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"Then you are in for a surprise my dear Doctor, an exceedingly nasty one..." Same as before.
Paul Andrews19 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Doctor Who: The Trial of a Time Lord: Part Six starts as King Yrcanos (Brian Blessed) wakes up in Crozier's (Patrick Ryecart) laboratory & goes on the rampage wrecking some of the equipment before escaping into the tunnels, the Doctor's (Colin Baker) mind seems to have been changed by the cell discriminator & appears self interested, callous & uncaring agreeing to help Crozier repair the laboratory equipment & betraying Peri (Nicola Bryant) to Sil (Nabil Shaban). Time is running out for Lord Kiv (Christopher Ryan) to have his mind transfered into another body so Crozier has to work quickly, however the Doctor soon realises that they intend to use his body as Lord Kiv's new home...

Episode 6 from season 23 this Doctor Who adventure originally aired here in the UK during October 1986, directed by Ron Jones this was part two of the second story segment of The Trial of a Time Lord season worked on under the name Mindwarp. The script by Philip Martin this has been OK so far but I'm finding it hard to muster much enthusiasm up for it & not that much has happened since Part One of this story, this is supposed to be set on Thoros-Beta the home of Sil & his race, the Mentor's but there's no sense of scale or society & it feels more like a couple of mutant slugs hiding out in some caves. Maybe that's as much a production problem as anything else but you can't relate to a lot of the things being said or some of the plot points which are mentioned. The one interesting aspect of Mindwarp is that the Doctor has suddenly turned evil torturing Peri & seemingly helping the evil Sil, Lord Kiv & the mad scientist Crozier with his genetic experiments. To be fair he's supposed to be the hero of the story & making him act this way just makes the character very unlikable which I honestly don't think is a good idea.

As well as some impressive monsters & slimy creatures Mindwarp, as did The Mysterious Planet, has some good sets well lit especially Crozier's laboratory & Lord Kiv's den. The production design is solid & by Doctor Who standards better than usual with the likes of Sil's seat he is carried around in looking quite stylish although some of the slave costumes look cheap & I'm uneasy about the idea of all the none speaking slaves being black, I'm not sure they would have gotten away with that these days.

The Trial of a Time Lord: Part Six, or Mindwarp Part Two, is alright but not that much has happened since the previous episode & surely the Doctor has never been as unlikable as he is here which doesn't sit well with me at all.
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