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We catch up with the kids from the previous two installments (7 up and 14 up). They are now 21 years old.
gorgac17 February 2007
Watching 'Born in the USSR: 21 Up' is a life affirming experience. It is moving to listen to the children as they come of age and to see how they deal with their individual hardships in disparate situations and environments across Russia and abroad. Some look towards the future with optimism and hope while others are trepidatious. By our standards in the west, these children have a maturity and dignity that belies their youth. They have a acute understanding of the forces that influence their lives in modern Russia and are able to articulate them confidently. This is a poignant, engrossing and fascinating film, full of pathos. It's impossible to watch without developing a deep admiration for these kids and strong feelings to see them realize their life's aspirations and hopes.
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