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[DVD Review] Almost Heaven

Why do good actors insist on starring in bad movies? I realize roles are probably pretty scarce for relative unknowns, but you wouldn't pounce upon a pile of shit just because you were sort of hungry, would you? Almost Heaven is a prime example of such desperate shit-eating. You might remember Donal Logue from the kind-of-amusing Grounded for Life and, um, the romantic comedy Just Like Heaven (I only watched it for Mark Ruffalo, I swear!) I actually think Logue is a good comedic actor, even if he does at times give off a douchy Dane Cook-esque vibe, but if he keeps deciding to take on roles in films as mediocre as Almost Heaven, he won't have much of a career.

The film concerns washed up, recently-divorced TV director Mark Brady (Donal Logue), who gets somewhat of a professional break when he lands a job shooting a Scottish wildlife program about fish.
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This Week on DVD: I Love You, Man, The Class, Tmnt Collection

If you're going DVD shopping today, there are a few decent choices, however I wouldn't really recommend either I Love You, Man or 17 Again unless you absolutely love Paul Rudd or Zac Efron. Instead, I can wholeheartedly recommend the Oscar-nominated French film The Class, and the indie comedy Gigantic is at least worth a look. Also in stores this week is the '50s sci-fi spoof Alien Trespass, the direct-to-dvd sequel to Road Trip, and a Michael Jackson documentary, plus all four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies on Blu-ray! Will you be spending your hard-earned cash on anything this week? I Love You, Man [1] (DVD, Blu-ray [2]) 17 Again [3] (DVD, Blu-ray [4]) The Class [5] (DVD, Blu-ray [6]) Gigantic [7] Alien Trespass [8] (DVD, Blu-ray [9]) Road Trip: Beer Pong [10] Gooby [11] Almost Heaven [12] The Last Resort [13] Steppin' [14] The Tiger's Tail [15] The Art of War III: Retribution [16] Dark Rising [17] Dead by Dawn 2: The Return [18] Moonwalking: The True Story
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