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Season: 1 | unknown
Year: 2006 | unknown

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot

21 July 2006

Bren Eastcott ... Jeanie (voice: Canadian version)
Jody Ashworth ... Balloon (voice)

Noah Cappe ... Prince Aramis (voice: Canadian version)

Danny Cooksey ... Theo (voice)

Dwayne Hill ... Additional Voices (voice: Canadian version)

April Hong ... Haemi (voice)

Marty Ingels ... Butler (voice)

Gerry Katzman ... Prince Aramis (voice)

Julie Lemieux ... Luther / Brian / Kate / Roland / Orange / Chris

Richard Riehle ... King Oolaf (voice)

Joshua Seth ... Jinu (voice)

Marlene Sharp ... Bernice (voice)

Paula Tiso ... Jeanie (voice)
Juliet Wendell-Brown ... Grindel (voice: Canadian version)

Season 1, Episode 3: First Mission

Grindell unleashes Dyonsus the zoot of fear and the Z-Squad must face and overcome their fears to seal Dyonsus back in the crystal. Back at school, Jinu Tae-o and Cal have challenged the girls to a bungee jump and by overcoming the fear zoot, they find the courage to defeat the boys as well.

Julie Lemieux ... Luther / Brian / Kate / Roland / Orange / Chris

Unknown Season

Super Trio

Chaney, Haemi and Jeanie are the most athletic and popular girls in town. Their main claim to fame is beating their male school mates in sports, academics, and personalities. One day, an arrogant group of young dudes (namely the DDG3) arrive on the scene, and knock the girls off their pedestal, both literally and figuratively. The three heroines accidentally discover a book of spells, which transform them into . . . Z-Squad. The ladies then obtain the tools and 'tude to reclaim their rightful place in this pre-teen dreamland. Whilst the three are the most athletic girls in the school their title becomes threatened by the three new boys more likely known as the drop dead gorgeous three or the DDG3 for short. They are known to be the most athletic boys as well as being cute. They come across arrogant and cheaters when facing the girls.


In a galaxy far away, Prince Aramis attempts to defend his entire planet from the evil Overlord Bakoo, when suddenly all power is ripped from him and he is sent through a portal to Earth where he arrives barely alive. The Crystals scatter across the Earth and Chaney Jeannie and Haemi learn from wizard Woolaf just what signing the magic contract will cost the Universe and what their part now is in defending it as Z-Squad!

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