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Doctor Who Exclusive: The Smugglers Missing Episode Has Been Found?

Has The Smuggler been found?

Last year, the Doctor Who fan world was treated to a great surprise when 11 missing episodes were recovered. Those included the entirety of “The Enemy of the World” and all but one episode of “The Web of Fear”. It was an impressive announcement and only served to whet our appetites for more. So in that spirit, let’s check in on the current rumour mill and see what’s happening.

First off, persistent rumours are circulating that all seven episodes of the First Doctor adventure “Marco Polo” have been recovered. There are multiple sources reporting this. Now the story itself was one of the most widely-sold non-Dalek stories, and is very highly-regarded. It’s also the first story to have all the footage missing, and the earliest story to have any missing footage. Finding it would be a real boon.

I am inclined to think this rumour is true.
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Doctor Who: the 10 stories you can't actually watch

Feature Cliff Chapman 11 Feb 2014 - 07:00

Cliff takes us through ten Doctor Who stories still lost, from Marco Polo to Fury From The Deep...

Doctor Who was for the first twenty six years a series of serials, so episodes make up stories or serials, e.g. Power of the Daleks is a story or serial made up of six episodes, rather than ‘an episode’. Around 250 weekly instalments of Doctor Who were shown between 1963 and 1969. As of January 2014, 97 of these are not held by the BBC, or known to survive, and cannot be viewed - although they can be experienced in a number of ways. Although recent returns have massively helped in evening up the scores, you’ll note that there’s a slight bias towards Hartnell against Troughton for completely missing stories. Troughton still fares worse, however as he has fewer fully existing stories, seven complete stories versus Hartnell’s fifteen.
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The Doctor Who column: Missing with confidence

Do you remember those old sticker albums that you used to have when you were a kid? There you are, stuck plonk in the middle of a 1983 school playground, clutching a tattered copy of the Return Of The Jedi sticker album, wondering how to fill in those missing gaps. They're frustrating things, those sticker albums – what would happen would be that you would spend your hard-earned pocket money on packs of stickers, only to find that tucked away inside are stickers that you already had. So your next option is to trudge wearily around the school playground asking if you can swap your duplicate sticker for one that you don't have. Of course, it never worked out that way, since the missing stickers were as rare as a sighting of the sun in Britain in June 2012.

Annoying? Well not as annoying as the gaps in Doctor Who's archive. This
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Gong Li: Marco Polo Movie

Gong Li in (but not as) Marco Polo? Director Tarsem Singh (Immortals / Mirror Mirror) and producer Gianni Nunnari (300 / 300: Battle of Artemisia) are reportedly working on a film project about the life of the Italian explorer, previously incarnated on screen by the likes of Gary Cooper (in Archie Mayo’s The Adventures of Marco Polo, 1938), Rory Calhoun (Piero Pierotti and Hugo Fregonese’s Marco Polo, 1962), Horst Buchholz (Denys de La Patellière and Raoul Lévy’s Marco the Magnificent, 1965), and Ian Somerhalder (Kevin Connor’s TV movie Marco Polo, 2007). According to Screen Daily, the Chinese Gong Li would play a Mongolian princess. In Memoirs of a Geisha Gong played a Japanese geisha. She hasn’t played any Swedes yet, I don’t think, even though that would be karmic. After all, Swedish-born Warner Oland was a frequent "Chinaman," including Charlie Chan, in numerous Hollywood movies of the ’20s and ’30s. The
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Roger Moore Eyes 'Connemara Days'

  • IFTN
Sir Roger Moore, best known for his iconic role as James Bond, is to make his first on-screen feature film appearance in nearly 10 years in Causeway Pictures' romantic comedy 'Connemara Days' which will film this summer in Cong, Co. Mayo and Northern Ireland. 'Connemara Days' is a love story situated on the set of the celebrated film 'The Quiet Man'. to Mark the 60th anniversary of the filming of 'The Quiet Man' in Galway, the movie will be produced by Belfast based Causeway Pictures and directed by Kevin Connor (Marco Polo, The Wish List, Black Beard). Other cast currently in discussions to star include Ifta winners Aidan Quinn (The Eclipse) and Sarah Bolger (The Tudors), Thomas Dekker (Sarah Connor Chronicles), Geraldine Chaplin (The Wolfman) and Stacy Keach (Escape from La, American History X) as the renowned film director John Ford.
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New movie based on 'Quiet Man' shoot to be filmed in Ireland (IrishCentral)

A new movie based on 'The Quiet Man' is to be filmed in Cong, the same village near Connemara where the original took place in 1952. Former James Bond actor Roger Moore, Aidan Quinn and Geraldine Chaplin will star in the movie called 'Connemara Days,' which will chronicle the arrival of famed Hollywood director John Ford into the little Irish village. Stacy Keach, star of 'Escape from La,' will play Ford, who arrived in Cong in 1952 accompanied by John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara. The movie, a romantic comedy, will focus on the impact that Ford and his crew had on the local scene. Electricity had arrived in Cong just weeks before the crew arrived and unemployment was rampant throughout Ireland, but in Cong locals, were paid 30 shillings a week to work on the film - a fortune at the time. Roger Moore is also executive producer of the movie,
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