falls in line with these films in that it creates a palpable sense of dread—it's almost unbearable to sit through, not only because of the violence, but also because the entire thing is shrouded in hopelessness. Where it differs is its overt political themes and irony. What better place for a group of young French Arabs to end up during a right-wing election than an inn owned by neo-Nazis?

The cast here is strong all around, and are a large part of what keeps the tension and pathos at such a heightened level. The film spirals down out of control in the second half, with a final act that is as gratifying as it is disturbing. Bleak, pallid cinematography and compositions, along with a brooding musical score also contribute to the film's unnerving demeanor.

All in all, I found that while I understood "Frontier(s)" more clearly on a cerebral level a decade later, it still retains the sense of hopelessness that made it an discomforting viewing experience in the first place. It's a well-made film with effective performances and cinematography. The narrative is fairly simple but not self-conscious about it, and doesn't overreach for the sake of overreaching. Overall, a bleak horror film that is commendable but somewhat of a chore to get through. 8/10.
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Hostel of 1000 chainsaws
Maurizio5 December 2016
What can I say about this movie that hasn't been said by others here? There is nothing new to it, nothing that you haven't already seen in Hostel, House of 1000 corpses or TCM. But what these movies do have got in atmosphere, this one lacks in great deal. The backstory is quite botch, little to no explanation is given about the existence of the "family", there are characters that are just mentioned but have no role whatsoever in the developing of the plot (the deformed/lunatic kids of the strange girl), you just see them for a fraction of a moment in a couple of scenes and that's all.

Plenty of blood and gore, sure, if you love that, you won't be disappointed. But even on that side, nothing new. Lots of clichés, many predictable turns in the story (I understood exactly who was going to help the heroine close to the end of the film one hour in advance) and a bunch of senseless butchery among pig waste.

It's not a total failure, but once again, nothing you haven't already seen before many times. Only for fanatics of the genre.
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excellent...but do not watch at night
tdrish15 July 2016
Frontiers is a little under rated, and I do not understand why. For its realism, it's off the charts believable, which makes it very intense to watch. For that, I do recommend, I just do not recommend watching this at night...or at least, right before you are about ready to tuck yourself into bed for the night. This one is going to get in your head, trust me. It's violence and intensity is off the charts, hence warranting the film with the dreaded NC17 rating, which Xavier clearly had no intentions on removing. The story is great, casting is close to excellent, everything seems to pass with flying why the hell is this getting such a low rating? Perhaps people just don't see the point. I mean, I'll level with you, it's not all believable. The Paris riots in the beginning, fully believable. However, at one point, the main characters in the movie split off, a couple of them end up at an odd motel room that charges nothing for the rooms, and they even get lucky with the girls. Really? I call BS. It's the only thing I call BS. Trust me, you don't want to watch this late at night, and you want to wait until your lunch is halfway digested, because this film is DOWNRIGHT VIOLENT! Towards the end, it means well, as there is an unexpected twist, a story is told, and suddenly were feeling sympathetic, adding an emotional element to the works. And do you know what? It works pretty darn well, at least, in my opinion. The deaths are realistic, bloody as hell, and downright disturbing. Very intense. And very good. I cannot tell you enough, please make sure the kids are in bed for this one, you do not want to expose this to them, they'll have nightmares for the next 20 years guaranteed. To the rest of you...proceed with caution, and enjoy the show. You got a great rental on your hands.
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Above average, but nothing special
znegative7 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
After watching 'High Tension', which has become my favorite horror movie since 'Kill List' and 'Martyrs' I was really excited to see 'Frontier(s)'. On some horror message boards it was listed up their with the aforementioned titles, so I was expecting it to be incredible. I have to say though, I'm a bit disappointed, because in the end, it just felt like rehashed material that tried to be original by putting it into a political context.

If you've watched 'Deliverance' or 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' this film will come as nothing new to you. It's another case of liberal city slickers (like myself) getting lost in the backwoods, and paying the price for meddling with ignorant red-neck scum. There's a lot of gore and violence in this movie, but what it lacks that 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' was rich in, is atmosphere. There's no room with furniture made of skin and bones, and aside from some Nazi paraphernalia, this film kind of lacks in the macabre department.

Another thing that bothered me was that I felt very unsympathetic towards the characters. Quite honestly they seemed like jerks so I couldn't really get that emotionally invested.

Luckily the ending is good enough. I liked how after escaping her tormentors and taking off in a car, she hears that the current right wing politician has survived an assassination attack and then screams in agony. Ahead of her is either the military or police at a road stop, and she gets out and surrenders herself, realizing that her literal fight against a conservative far-right government is futile, and finally gives up. It would have been kind of cooler if instead she shot them all, because it's kind of depressing that she just turns herself in, but it still made the movie seem like there was some sort of point, other than just showing miserable ways that people can die and bleed.
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From the fryin pan into the fire. Fast, brutal, sadistic, eerie horror thriller.
Fella_shibby29 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Frontier(s) is a fast-paced, very violent thrill-ride from Xavier Gens (The divide, Hit-man@2007, ABCs of death-segment-XXL). It is a brutal, depressing horror flick. Obviously the director was influenced by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, House of 1000 corpses, Timber falls. There are some genuinely frightening scenes, like the claustrophobic-to- the-max 'tunnel scene' n the Oven scene. Excellent cinematography by Laurent Barès (Inside, Livid, Hit-man, The divide, The pack). The Inn, the farmhouse, the claustrophobic mine, the chilling elevator, perfectly lighted hall, the deserted roads all very well shot. The movie is tight and fast-paced and very eerie. Saw this on a rented DVD in 2008. The acting is pretty good with Samuel le Bihan (The code, Brotherhood of the wolf) particularly fine as a brutal villain and Karina Testa one beautiful, gutsy and sympathetic heroine. The movie had strong character development and gave me a sense of sympathy for the actors playing the characters in distress. It devotes a good 30 minutes or so to acquainting us to the characters and really making you like them. Frontiers is fast brutal sadistic movie filled with tons and tons of blood n graphic violence.
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Full of prejudice, not entertaining
nicky plum22 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I am German and I'm deeply insulted by this movie.

The movie plays on the French border to Germany. We don't have rugged old farms like that with filthy inbred families. It is a dense area which is economically successful. So yes mobiles work and if machine guns (as if) are being fired the neighbour will call the police.

Second of all the war is long over. That old Nazi-Guy must be 80-90 years old, so the young girl ("I came here after the war") must be 55-60 in 2007.

Third of all they speak fake German (how insulting) and they don't seem to know much about Nazis. Nazis wouldn't bread with a mixed race girl.

Then there is the cannibal thing. Why should German farmers be cannibals? It's the French farmers who protest because they're too poor. The Nazi-woman looks like a French Pamela Anderson. Why would she live as a cannibal? And why is everybody so dirty? It's not that modern farmers can't afford showers. It's NEITHER eastern Europe NOR Texas.
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Be advised: bloody, violent BUT boring and dumb.
Russ_Thompson10 November 2015
I gave this title 5 stars only, because it was bloody and violent (witch are expected from a horror movie by my standards) but to be frank it was rather a 2-3.

What made me watch were the highly panegyric reviews it got. Sadly, after the firs hour or so made me realize I was badly thrown off.

The script is a mess, almost as the writer was just putting it together without proof-reading it. The start and the middle act is poorly connecting with the rest of the material, and the time jump right before the final scenes is just baffling. But my main problem was the totally unrelated first 20 minutes, all that could have been solved in 5 minutes or less. And also the many time-robbing and often tedious scenes just made it too long and lumpish. At least 1/3 of the film should have never made it out of the editing room.

I don't mind the stupid mistakes on anyone's side, as this is the way it works in many horror flicks. But this film does not deserve the attention and appreciation people grant it. This is not even as cruel as I hoped so, most of the killings, and deaths were seen at least a thousand times and there is not any surprise or new edge, it feels rather like some mixture of Hostel, The Devil's Rejects, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Død snø.

Comparing this film to The Martyrs, À l'intérieur, Eden Lake, Salo or any deeply cutting flick is just a simple insult. Sadly this film lacks the element of 'wit' the other examples have.

This may be one of the better French horrors but it is simply not a remarkable one. And I guess I won't be remembering it in about a week...
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A decent enough movie, worth the watch.
Stephen Mckimmie15 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
If you're a fan of over the top blood,gore and violence,then Frontier(s) is most definitely the film for you. I was hesitant before I watched this,mainly because of the reviews I had seen prior to watching the film.But,I had to take all of that out of my head,and watch this film going in with an open mind.I have to admit,though the film was not an absolute masterpiece,I was pleasantly surprised. The film itself was decent.The story wasn't exactly strong,and was not exactly original.You literally know after 20 minutes of the film what is going to happen.It is far too predictable,but it is still an entertaining watch! The problem is,this film has too many elements of other well known horror films,that most horror fans will have seen and will notice these similarities.I would say this film is like a French version of a mix between The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,Saw 2,Hostel and The Hills Have Eyes,maybe. Due to the fact it is basically about a group of young Europeans,that go to a hostel,which is occupied by some f*cked up cannibalistic Neo-Nazi family,which they hunt down in a maze and torture and kill them,but the main character of the film escapes in the end.Basically the same old,same old. It's a good film,very entertaining.I would recommend renting/streaming this,but don't waste money on buying this on DVD.
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Absolutely boring
David Davidson23 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was so bad, it made me create this account just so I can review this movie

I'm a huge fan of this genre, I really love all kinds of gory hillbilly/backwood horror movies (Wrong Turn, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Hills Have Eyes, Jeepers Creepers, Wolf Creek, House of Wax etc.), and since this was compared to those, I was excited when I heard about Frontier(s). But after watching it, I'm hugely disappointed and I feel misled by the descriptions and positive IMDb rating for this movie.

This is one of the most disappointing movies I've ever seen. The plot didn't make sense (there wasn't much of a plot actually), the characters and their actions were bizarre and not believable at all. I didn't understand the Nazi theme thrown into it (on a side note, the German phrases used were pronounced wrong and didn't make sense either) and I didn't understand what the first 30 minutes or so had to do with the rest of the movie.

I wasn't able to sympathize with the main characters, especially since they annoyed me throughout the entire movie with their moaning/screaming/crying/hysterical breathing (and for some reasons seizures and walking like zombies), and when they weren't doing that, then the antagonists were yelling, crying or grunting. The movie was praised for it's gore, but there aren't a lot of goryscenes and the ones I saw weren't good.

The only scene that made me feel a bit of horror was the tunnel scene where that one guy got stuck momentarily, but that idea was probably copied from "The Descent" (and a lot of other things happening in the movie seem to be copied from other movies).

I was so happy when this movie was finally over (the ending was just as bad as the rest, by the way), not because of the horror, but because I was extremely bored. It was a bad idea to give the movie a chance and continue watching after I thought about quitting it after an hour or so. Would not recommend.
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A Mixed Bag of Beauty and Horror
spock-billy-spike10 May 2015
Frontier(s) is a very interesting movie, in a good way and in a bad way. Xavier Gens does not shy away from gore but he also favors symbolism and some very dramatic shots. It's clear that he's torn between these styles as sometimes the scenes seem to be shot by completely different people. Both are fantastic on their own, but together there's a strange mix. There's a shot with the main character getting her hair cut that is beautiful and clear. Just a few minutes before there was gritty, hand-held, night-vision camera action. I think he was pressured to make this into more of a classic horror (Wrong Turn).

All in all, it's worth a watch. It's very good actually, I really hope that he gets some focus and a bit more freedom because I think this movie could have been fantastic. He directed perhaps the best segment in the ABC's of death, definitely the most memorable and symbolic (XXL). He has some fantastic shots in this movie, and the actors were way above average for a horror film, specifically Karina Testa and Maud Farget.

I'd recommend it for anyone who enjoy's horror movies really, and for people who want to see something different.
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Texas Chainsaw (in France)
bowmanblue25 January 2015
Frontiers is a good movie - or rather a 'good movie' if you like horror films. However, in my opinion, it will never be a great movie, on account of the fact that it's just The Texas Chainsaw Massacre set in France.

A group of youngsters head out into the French countryside (does it really matter why?) and spend the night in a local hotel. Sadly for them, the hotel is run by a family of cannibal Neo Nazis.

From then on we're treated to the general 'hunt 'em and kill 'em' type film which the Texas Chainsaw Massacre is often credited as starting. We have escapes, near escapes, gruesome deaths, a family of murderers with a strong family bond, an elderly relative that needs help eating her chopped up human dinner and all the things we've seen before.

So, if you liked any of the Texas Chainsaw films or are generally a fan of the genre, you could certainly do worse than Frontiers. It's well shot, well-acted and has plenty of the red stuff flying around. Perhaps the only criticism is that some of the youngsters are pretty much as unlikeable as the Nazis who are hell-bent on chopping them up.

If you don't mind the subtitles, you could spend a worse hour and a half watching this. It's just a pity it basically covers the same ground as the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
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One of the best examples of New French Extremity: The plot of 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' combined with the extreme gore of 'Haute Tension' and 'Martyrs'
A Extreme French horror action film from 2007 directed by Xavier Gans the director of 'Hitman' and 'X is for XXL' from 'ABCs of Death' and that movie is 'Frontière(s)' This film, Frontière(s) is a truly extreme experience a better example of new french extremity than something like 'Ils' or 'Inside'. It's a very well made film lots of fast paced action and gore along with a TCM-esque setting and look to it. its a really brutal film just in your face torture and gore. The acting and writing is good the camera-work isn't horrible but it does a shaky cam thing in every other scene making hard to see what is going on, some people will hate that, I don't much. Other than that I have no complaints.

Often called a disturbing film I can't really say its disturbing, I could see why, maybe if you haven't seen a lot of torture porn movies like I have you might find it disturbing but to be on the disturbing scale from one to ten. One being not disturbing and ten being beyond disturbing, 'Frontière(s)' is a 4/10 on the disturbing scale.

On the gore meter from one to ten. One being something like 'The Corpse Grinders' and ten being something like 'Braindead'. 'Frontière(s)' is a 7 or 8/10 an all around extremely violent and gory movie full of torture and savagery not for the faint of heart or those with a weak stomach.

I really liked the film its a ultra-violent little horror flick with a bad attitude and even worse gore 9/10 just really an all around awesome as well as highly recommended splatter/exploitation/naziploitation/hixploitation/slasher horror film worth a watch if you can handle it Similar films: 'Haute Tension', 'Martyrs', 'Inside'
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Takes itself seriously but very mediocre and juvenile
Spyan27 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I don't think this movie is worth reviewing but I wish the note on IMDb was lower (in no way is this worth 6.3), so here goes my two bits;

As many of the negative reviews point out, there is not a single idea in this film that I haven't seen in better movies. The "plot" is a carbon copy of TCSM, used as an excuse to paste scenes ripped off from here and there.

Pros : the settings are not too bad, but the film is structured like a (terrible) video game, the environments keep changing so you never get to delve into/care about them. Half of the time they are ruined by very poor lighting anyway.

SOME of the actors were OK (talking about the 3 main bad guys), but they were overdoing it in every single scene (+the dialog was ridiculous, it sounded fake, rehashed and written by an 18 year old). LeBihan almost looks embarrassed in some scenes, seeming like he's wondering what the hell he's doing here.

Cons : the plot was a mess, and boringly predictable from beginning to end. The editing (especially during the action scene) was obscure and random. Not a single cast member (apart from the aforementioned 3) could act. To an annoying extent. Most of them, especially the protagonists, rake on your nerves by constantly trying too hard. For 1 hour and 40 long, loooong minutes. Exhausting. The director was clearly aiming for "gritty realism" but the numerous flaws and inconsistencies of this film and it's general immature feel keep pulling you out of the movie. During the final scenes (which are ludicrous), it seems like the whole cast just gives up in a big "hell, why not" and then stupidly shoot at furniture for 5 minutes. That's what I call an FX budget well spent, exploding onions and plates are so interesting to look at. And don't even get me started on the spastic antics and retarded overacting from the lead during the last final half hour.

Add a mindless idiotic "social/politic subtext" implied in a total of three minutes in the whole film you get a and you get a piece of amateurish crap that takes itself way too seriously.

A bland, by the numbers, done-a-thousand-times cringe fest that lacks talent and ideas overall.
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Plenty of Blood and Pigs
view_and_review29 March 2014
This movie was teetering on the edge of me hitting stop and walking away. There were just too many flaws with this.

OK, first let me give a rundown of the plot. Set in France, some hoodlums committed a robbery and were trying to escape to Holland. Their plan was to meet at a certain rendezvous point to split their loot and do whatever else. It was at this rendezvouz point that bleep starts happening.

No one, and I mean no one in this movie was a decent human being. The killers and the killed were all morally bankrupt. But alas, we definitely rank robbery above maiming and killing.

This movie had way too much screaming. I'd say half the lines of the men and the women were "Aaaaaah". The main character screamed so much that I'd have to think she couldn't talk for days after each shoot. I think Godzilla is more intelligible.

And I thought that megalomania was dead? How do you ensure a character has a second chance at life, or a legitimate shot to win a battle... have a killer who is a megalomaniac. Or, not even a megalomaniac, just one who loves to revel in the moment instead of just killing his/her avowed enemy.

This movie definitely delivers on the stomach turning, but the bottom line is that there were too many cliché's in this movie. It was good for gore and shock and awe, but terrible for originality and otherwise distinguishing itself as a horror movie.
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Extremely gruelling and extremely good
Leofwine_draca29 November 2013
One of a new wave of ultra-explicit French horror/thrillers, FRONTIERS is everything a gore-drenched thriller should be. Set in the near future, it sees the usual bunch of unsuspecting victims holing up in a remote hotel, where they find themselves at the mercy of a hillbilly family who make the Texas Chainsaw clan look like the Brady Bunch. What follows is an odyssey of bloody murder, torture and revenge, expertly directed by Xavier Gans.

I'm not really a fan of gore films per se. A lot of the horror films I love were made by Universal and Hammer, and of course these are considered tame by modern standards. But I don't mind gore when it's done right, as in the likes of HOSTEL, and it's certainly done right here too. We see brutal violence and punishment meted out to innocent victims before the tables are finally turned and the bad guys get their comeuppance, and that's just the kind of bloodshed I love watching. The film can hardly be applauded for originality but it certainly makes up for it in execution.

This is a taut, tense and extremely gruelling affair which barely lets you catch your breath from beginning to end. Gans' direction is adroit and the spare script allows the story to be told mostly through action rather than needless dialogue. The performances are decent for what is clearly a low budget film, and the special effects are, of course, grisly and spectacular, especially that saw scene. FRONTIERS is a film for movie-goers who like their horror full-blooded and gritty and it beats any Saw movie hands down.
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Neil Welch14 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
You know you're having a bad day when you fall foul of that very worst of groups to live in a remote farmhouse, Nazi cannibals.

This French entry in the cabin in the woods / last man standing / slasher / torture porn stakes has everything you need to know about it in the sentence above. The endless wide bomb-shelter tunnels beneath the farmhouse are an interesting location. There is some decent acting among some of the victims, albeit of the endless snivelling kind, and it is good to see XXX having a "worm turned" moment. And if endless gratuitous and explicit violence is your thing, then you are going to really enjoy it.

Personally, I found it grubby, unpleasant, one-note, derivative, misogynistic, exploitative, unbelievable, and just plain nasty.
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Cheap Torture Porn With Age Old Cliché
Kerem Gogus30 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Dull and boring. Horrible and annoying acting. Superficial and crappy story.Cheap look on overall imagery like it filmed with a pocket camera. Awful atmosphere (not in a good way). Just another cheap torture porn with age old cliché.

They tried to use NAZI theme and failed miserably, they also tried Joseph Mengele inspiration and also fail miserably. They tried to be gory because they think that is the only thing to sell that stuff but failed on it epically. Everything you'll see on the movie are already done with other torture porn movies.

Nothing new or creative, don't waste your time and money.
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An Blood-Soaked Gore Fest That Remains Largely Ineffective.
CinemaClown8 October 2013
Churned out by the New French Extremity Movement, a new wave of French horror responsible for extreme classics like High Tension, Inside & Martyrs, Frontier(s) arrives as another one of their features that aims to break all barriers of censorship or morality by exploiting every taboo subject that's available, but fails to achieve the same impact as its better counterparts.

Set during the violent aftermath of a political election in a near-future France, Frontier(s) concerns a gang of 4 young thieves who decide to run away from Paris with a bag full of robbed money in order to start a new life. While on their way, they decide to check-in at an inn near the border to spend the night but end up discovering that their hosts are actually a group of sadistic cannibals of a Nazi family.

Although the film offers sufficient amount of disturbing content over the course of its runtime, the plot isn't as effective or sturdy enough as it was in Inside or Martyrs, and it is pretty much a disappointment in every filmmaking department. What's even more absurd is the use of Nazi angle to justify its violence because Nazis are inhuman beings after all, by nature or by default.

Direction is a letdown, screenplay is an abomination, cinematography isn't that bad, characters are stupid, performances are over-the-top & violence is mercilessly brutal although not that effective. On an overall scale, Frontier(s) is a blood-soaked gore fest which happens to be political & psychotic at the same time but its poor execution of the available resources never really lets the story take off in the first place.
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An average film with a bit of gore...
Michael Blackpaw8 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I'm a big fan of horror films, and I can safely say that this film only comes across as mediocre in it's genre. But, having spent a mere £1 on the film, which was given to Cancer Research UK, I've got no complaints, and I'm sure the money will be going to good use.

The film opens with an interesting back story about riots caused by recent political issues. This is actually quite thoughtful, and could have been very interesting to explore, and could have made the film very thought provoking. But no, the director decided to use that as nothing but a story to get the film started, and isn't actually referred to much, if at all, after the opening of the film.

So now that we've already lost out on the interesting story, what have we got to salvage? Thieves that got caught up in the riots, trying to escape, and finding free accommodation. Now it's turned into the French version of "Hostel", it's not going to get any better. Especially when they introduce the people the main characters will have to run from: cannibalistic Neo-Nazis and cannibalistic Neo-Nazi prostitutes. From then on, the story turned from interesting to truly surreal, and not in a good way.

Gore was clearly a point they aimed to put first, yet, despite the rather grim cover, there wasn't as much gore as one might think. The scenes that were violent, were hard to watch at times, but very few of these scenes actually turned up. This is good in a way, because it means that while the film definitely belongs in the torture porn genre, it still builds some sense of tension, which is always a good thing in a horror film.

The tipping point for me that truly spoilt the film was the section in which one of the characters acquires a gun, and begins having firefights with the cannibalistic Neo-Nazi prostitutes. This is living proof that one should never attempt to shift from one genre to another, because it will kill the tone that has been painstakingly built up by the film. Horror is good, and works, and would have worked for the ending of the film. Going from horror to action is pathetic, and, if anything, doesn't go at all, and completely destroys any good views of the film.

However, despite my slating of the film, it is the sort of film one could watch easily as a bit of evening entertainment. The acting is solid, and shows that the actors themselves have some ability in spite of the pathetic story. One should also bear in mind that the lines in the film were quite well written: it was the plot that needed an overhaul.
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It had so much potential
Matthew Lizst15 September 2013
I think many of these reviews are rather harsh. It wasn't worth spending money on, but the movie wasn't terrible. I think the premise wasn't necessarily bad, and while the backdrop of riots in Paris was reminiscent of 28 Days Later, it was a good way to start the movie. To be honest, I would've considered it good had they persisted with present day, real world issues instead of changing directions towards some depraved, ritualistic neo-Nazi sect in the countryside. The violence could have been used far more effectively as a depiction of real world struggles. Instead, it ended up being a French synthesis of two movies I can't help but despise: The Hills Have Eyes meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
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The child of a dozen legendary gore flicks leaves you in shock with some of the most stunningly violent scenes I have seen in years!!
Robert W.26 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Honestly I can't say much bad about Frontier(s) because it was mostly exactly what I expected. The film easily channels Hostel, Saw, High Tension, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre just to name a few of the more obvious cult classics that the film borrows from. But you will also find elements of Human Centipede, The Descent and more. It is melodramatic, gory, twisted, disturbing and will leave you speechless. It is dark and gritty and features some of the most disturbing, filthy horror scenes I have ever seen. Despite certain aspects of it feeling like it was lifted right from the films I mentioned it is also a very unique concept in certain ways. It has some politics mixed in there and a heavy handed political message buried beneath the blood and guts. Every horror fan will find some aspect of Frontier(s) that they like because it has a little bit of everything. I wasn't sure what to think of the film in the beginning because it seemed like it wasn't anything that I expected it to be and then it took the turn into familiar horror territory and that's when it simply got very good for what it is. It is the type of horror film that is hard to watch, one I may never watch again and yet it is powerfully messed up and entertaining for the two hours its on.

Karina Testa is our scream queen basically of the film. She does decently in the role though I don't think she is the strongest of the cast. She certainly is effective in her role and shows plenty of emotion. Aurélien Wiik, Chems Dahmani and David Saracino are the three male victims. The four of them are friends of a sort that are trying to escape Paris with their lives and end up at the Inn. All three guys are decent in their roles. Saracino wasn't my favorite but it wasn't my kind of character either. Wiik was very good, probably the best of all the victims and Dahmani was also really good too. Frontier(s) shows off a family that Texas Chainsaw could be proud of. This is one messed up crew led by the incredible Jean-Pierre Jorris who truly nails this role. He is demented and creepy and sheer brilliant in his part. He is definitely the highlight of the film. That's not to say the rest of the family aren't good too. Patrick Ligardes, Samuel Le Bihan, Amélie Daure and Maud Forget are particularly great in their role. In the early part of the film I really didn't care for the character played by Estelle Lefébure. By the end of the movie I thought she was a terrific part of this completely messed up family. I believe that the family dinner scene in this film will haunt me for a good long while and that's saying something.

Usually I comment on how a director who also writes the script is almost always a bad movie but Xavier Gens makes this work. The disgusting gritty, dark and dirty scenery and scenes make your skin crawl. The various settings from the rioting streets of Paris, to the Inn, to the farmhouse, to the underground mine tunnels keep you constantly guessing and glued to your seat waiting to find out where the story takes you next. Some of the imagery in this film, the murder scenes, the vengeance scenes, Testa's appearance in the end as she frantically searches for freedom...was masterfully done. And yet ironically, I was honestly unimpressed for the first half hour and actually almost considered bailing on it because I didn't think it was what I wanted to see but everything changed and I'm so glad I stuck with it. Its lack of originality in some respects is unfortunate because it is a well made movie that genuinely scares you, something the horror genre struggles to do nowadays. This low budget After Dark feature was well worth it!! I watched this mostly in the hopes that it would channel some aspect of the amazing Alexander Aja's High Tension and it nailed those expectations! 8.5/10
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Brutal and entertaining French splatter-fest entry
GL8429 October 2012
Trying to escape a local revolution, a group of thieves escape the city and arrive at a secluded motel in the countryside to regroup, only to stumble upon the sinister truth about the owners there and try to get out of the area alive.

Overall, this was a very interesting if flawed effort as there's some great stuff here and some really troubling stuff. The troubling stuff isn't all that damaging yet features prominently in the film, mainly the fact that the film's several big action scenes are edited with the ultra-annoying and jarring quick-cut editing that renders the whole scene nearly impossible to make out, as if it had a chance with all the camera-jerking and shaking going on. This one, then, features both tactics during these scenes, and they're the big action chases so those are supposed to be the sequences you want to see, so it knocks itself down a bit for that. However, the rest of the film is highly entertaining and utterly enjoyable starting off with the introduction of the Nazi family which is pretty chilling given the relationship with the group, and their series of chases and confrontations are quite fun. As a bloodbath, it's got a lot to like as this one really lets it flow numerous times with it's graphic depictions of bodies getting torn open, dismemberments, decapitations and more, which are pretty realistic at times and generate a lot of fun. As well, there's some nice suspense at times included within, with one stand-out sequence where several victims crawl through an increasingly narrower tunnel guided only by a cigarette lighter and see they're being chased through by something or someone, and they're mixed nicely with the dirty, depraved goings-on to create a rather fun entry that happily stands among the good new French splatter-fests.

Rated Unrated/R: Extreme Graphic Violence, Graphic Language, Brief Nudity and a clothed sex scene.
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Violent and Average
billcr1215 September 2012
It starts off with rioting in the streets of Paris, with cars burning, and police battling hordes of protesters hurling Molotov cocktails at them. Three men are in a shootout with the cops and manage to escape to a building where a badly wounded comrade is holding up with a three months pregnant young woman named Yasmin. They venture off in two cars and Yasmin's brother dies at a hospital. The first three escape to a boarding house/farm in a rural area and meet two women who take them in, and in the ultimate show of hospitality, show them to their rooms and immediately have sex with them. The good times don't last as other family members are not so friendly. It turns out that they supplement their diet with human flesh. The boys end up as a food source and Yasmin soon shows up for more good times. The leader on the French Manson's decides that she would be perfect wife material for his son. Along the way, we get plenty of brutality, including a guy cooked alive with steam. Yasmin proves to be one tough cookie, as she fights the crazies for a survival of the fittest. Karina Testa is very good as as Karina, and the story is decent, with better than average cinematography; which for this genre, makes it a 6/10.
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Logical frontiers
p-stepien10 September 2012
In the not-so-distant future of a near-fascist France a rag-tag band of outlaws of Arabic descent attempt to flee the country following a robbery. The foursome include the pregnant Yasmine (Karina Testa) and her former boy-friend Alex (Aurélien Wiik). During the escape the split and decide to meet up next to the Belgian border. Brothers Tom (David Saracino) and Farid (Chems Dahmani) arrive first to a run-down village inn fronted by nymphomaniac sisters from hell...

Featuring a collage of ideas ranging from Nazi nymphos, retarded mutant offspring, mindless cannibalistic butchers and some of the dumbest victims in movie history, "Frontier(s)" attempts to ditch story for a plethora or gore, guts and other such ravings. Despite an initially promising suggestion of social commentary with racism set to be the carrying motif, Gens bottles the opportunity to randomly introduce gruesome deaths and reckless behaviour by dimwitted Arabs.

Truly appalling script stitched together for its basic premise, while all other focus was diverted to churning out a Carrie inspired blood-soaked wedding finale. Situational examples? Two brothers crash in their car (lets avoid the touchy subject of actually being able to survive such a fall) - after miraculously surviving and being left for dead by the Nazis they decide on checking out a defunct mine shaft. Plot logic zero, but it did follow towards a tension-filled scene. Another? Farid, hunted by two Nazis, dispatches one aggressor, then decides to drop his weapon and scream at the toppled body (guess who comes up behind him?). As the plot thickens idiocy scatters around the movie with as much frequency as human entrails, leaving little to nothing to the imagination, probably because the scriptwriter lacked any to deliver a semblance of a logical story.
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Joe Miller4 August 2012
I just saw a scene of this in a music video and I couldn't find out what it was for the life of me until now and I am so glad I spent my time finding it. Although in French this movie was genius and had a fantastic story line. I loved the characters good and bad. Everybody did a fantastic job acting their parts out. This movie is very VERY entertaining from start to finish and quite intense at times. Quite violent at times but not overdone as in some movies. This movie is an amazing example of French Horror Movies and I absolutely LOVED it. Bottom line is this will be one of my favorite all time movies no doubt. I give Frontier(s) a 9 out of 10

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