"Doctor Who" The Curse of Fenric: Part Four (TV Episode 1989) Poster


[Commander Millington is standing in a bunker with the powerful entity, Fenric who has taken over the body of Dr. Judson. Up above them the remaining Russian soldiers are battling with Millington's troops]

Fenric: Ah... the sound of dying. When it comes to death. Quantity is so much more satisfying than quality.

Commander Millington: The final...

Fenric: Don't interrupt me when I'm eulogizing. Where is the Time Lord?

Commander Millington: Time Lord?

Fenric: The one you call "Doctor".

Commander Millington: I had him shot.

Fenric: I see you've never been handicapped with great intelligence. For 17 centuries I was trapped in the shadow dimensions because of him. He pulled bones from the dessert sands and carved them into chess pieces. He challenged me to solve his puzzle. I failed. Now I shall see him kneel before me... before I let him die.

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