"Doctor Who" Planet of the Daleks: Episode Six (TV Episode 1973) Poster


Taron: Doctor, we'd never have succeeded without all your help. I wish there was some way of thanking you.

Dr. Who: As a matter of fact, there is.

Rebec: Yes, Doctor?

Dr. Who: Throughout history you Thals have always been known as one of the most peace loving peoples in the galaxy.

Taron: I hope we always will be.

Dr. Who: Yes, well that's what I mean. When you get back to Skaro, you'll all be national heroes. Everybody will want to hear about your adventures.

Taron: Of course.

Dr. Who: So be careful how you tell that story, will you? Don't glamorize it. Don't make war sound like an exciting and thrilling game.

Taron: I understand.

Dr. Who: Tell them about the members of your mission that will not be returning, like Maro and Vaber and Marat. Tell them about the fear. Otherwise your people might relish the idea of war. We don't want that.

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