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A nifty and informative making of documentary.
Woodyanders19 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This very thorough and engrossing featurette covers the making of the spooky low-budget indie horror film "Room 6." The people who are interviewed are co-writer/co-producer Mark A. Altman, actress Ellie Cornell, producer Mark Gottwald, special effects make-up artist Robert Hall, director/co-writer Michael Hurst, co-producer Chuck Speed, cinematographer Raymond Stella, and co-producer/stunt coordinator Danny Wayne. Hurst reveals that the story for the movie was inspired by a real-life stay at a hospital for an injury (the inherent creepiness of hospitals is talked about in some length as well). The opening car crash was actually staged two times. Hall notes that he tried to come up with an original look for the demons. Wayne dwells on the exacting nature of the stunt set pieces and the arduous work that wire gags entail. Everyone praises Christine Taylor for the vulnerability she brings to the role of the troubled Amy (Taylor was actually five months pregnant when she did the picture!) and confesses they were all excited to work with actor/stuntman Kane Hodder. Cornell admits that she had fun playing the change-of-pace part of scrappy whitetrash mom Sarah Norman. Stella used fluorescent lights for the practical locations. The burn victim zombies were based on photos of the hideous genuine article. Overall, it's an interesting and illuminating documentary that's well worth seeing for fans of the film.
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