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Chris Columbus should be ashamed!!!!
buckeysooz12 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
When this movie first arrived in trailers, I like so many adults, who have become fans through our children was excited. We could overlook Pierce Brosnan playing Chiron which gets both the age and nature of the character wrong. We could overlook the character of Percy obviously being older than the books stated age of twelve, however almost everything else was so far removed from the books that have become so popular including storyline, that this movie should not even be allowed to carry the "based on the books" tag. The characters were completely miscast, the storyline was a weak abominational blend of books one and two..... kind of..!

He (Chris Columbus) invented places for the movie to go that have nothing to do with the story in its origination, he omitted too many details that are so pertinent to the actual storyline that it may be impossible for any new director (and I believe if future films are to take place a new Director IS NECESSARY) to repair the damage that has been done.

For a story that has millions of fans who will be buying tickets to movies for a very long time, this does heavy damage to Chris Columbus's reputation as evidenced by post movie chatter in which most if not all was incredibly negative. Negative both to the movie as a whole and to Chris Columbus personally. Many there seem to believe he did the same to the Potter movies he has been involved with and feel at this point anyway that they will think twice before seeing another movie with his name attached to it. Lets' face it, as one young fan said, "not sticking completely to a Potter book...understandable, they are 1,000 pages each...Not coming close on a book 350 pages long...not forgivable."

So, if you are going to see this movie because of the wonderful scenes in St. Louis, Denver, The Santa Monica pier, or to see his step father get his, etc etc etc etc save your money, they are not in there. Neither is Clarissa, Lukes scar, Mr. D, Aries, Kronos, and so on. If you would like to see a movie that completely rewrites the creation of Rick Riordan, then by all means, spend your money on a mildly entertaining theft of a wonderful idea.
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Did they even read the book? Worst Movie of the YEAR! If not Ever!
emiele414 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The first question I must ask myself is if Chris Columbus can even read... Because obviously he never read the books. Well maybe he read the back cover summary, its the only reference to the book in the movie.

As for the book, Rick Riordan should be ashamed for letting anyone slaughter, I take that back, Massacre, his artwork in such a way. Not only were critical details left out of this story but the entire story was altered in such a way that a remake and an refund should be in place for all readers.

The story line itself may have needed a little touching up for the big- screen but leaving out Kronos, Mr. D, Clarisse, The Oracle, blaming Hades, and everything else (I can go on for 375 pages) is unforgivable. If the plan was to make one lone movie and never touch Percy Jackson again, they were successful. I will never again be able to attend a Chris Columbus movie. Not even a free one.

In their defense, if you had never read the books the cast did a good job on a kids movie. The amount of money spent to screw up a story this awesome is mind boggling. Please do not support the future career of the screen writer and director by spending your money. They should both be banished to Tartarus for such a crime!

Long story short It is difficult to even write a review as it makes my blood pressure skyrocket to unhealthy levels.


Devoted, Story loving readers of Rick Riordan
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Oh Zeus, Poisidon, Hades, Hermes... Help us all...
Robyn Gall19 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers

The film scriptor, editor, director, and near to, if not all, other staff and actors and actresses need a good firing...

To be honest, I did not think that the film was going to be the best... Especially because I had read the books and Absolutely loved them, but this! This is tragedy in film form... As I was walking into the cinema, I had someone comment that the main character seemed very pretentious and that it was unlikely he was chosen for his acting talent, which turned out to be exceptionally true. Logan Lerman just did not cut the Percy Jackson role and left out a huge proportion of awe and "OH MY GOD! I'M THE SON OF POISIDON!" and instead cut straight to the bad puns and obvious brand advertising! Great... A new generation of idiots thinking that the iPhone will defeat Medusa/Urma Thurman.

The film effects were mediocre, action-style we've-seen-it-all-before. The acting from almost everyone with, maybe, the exception of Urma Thurman who was the only actress with any kind of strength to her acting, either exceptionally weak or the actor/actress were wrongly cast, such as Pierce Brosnan. Lots of plot and characters were either completely changed, or just simply missing... I miss Dionysus T^T. What happened to Percy not finding out his powers as soon as he arrives? Nearly the whole of the Camp Half-Blood scenes were useless or wrong. Where were the days and months spent there? I understand that they wanted to make the film shorter, but they are just cutting plot and it's WRONG! What about Luke? He had some REAL background and was a much more interesting character, although, Jake Abel plays his part reasonably well considering he doesn't really have ANY reason to hate the gods... Okay, he doesn't really like them and wants to overthrow them... WHY? It's explained in the book and just left alone in the film and how is he playing COD on PS3? It doesn't happen! Surely they could have just given him a 360 controller? Nope... Guess what... It's MORE brand advertising! Yay...

I apologise for just slagging this film off, but not only did they manage to create a film tragedy that is nearly on par with the pile of *$%!£ that is named Eragon, but they managed to ruin ANOTHER great book...


Good points! Let's be positive... Humm... This may take a minute... Well, it was good as a stand-alone film, if it had nothing to with the book and was called something completely different. I'm sure there are a few more positive things about that film, but I don't remember because I was too busy trying to ignore the awful parts.

I'm sorry if I have upset and depressed you all with this review, maybe you should put down all Percy Jackson merch. and film and go see something less... Bad...
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Most ridiculous script ever...
ssallazzar15 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
It rarely happens that i go at the cinema and see a movie that i hoped to be good and entertaining and leave not only with disappointment but actually furious that i was tricked by this movie's trailer to waste my money on the ticket and 2 hours of my time.

Its full of cliché , predictable , boring and dumbing , after 30 min in the film the kid finds out why his mother had to put with his step-father " The only thing that kept the wrath of the gods from finding you was his great stench that kept you hidden " , this is the moment i should have walked out of the theater , i was foolish and stayed until the end, and i am writing this review now in the hopes that people don't go and waste they're time on this movie the way i did . Pierce Brosnan expression when he has to tell his ridiculous lines is evidence enough how completely stupid this movie is .

The actors are not bad , the action scenes are OK made and the special effects are nicely done , but i would like to present the script writers of this movie with a new edition of the Spanish Inquisition for what they've done here. Tell your children to read the book , this movie is insulting to human intelligence the way it was written.
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Nothing like the book!!
laurieclooney13 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Last night I took my 2 daughters and a friends to see the movie. All of the girls had read all the books in the series (including me) and had been anticipating the release of the movie for over a year. The book is fabulous!! I taught 4th grade for 4 years and read it to all my Language Arts classes every year. I never had a student not like the book. It contains humor, action, friendship themes, and characters that contain quite a bit of depth and growth throughout the 5 books in the series.

The movie was nothing like the book. The characters in the book are 12 years old. How are the next books to be made into movies if the culminating event of the series happens when Percy turns 16? The plot was totally changed. In the book the quest that Percy, Annabeth, and Grover embark on IS NOT to find 3 pearls so they can escape from the underworld after rescuing Percy's mom. In the book, he doesn't even know that she is alive. It is understandable that not all the adventures on the way to the underworld could be put in a 2 or even 3 hour movie, but don't make up new adventures that aren't even in the book.

The true villain in the book is not even mentioned in the movie and several main characters vital to the plot and character development of Percy and Annabeth are missing. My 13 year old daughter-who waited in line for hours to get Rick Riordan to sign her book- wanted to leave in the middle of the movie because she though it was the worst movie she had ever seen. If the director had stuck to the book, it could have been an amazing movie and people would not be comparing it to Harry Potter want-to-be.
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Chris Columbus doesn't need to do anymore "adaptations"
Tk Mcghee16 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
OK when I went to see this movie I knew it wouldn't be exactly like the books... However, what I saw was horrendous. This movie was so awful and it's worse because they deliberately just changed all things that would make this movie at least similar to the book. First... I do not agree with ANY of the casting. Did anyone else notice they left out Ares and Clarrise out? So how are they going to explain her mission if they get so far as that movie? They also left out Dionysus... Why? They left out Thalia's tree.. So in the next movie when Grover leaves and her tree is poisoned how will it be explained? This is the problem that Harry Potter has... Leaving out important things to add fluff and special effects let's face it the last HP movie sucked. They also changed unnecessary things. Like Chiron being a white centaur. Or Mrs. Dodds being a MATH teacher. Changing the layout of the camp. Even changing the story of how Luke got the shoes. Fail as a movie. Last I have more to complain about bit why cut out Kronos since it all ends with him? Idk this just sucked! Horribly!
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Bad movie, in every way!!!
ula_teava19 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
When i first saw the trailer for this movie i automatically knew it would not be a masterpiece but more of a funner, more action packed harry potter, and yet i had a feeling that a nice afternoon spent on going to see this movie would be a relaxing experience.Well I could not have been more wrong.

Lets start with the begging shall we ? The script, story and ideas, well the script has a very poor continuity, with everything happening very fast, with absolutely no profoundness neither in the characters feelings nor the actions themselves. It simply is a giant mixture of "things" happening, a giant mix-up of events with the continuity that only a 2 year old could possibly create. The story itself is a giant cliché of course.

OK so we've cleared out the fact that the script is bad do to 0 continuity, lack of dialog, lack of profoundness or meaning, now come the characters, i have rarely seen such bad acting in my life. First of all let me just say that at 1 point Percy's mother is believed to have been KILLED BY A MINOTAUR an yet he sheds no tear and seems to not feel any emotions about that, he simply carries on and shows not 1 drop of emotion, that and the fact that his best friend, is a satyr(half man half goat), O and of course do to political correctness, the satyr is an African-American (an African-American,hip,cool, "gangsta"-talking satyr?!... please...). His love interest is nothing out of the ordinary with the same acting skills as her "counterpart".

Now back to the story, the plot is simply childish, and on almost every level it seems to much, even for a fantasy film. Let me just ask how in the world does someone steal Zeus' Lightning Bolt, he most probably holds it in his sleep. Now, after escaping a minotaur and having his mother seemingly killed (thing for which he sheds not 1 bit of emotion... lame) he reaches a camp were demi-gods train, all the demi-gods of world, or something like that.There the stupidity of the story/script will astonish you again. First of all Percy is a city kid with no fighting skills whatsoever. There he at 1 point fights the very girl which consists of his love interest, she has been training for years at the camp and still he manages to combat her at first, HEALS with his "water powers" and then he manages to defeat her and other demi-gods ?! come on ....they were ALL demi-gods, the others had fighting skills, he had zilch, yet he beet them. Now thats what i call childishness, and stupidity on the director, writer and practically everyone's part.

OK the script is awful, the story is childish, devoid of emotion and lacks any kind of intelligence, characters that do not evolve in the movie in any way, OK maybe the cool effects help the movie?.No, even the special effects and costumes are simply ... bad. The costumes and effects look like they were taken out of the 90' Xena and Hercules shows. Which frankly for a 2010 movie that anyway is bad in every other way, this simply makes the movie unbearable.

All in all, i simply cannot understand how anyone could like this movie, it simply has nothing to offer, no story, bad script, awful characters, and same with he special effects, and depth of the plot and emotions. I seriously suggest that you DO NOT watch this movie, it will simply be a waste of your time. Other than laughing at the movie because of how bad it is (thing which i have done) you simply have nothing to gain from watching this peace of garbage.
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Good Idea, Rashly Executed
ProScrybed8 July 2010
The premise of this movie - that Greek gods were real and have offspring in the modern world - is interesting. But the execution of this idea felt very rushed in this movie. I haven't read the book, so can't judge where the blame lies for this.

The movie is an enjoyable way to kill a couple of hours, but isn't as engrossing as other movies of this genre.

Several big stars feature in cameo roles and for anyone who knows a fair bit about who celebrities are, this tends to distract from the movie. Uma Thurman, Brosnan, etc., aren't really given the screen time to build a strong character for themselves. Perhaps the best of these is Steve Coogan playing Hades, but even here you send most of his screen time thinking "oh look, it's Steve Coogan" rather than being drawn into the movie. It could have benefited from having the minor roles played by less known actors - as it is, their appearances tend to detract from the main characters who actually do a good job with the material they have been given.

But these are minor concerns - the biggest problem with this movie is that Percy finds out he's a demigod and suddenly seems to develop gifts with no effort or training, just by virtue of knowing his past. At the start of the movie, he already demonstrated an exceptional ability to remain underwater for long periods of time. But after finding out he's a demigod, he develops strong sword fighting skills with no training or effort (the start of the fight between the red helmets and the blue helmets, before the water "thing"), and later is capable of manipulating water in a couple of scenes without being taught this skill or having any difficulty or doubts about his ability to do it. This is just preposterous. The mythical/other worldly framework is generally used to provide a context to display human failings, struggles, and virtues. Instead, in Percy Jackson, this framework is used to simply give the lead character a loose justification for overcoming other mythical creatures. He doesn't have to question how to use his powers, nor does he have to put any effort into developing these powers.

Like I say, the movie isn't so bad as to make it unwatchable, but they really missed a chance to make this movie have a strong impact by failing to give it any depth. It is all just the bells and whistles of CGI and having mythological creatures just to have some interesting looking battles and a trip to the underworld. It could have been so much more. Whether this is a failing of the movie, the books, or both, is up to those who have read the books to decide. But the movie reeks of jumping on the Harry Potter bandwagon in an attempt to get box- office success, while ignoring the fact that those movies were built on books that had some depth to them. That is what gave them their cultural poignancy. This movie lacks it completely.
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I Suposse It's Chris Columbus Fault!!!
Angelafterglow12 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
OK, so where to start? I had like the biggest expectations for Percy Jackson's first movie,I for one loved the book, and thought that it would be a great movie based on the trailers but WOW was I gonna get a surprise.

First of all let me all say to you guys who have read the books that I actually didn't mind the fact that the actors were way older than the characters in the book, because I think this way it was a little bit more real due to the journey they had to go in their cross country trip from NY to LA, but here are my biggest disappointments in the movie:

1.- Who the hell decided to take Ares & Kronos Out Of The Movie!!!!!!!!!! They should get fired, not to mention getting Annabeth in The role of Clarisse when introducing here in the movie.

2.- A quest for the pearls wasn't such a bad idea in order to justify their cross country trip but, changing events and avoiding facts like the bus explosion and the attack of the Furys, and changing stuff like the arch of Sant Louis for the Parthenon in Nashville... for real??? Nashville???? And The Chihuahua Turned Chimera changed for the Hydra (In Book 2)??????

3.- Hades dressed like Ares was supposed to, and becoming a bad guy when he actually wasn't bad at all????

4.- Dropping The storyline of Hades invisibility Helmet and just making him want the lighting bolt???

5.- OK And lets just make Luke an almighty bad guy who can fool the gods all by himself.

6.- Not To mention that Grover is now a senior keeper he is not a searcher so he ain't supposed to be anywhere else but in half blood camp in the second movie (which I doubt will get made)

7.- Really his mom just kicked her husband out??? what about Medusa's head????

I've had no problems in the past in movies like harry potter where they keep the main storyline and drop some other less important story lines but changing the hall background of the movie and the depth of their problems in general I think It's I huge mistake.

If you have not read any books, U'll probably like it, but otherwise... AVOID THE MOVIE.
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Greek mythology goes Hollywood.
orankimanki22 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I'm speechless. Truly speechless. If there is a bottom in modern day movies, it lies within the abominable pile of feces that is Percy Jackson the lightning thief. Enter America through the coughed up hair ball that is Percy Jackson (aka. Zac Efron #2), as his immoral adventures lead us through every known America-promoting scene, cliché and famous American destination (need I remind that we are dealing with Greek mythology). I didn't know Olympus resided on the top of the empire state building, or that the underworld was accessible through under the widely known landmark that is the Hollywood sign... This movie has as many flaws as acting careers it will namely destroy. This is what happens when you throw too much money at a dog with rabies and expect it to direct a movie. The leftover money that was thrown at this movie could surely feed the entire world for a century. I'm not sure if I should blame the book, or the movie, for it's inconsistent and illogical storyline. The acting is bad. The characters are shallow and predictable. The editing is horrible, just an example of a scene where Percy's mother is about to tell the truth to Percy about his father, outside being dusk, and then the scene cutting to night time, where she begins the actual explaining. The editors have clearly not watched the movie a second time to bother with flaws, who can blame them, I wouldn't. If you want to have a good laugh with your friends about the movies anus of a presentation, I recommend it. If you want to watch an interesting fantasy adventure about Greek mythology combined with present day, go read a history book and make movie about it with your cellphone cam and toilet paper as a script, and I guarantee you will gain more satisfaction than you would receive from this diarrhea of a movie.

Yours sincerely, Orankimanki.
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If you read the books you won't like the movie!
jorgeammo15 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The movie failed to represent the book. I would say about 20% of the movie kept to the story line of the book and the rest is new, or altered content. They changed everything from the plot, to the characters. Major characters such as Clarise and Ares were left out altogether along with the plot contributions'of those characters. The different cabins that are repeatedly spoken about throughout The Percy Jackson and the Olympians series weren't represented.Percy never spoke to the Oracle to receive his quest to recover the bolt. There wasn't even a mention of Kronos plotting against the gods in the movie.This movie could have represented the books story much better than it did. Overall, I was disappointed in the movie because the storyline from the book was much better.
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It Numbed My Mind Raw
griffolyon1212 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I've never been a big fan of Greek mythology, so based upon that criteria I've never been a big fan of movies about the subject. Though I have grown to be pretty fond of the book series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians. I was astounded at how well Greek mythology was interwoven into the modern day culture as author Rick Riordan told a rip-roaring adventure tale, filled with humor, mystery, and tons of action. Like all things successful, Hollywood likes to get in the game, so it's no surprise that a film has been made of the first of the Percy Jackson books, The Lightning Thief. The film, Percy Jackson and the Olympians - The Lightning Thief, seems to have lost something in the translation, winding up as a film that really only shares the name of the book and nothing else.

The story of the film follows teen Percy Jackson, who has absent father syndrome. He has never known his biological father and harnesses deep bitterness toward the man who forced him and his mom to live with his demeaning stepfather, Gabe. Then, one day Percy's substitute teacher, Ms. Dodds, transforms into a gigantic winged beast and attacks him whilst on a field trip, to be saved by his best friend and silent guardian, Grover (who turns out to be half human-half goat), and his teacher, Mr. Brunner (who is really hero trainer and centaur, Chiron from Greek mythology). Percy learns that he is a demigod (half human-half God), and that his father is Poseidon, God of the Sea. But trouble is afoot for Percy, because Zeus's lightning bolt has been stolen and Percy is the prime suspect in the midst of a feud between brothers existing long before he was born. Now Percy must prove his innocence if he wishes to keep the world from being engulfed in an all out war between the Gods.

This film just seemed to lack any of the charm that can be found within the book. Screenwriter Craig Titley, did not have a very good handle on these characters. Percy was the smartest of his ring of friends, and not his super smart friend, Annabeth (who happens to be daughter of Athena, God of Wisdom, is there anything wrong with her being portrayed as witless and stupid?). Now, I never consider myself a book purist, I understand things must be amended in order for the book to work as a film, but this adaptation was just all over the place. They changed and cut things that should have been left in, I mean, they cut out the main villain of the entire series in this film, Kronos. Without Kronos in this first film, how can they possibly hope to make any sequels and have them make even a lick of sense?

Director Chris Columbus was the man who brought the first two Harry Potter films to the screen, he knows how to create pure movie magic, but something just wasn't clicking with this film. The film flew at a breakneck pace, never taking any time to breath and let you drink in this fantastic world. Like when Percy believes that his mother has died, he's told his mother's dead, then two seconds later he's up on his feet with a smile on his face. Not to mention, the film dispersed major plot points as if they were just reading statistics off of a teleprompter, making me wonder if someone who hasn't read the book will even be able to follow this movie, or if they will even care when it's all said and done.

As it is, I will not lie and say I didn't enjoy it when Percy and his friends battled the Hydra, or when they got trapped in this hotel & casino in Las Vegas that drugs you with sweet Lotus flowers to where you never want to leave, but these few moments were not enough to redeem this film. Percy Jackson and the Olympians - The Lightning Thief, is a mind-numbingly raw experience from start to finish.

I give Percy Jackson and the Olympians - The Lightning Thief a 4 out of 10!
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Major let down
sehaas060517 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
It's one thing to change around the plot a little bit and leave out sub plots that are in the movie, but they basically just kept the ending (somewhat). The beginning and the claiming weren't there, tons of the fights that happened weren't added in it. I hated the fact that they were older in the movie too.

Where was Ares? Clarisse? Mr. D? Oracle? Huge let down, if they make a movie for the 2nd book I won't even bother trying to watch it for free.

I had high hopes seeing how the Harry Potter movies turned out and with the same director, but it was a complete fail.

If you want to watch this movie I suggest you wait until it's available on netflix or redbox and you don't have to pay the prices of the theater to see it (especially if you read the book). I honestly walked away from this movie upset with the fact that they did such a horrible job.

While I really like the actor who played Poseidon why was he not portrayed in the same way he was in the book? It's not that hard to make the guy look like a weathered fisherman that is warm. They couldn't even add the details with the thrones they sit on.
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Am I the only person that actually liked this film?
TheLittleSongbird22 July 2010
I have to admit it, I haven't read the book, but regardless of whether it was faithful or not, this rarely ruins a movie or TV adaptation for me. That said, I can understand the disappointment of those who loved the book. However, I really enjoyed this film, it is hardly the best movie I have ever seen, but I personally consider it one of the better movies of 2010 that I've seen so far, and that is saying a lot considering how disappointing some of the movies have been.

Where the film is lacking is in the storytelling. There are those who say that it gets bogged down by too many mythological references, and I have to say I kind of agree. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief had a brilliant concept to work from and a fairly original one at that, and while the references were very interesting and cleverly incorporated, the writers could have simplified a little how much they included. Back to the storytelling, it does have a lot of exciting moments, such as the scene at the museum with the fury, in Medusa's lair, the fight with the hydra, in the underworld and the climax, but some parts in the middle half drag and feel clunky, and I personally could have done with less of the scene in the casino.

Complaints aside, the film looks incredible, the special effects are excellent and the cinematography and scenery are clever and skillful. The music only adds to the excitement and the dialogue has some very nice moments with some humour from Grover and with Gabe when he is seen on television talking about Percy's disappearance and both Medusa and Persephone are deliciously seductive in looks and in dialogue. The film also moves briskly in general, and the direction is decent. Personally I liked the acting, Logan Lerman is surprisingly appealing as Percy, and Brandon T.Jackson is lots of fun as Grover. People have said Alexandra Daddario was too old as Annabeth, I wouldn't know, but she looks lovely and is very spirited in the role. Pierce Brosnan was surprisingly good as Mr Brunner/Chiron, though it was a bit of a shock seeing him with a horse's lower body, Rosario Dawson is fabulously sexy as Persephone and Sean Bean is okay as Zeus though he doesn't have much to do. The real joys however are with Uma Thurman, who gives a delicious turn as Medusa, and Steve Coogan who was a big surprise as Hades.

Overall, I actually liked this film, it was fun to watch, while nothing absolutely outstanding or mind-blowing. 7.5/10 Bethany Cox
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I wouldn't see it again if you paid me
bllyjd514 October 2011
This movie is probably the worst,if not the worst, movie for following its original plot. I mean I've seen some movies that take the cake but this movie was by far the worst. I'm not trying to be rude its an OK movie but if you read the books its horrible. I know plenty of people who read the books and were all excited to see the movie only to walk out annoyed by how much they changed. They changed everything in it from Annabeth's hair color to the villains and even most of the story line. It was like someone read the back cover of the book and made a movie off of that. The book is an amazing read and Rick Riordan is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors what with his wacky sense of humor he likes to put in his books, which sadly didn't make it to the movie either.
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Truly awful
the_juliana_conspiracy25 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Rarely do I feel compelled to write a review on something, but this film elicited such a strong reaction in me that I felt obligated to justify my position. Especially since my girlfriend came out of the film loving it.

Granted, I didn't go into this film expecting much, but this still managed to exceed all of my expectations of how bad a film of this type could be.

The script was probably the thing I'd pick out if I had to pick something that really destroyed it for me. Every line that one of the 3 main characters had to deliver was tired and forced. One-liners were rife and also of poor quality. I cried inside when the first attempt at comedy was "it's like High School, without the musical", when he was referring to a high school! Of COURSE it's high school without the musical!

The characters had no development whatsoever. Percy himself showed no emotion to finding out that he was part of some mythological fantasy world, or when he thought his mother had died. There was no transition between him finding out he was Poseidon's son and then being able to use his powers, so there was no point in the camp, Pierce Brosnan taught him nothing, he was there and then he was powerful.

The satyr was a hackneyed racial stereotype. Out of the teenagers, it was only the 'baddie' Luke who seemed to have any talent whatsoever, but he was never given a chance to explore that. One minute we see him playing COD on ps3, and next he's a megalomaniac. And then we find out that he was apparently angry with the Gods when Percy explains this to the council on Olympus. Then, after all this he shows his first sign of emotion by being angry at his father Poseidon bizarrely for something he knows to be out of Poseidon's control.

The plot had a number of holes. For example, why the hell was he so desperate to get his mother back before the war started? It made no difference, as that would have no bearing on the war whatsoever.

I'd go on, but I'm now trying to put the whole experience out of my mind.

Positives? It had Steve Coogan, and the effects were… passable?

Not the worst film I've ever seen, but easily in the top 5.
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A bit of a disappointment
nearmiss12 February 2010
My family went to see the movie "Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief" today. All of us have read the books and are big fans. I do think it's interesting the comments made about how this movie is a ripoff from Harry Potter. If you actually read the book, the movie was nothing like it. I'd say it wasn't a bad way to spend a few hours. My family liked it, at no time was I wondering how long we'd been in the theatre. But where the book was great, the movie lacked...a lot.

CGI was awesome. Medusa & her snakes were amazing.

If you can avoid paying full price (where we live you can see movies on the weekends for $5 per person before noon), you won't feel like you were short-changed with this one.
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jin473916 February 2010
Here's the deal. I read the first book, I'm currently reading the second... I loved the books, the imagination, the way it ties the mythology with the 21st century, all great. Now, the movie... the only thing I really have to say is PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE give me back the 2 hours you just unmercifully wasted in my life. I saw this flick with my fiancé on Valentine's Day, my pick. It was so bad even I nearly fell asleep. They changed major plot lines in the book, took out some of the characters that I really wanted to see, added a few that didn't exist in the book, and it was overall just kind of boring. Big effects don't do enough to keep me awake when I was really looking forward to knowing what would happen next in the movie and how it would be made. Instead I just sit there mindless, wondering if it wasn't too late to sneak into Avatar instead. If there is a movie made from the other books in the series... I'll probably download it online, but I won't spend money to see it. Huge, huge disappointment.
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Oh my Gods and Goddesses
Archetype10 February 2010
I went to see this movie without any expectations. I haven't read the books and I only read one review in the paper.

Yes, there are parts borrowed from other movies, but what makes this movie different is that it doesn't take itself too seriously, like Harry P. It was as if most of the actors were instructed to 'Ham it up'.

I didn't look at my watch during the movie (two hours), which is a good sign that I am enjoying going along for the ride.

What I didn't like was that most of the mythology was missing. Like it was assumed knowledge. All it did was not allow me to connect to the main characters because I didn't know enough about them (from the film).

The music wasn't overbearing, but went nicely with the film. Nothing memorable except "Highway to Hell".

S/Fx were done to an acceptable level, especially Hades (the place not the God). But the Gods were too human for my liking.

Maybe the producers are hoping this film will fill in the void being left by Harry P. The hero in this movie looks about the same age as Harry in his last film.

I don't think it is a repeat watch (DVD).
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Huge disappointment!
rhinodesignstudio15 February 2010
WARNING!!!! If you loved the books, DO NOT GO TO THE MOVIE! I just went tonight with my 10 year old very excited daughter, who is a huge fan of the Percy Jackson books as am I, to see the movie. She stormed out half way through out in a fury! Do these people not read the books before they decide to create movies? There are so many flaws and missing characters. Hey remember Ares? He's the main antagonist and yet he's not even in the movie! Don't take your kids they will be disappointed. We will not go see any more of the Percy Jackson movies and I am writing as many parents as possible to let them know not to waste their money. For an author to create such a wonderful series of books that has inspired kids about Greek Mythology and let Hollywood once again screw the story up is a sin. I guess once again it's all about the money, not about the story or the craft. To quote my daughter who was near tears with anger, "It was awful, the worst movie ever!"
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Mr. Columbus!! What the heck was THAT!?!?
XxeternalblissxX3 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I was so excited when the movie came out seeing as it took me only a few days (for a working mother with a lot on her plate) to read the first book. What I didn't know was that you were going to trash the movie with terrible actors and the wrong storyline! Did you even read the book?! I understand that the book was somewhat lengthy and there were parts that could have easily been removed for the movie, in fact I was prepared and fine with that. Where was Aries????? He was the bad guy! Where was the plot from Kronos????? This was the WHOLE point of the story, Kronos sends the dreams to everyone and starts the ball rolling. Luke is a minor part of evil and was never meant to be the master mind! MAJOR MAJOR SCREWUP on your part Mr. Columbus. Don't even get me started on the small inconsistencies...what happened to no cell phones, Persephone isn't even in the book, the Helm of Darkness, etc. This movie gets my vote for worst movie of the year and I wish I could return it to the store! Terrible, I'm disgusted with you, you should be ashamed. Read the book next time...Jeez!
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I throughly enjoyed it,
Weaseldigs12 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Most people say 'don't judge a book by its movie.' I think both the book and movie in this situation are great. I was a little upset with the things that were changed, and the characters that were left out. Like Clarrise, and Thalia's tree. I was also disappointed that there was no prophecy, or Mr. D, or oh the list could go on. I thought the plot was changed to make for a better movie, because books don't always go over well to movies. I thought the acting was good, but some people were cast for the wrong parts, like I don't think Sean Bean fit the part of Zeus. There weren't as many jokes and funny moments as there were in the books, but the few they had sufficed. The one thing I reallllllllllllly dislike though, is how people compare it to Harry Potter. I'ma big fan of Harry Potter myself, but they are in complete different ball parks. Like I saw in an interview a guy said "Oh, I like Harry Potter more." UGH. How would YOU feel if someone said that about YOUR book or movie?! Overall, I really liked the movie, and I love the books. I think the movie works better just as a stand-alone movie, like its good if you haven't read the book as well.
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nic-b-210812 February 2010
I recently read the book series (out of boredom), so I saw this film today with my friend. Firstly, it is quite different from the book. A major part of the storyline was completely left out (or even discarded), some parts were removed, and random parts added that did nothing for the storyline whatsoever. The beginning of the movie felt rather rushed, and hearing the 'whhaat?' from my friend confirmed the fact that they don't really explain things much in the first place. Anyone who might've recently studied Greek mythology or like to read about it as a general might make more sense to. Otherwise, it would seem a little random.

I'm never impressed when movies make changes from the books that don't greatly benefit the storyline. Unfortunately this was the case, with several things being completely different. But, if you've not read the books, you won't know any better. Still, I think keeping with the original storyline would've been fine, and definitely wouldn't have made the movie longer if done properly.

I honestly thought the acting was excellent from all of them, and there are quite a few laughs along the way.

I'm giving this a 6. It wasn't great, but it wasn't bad either. It should've been better. I doubt they'll continue to make the other books into movies, much like they've completely botched the movie versions of my favourite books (His Dark Materials), but considering a major part of the plot was removed, it doesn't really matter much.
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A Nutshell Review: Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
DICK STEEL8 February 2010
I guess you know the drill already. With the Lord of the Rings making Hollywood studios go into a frenzy in adapting the many fantasy books out there, not everything Tinseltown touched turned to box office gold, and more often than not, save for that famous boy wizard, what could have been pilots of franchises, became no more than false starts. I suppose it goes to show that a solid story is still fundamental, other than making yet another special effects extravaganza to try and wow a growingly jaded audience.

So the verdict for Percy Jackson & the Olympians? I dare say I was impressed by how engaging it was, so much so that 2 hours just flew by, but that doesn't mean that it didn't have its fair share of plot loopholes for you to ridicule, or clichés that make you chuckle that these are still utilized in this day and age. Simply put, if the Greek gods and goddesses were all powerful, especially that of Zeus, well the first few minutes as played by Sean Bean, made him out to be a clueless weakling who had his all powerful lightning bolt being stolen from under his nose, like taking candy from a kid, and now the kid's throwing a bad tantrum, threatening the fate of the world and that of Olympus (erm, the Empire State Building in New York, anyone?) unless his accused, the titular thief and demigod son of Poseidon (Kevin McKidd) coughs out his favourite toy.

But that is only if Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman) is guilty in the first place, given that he actually doesn't know his half-god lineage no thanks to Poseidon being horny enough (as do the other gods in their frequent visits to the human earth) to impregnate Sally Jackson (Catherine Keener), and then Sally deciding to keep Percy safe from jealous harm from other godly beings, because being the son of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades (Steve Coogan) is a big thing actually, the three being big daddies and sworn brothers in this mythology.

But of course in one fell swoop, all hell breaks loose, Percy discovers that a Pen can indeed be a powerful weapon, and allies himself with a Satyr Grover (Brandon T. Jackson) his good friend and protector, the cute demigod Annabeth (Alexandra Daddario) - note the necessary trio of heroes in the vein of Harry Potter here given that they're demigods, but still need to go to a Hogwarts equivalent to hone their special abilities, amongst other Greek god offsprings numbering in the hundreds (told you they were horny), in the middle of a nowhere forest, demarcated by a sign board and a force field to keep out muggles, I mean, humans.

Being an introductory film to the world of the Olympians, we learn facts like why Percy's such a big deal (no he didn't repel the biggest foe in the franchise), and the little do's and don'ts they have to learn from the likes of the centaur Chiron (Pierce Brosnan). But kids being kids, and wanting to save his mom from the clutches of Hell, Percy and his friends embark on an American cross country road trip, and in the meantime try to decipher just who could that Thief be, having 14 days as the deadline to meet, which forms the basis of incidents and episodes that the trio come face to face with in exhibiting their powers (well, actually only Percy's).

Part of the fun is to see how other notable names in the casting list get to play up their gods and demon status. Uma Thurman stars as Medusa, spruced up by special effects snakes adorned on her head, which at certain points looked quite CG-ed for its own good. Or having Rosario Dawson star as Persephone in quite fed-up manner, and the lists goes on. Suffice to say that many of the appearances here are quite self contained in the scene they appear in, that they rarely re-appear again until the sequel (already announced for next year). Joe Pantoliano hams it up as Percy's muggle, I mean human step dad, and I was somewhat impressed by the extremely mean looking CG design of Hades, which can really strike fear with his appearance. The one that came out in the bonfire, that is.

With Clash of the Titans coming just round the corner, one wonders whether it may suffer from an audience jaded with this version's interpretation of Greek mythology, plus the uncanny use of the same villainous types that would prove detrimental by the time Titans come around. I guess that remains to be seen. Meanwhile, stay tuned when the end credits start rolling, as there's a scene that'll come on as soon as the cast list rolls off. And I certainly have no clue why "The Olympians" were dropped from the title of its release here.
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