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Without doing anything so divisive as taking sides, The Counterfeiters pays sympathetic attention to those who play their cards to win even when the rules are terrible, not least because the remarkable Markovics, an Austrian TV actor with a pugnacious anvil of a head, is so riveting as an unsaintly survivor.
Some movies rest on an actor's face, and The Counterfeiters has a great one.
Quiet, watchful, out for himself, Sorowitsch is a complicated figure - neither hero nor villain, and certainly no fool. The Austrian actor Markovics is riveting in the role; he is wiry, anticipatory, his eyes darting with intelligence and worry.
Chicago Tribune
Swift and compelling, winner of this year's Oscar for best foreign-language picture, The Counterfeiters may not be destined for the large international audience that embraced last year's winner, “The Lives of Others.” But it's the better, tougher film, with a more provocative moral dilemma at its center.
Well made, provocative and compelling.
Miami Herald
It is always intriguing as it follows the arrest and captivity of Salomon Sorowitsch (the terrific Karl Markovics), one of Germany's leading counterfeiters.
Based on the true story of the world's largest counterfeiting operation, The Counterfeiters is full of the weird details that, though unsurprising on one level, are so jarringly wrong that they seem fresh: As a reward for producing 134 million pounds sterling, the prisoners get a pingpong table.
Though extensively fictionalized -- Sorowitch is loosely based on the notorious, larger-than-life forger Salomon Smolianoff; Herzog on SS officer Bernhard Krueger, after whom the operation was named.
From an historical perspective, the story is interesting because it shows a different side of the war than what we're used to observing in motion pictures.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
A conventional mixture of thriller and moral drama, the film is unsettling in both intentional and unintentional ways.
The Counterfeiters is inevitably serious, even austere, and full of chilling, ironic details.

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