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"Well gentlemen, it seems we have a problem." Solid Doctor Who story.
Paul Andrews25 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Doctor Who: Warriors of the Deep: Part 2 starts with the Doctor (Peter Davison) narrowly avoiding death & setting about finding his lost friends one of whom Turlough (Mark Strickson) has been captured by the crew of SeaBase 4. Meanwhile the slimy Silurians have revived the hibernating army of Sea Devils which was the first part of their sinister plan, the second part of it is to take control of SeaBase 4 by whatever means necessary & to aid them they unleash a huge slimy sea creature named the Myrka whose very touch can kill in an instant...

This Doctor Who adventure was the first story of season 21 which aired here in the UK during early 1984 & feature Peter Davison as the endearing Timelord. Directed by Pennant Roberts it's generally thought that Warriors of the Deep is one of the better stories form the Davison era, I haven't seen enough of them to pass comment on that but I have to say I rather enjoyed Warriors of the Deep as a whole. The script by Johnny Byrne resolves the cliff-hanger to episode one a little easily & introduces the Sea Devils in all their glory, this episode continues to unravel the Silurians plans & the fact that there's a traitor amongst the crew of SeaBase 4 & both plot lines are handled well enough to maintains one interest all the way without giving everything away. As usual it's great fun & provides good entertainment which is all I really want it to do.

This episode introduces two new monsters, the Sea Devils & the Myrka with varying degrees of success. I criticised episode one because the Silurians look poor & spoilt the overall effectiveness of the episode so I was pleasantly surprised when the Sea Devils looked really good with good face mask's, a cool Japanese warrior inspired leather costume & a nice sounding hissing voice, unfortunately things went downhill again with the Myrka as it looks no more sophisticated or realistic than a pantomime horse with one guy at the front controlling the head & front legs & another bent over controlling the rear legs, you'll do well not to laugh. There is also another bit where a 'door' falls on Tegan & it's so obvious that it's made of foam it's embarrassing but I suppose the bad special effects all add to Doctor Who's charm & watch-ability, don't they?

Warriors of the Deep is a good four parter that I personally think is let down by poor looking monsters because the stories pretty good otherwise, still well worth a watch though especially for fans or if your just after something fun to pass the time.
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