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Great story.
Paul Andrews26 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks: Part 3 starts as a conveniently placed ledge saves Sarah Jane (Elisabeth Sladen) from falling to her death during an escape attempt which fails & she is recaptured by the Thals. Meanwhile the Doctor (Tom Baker) & Harry (Ian Marter) have managed to escape from the Kaled bunker where they were being held as prisoners by Davros (Michael Wisher) with the help of good natured scientist Ronson (James Garbutt), they are able to speak to the Kaled government & try to convince them that the experiments conducted by Davros are a threat to the entire universe. Davros hears of this & decides that he might be better off without the Kaled race holding him back after all...

This Doctor Who adventure was episode 13 from season 12 that aired here in the UK during early 1975, directed by David Maloney I'm really enjoying Genesis of the Daleks although the lacklustre resolution to the cliffhanger ending at the end of Part 2 is a bit lame. The script by Terry Nation has reached it's half way point & with three episodes left to go I'm still hooked, neither the action or story have ever dragged & it has a great premise behind it which seems more intelligent & well thought out than the average Dotor Who, don't get me wrong this isn't groundbreaking or life changing stuff but it's lots of fun & provides fine entertainment. This episode has Davros betray his own people in a double cross to get rid of his enemies, the Doctor & Harry have finally remembered about Sarah & the whole plot is bubbling long nicely.

Love them or hate them the Daleks are the Doctors most well known adversaries, personally I think they look a bit daft but I suppose they serve a purpose. To be fair they haven't really featured much during the first three episodes to Genesis of the Daleks as it has centered on the politics & events surrounding their creation.

Genesis of the Daleks is a great story & well worth watching.
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Rightly considered one of the true classic stories in Doctor Who.
Christopher Evans19 November 2014
Review of all 6 episodes:

One of the most famous and most loved stories in Doctor Who history, this really deserves the fame and praise it receives. It is a fabulous story with brilliance in every aspect of its production.

The Doctor, Sarah and Harry are intercepted by the Time Lords as they try to return to the Nerva space station via Transmat. The Time Lord who speaks to The Doctor gives him a mission to interfere with the creation of the Daleks as they are considered a threat to the Universe. He is told he can stop their creation or influence their nature for the better. They find themselves in the middle of a war on Skaro between the Thals and the Kaleds. The war has gone on for a very long time and scientist Davros has created the Daleks in order to bring the war to an end. Davros is power crazed and has evil intent for his Daleks to become all powerful creatures. There are adventures as The Doctor seeks to interfere with Davros' plans. Finally when he has the chance to destroy the Daleks, The Doctor has a moral dilemma as to whether to destroy the Dalek race is excusable due to their evil or if it makes him as bad as the Daleks with such a genocidal act.

The script, story and acting are top class throughout. Davros is an inspired creation, a villain of the finest quality and acted amazingly well by Michael Wisher. Baker is on top form and his scenes with Davros and their intellectual duelling is gripping. The scene with the dilemma of conscience for The Doctor trying to decide whether to destroy the Daleks is genius and the story as a whole is exceptionally well written.

One of the most exceptional stories in Doctor Who and therefore television history.
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