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"I think you'll find that a concept can be philosophically valid even if theologically meaningless." Embarrassing.
Paul Andrews25 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Doctor Who: Dragonfire: Part 2 starts as the Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) is saved by Glitz (Tony Selby) from, ahem, 'certain' death, eventually the Doctor & Glitz meet up with Mel (Bonnie Langford) & Ace (Sophie Aldred) in the ice caverns under the surface of Iceworld. There they meet the mythical Dragon (Leslie Meadows) who doesn't seem such a bad chap after all, in fact using some sort of playback device a bit like a 3-D video player he manages to relate the tale of the evil Kane (Edward Peel) who was banished to Iceworld 3,000 years ago as punishment for being totally evil. Kane wants a powerful energy source called Dragonfire that he hasn't been able get too in order to gain revenge on those who banished him & through careful planning the Doctor has unwittingly found it for him...

Episode 13 from season 24 this Doctor Who adventure was originally aired here in the UK during November 1987, directed by Chris Clough this is pretty darned bad. The script by Ian Briggs is poor & I just have to start with the resolution to that awful cliffhanger 'cliffhanger' ending, OK so the Doctor was dangling over an ice cliff & Glitz comes along, Glits then magically appears on a ledge just below the Doctor & he lets him 'climb' down his body, right now there are several problems with this, firstly how did Glitz get down to the ledge himself? If it was just below the Doctor why didn't he just fall onto the ledge himself? The ledge definitely wasn't there in the shots which show the Doctor dangling so where did it come from? This whole sequence makes zero sense & is frankly poor & sadly indicative of Dragonfire as a whole. I already hate Ace, lines of dialogue like 'that was well brill' are just so irritating & frankly cringe worthy. We still don't know what Kane is up to, the story is moving along at a snail's pace & next to nothing has happened over it's two episodes so far. Thank god there's only one episode left...

OK, the sets are terrible with the worst looking 'ice' I've ever seen. You know sometime I have to keep telling myself Doctor Who is a child's program but in these days of super PS3 consoles they are going to have the same criticisms as I, I'm not being funny but the graphics on a PS3 are better than the special effects on show in Dragonfire & with a weak story & pathetic production values even a 5 year old will have trouble watching this & keeping a straight face or, more importantly, be entertained by it. We get to see the 'terrifying' Dragon in this episode, it's an Alien (1979) rip-off with it's elongated head & exoskeleton only on a fraction, & I mean fraction, of the budget Alien had. To be honest it doesn't look too bad as some Doctor Who monsters go but the way these things were made hadn't really come on since the Jon Pertwee days & they look just as realistic, you would have hoped over the course of the classic series 30 odd years the production team would have learned how to make a monster, or at least make improved monsters.

Dragonfire: Part 2 is as pants as Part 1, I just don't like it at all from the awful Ace to the terrible sets to the unimpressive special effects, at least there's only one part left...
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