The Love Guru (2008) Poster


Plot Keywords

guru hockey
chastity belt toronto maple leafs
box office flop lei
pinhead butane lighter
sex guru lychee
mother son relationship newspaper headline
arena maple leafs
male in shower bleeped dialogue
pratfall sexual innuendo
niagara falls mistake
miniature office spontaneous erection
hindu martial arts
dwarf penis size
burping meat
critically bashed puck bunnies
depends undergarment crossed eyes
blue grass band french canadian stereotype
belly dancing staples center los angeles
dice penis joke
double entendre canadian stereotype
falling corndog
los angeles kings punched in the face
animal sex playoffs
bad taste farting
beginning morphed with ending stuffed shorts
bikini gag humor
coach indictable offence
toronto ontario canada male in a shower
men's locker room controversy
hockey movie mustache
shard of glass slip
altoids virgin
product placement male underwear
ice skating sportscast
falling on one's head career move
abomination reference to judi dench
elephant penis sex toy
little person student mentor relationship
pitching a book french accent
implied male nudity overbearing mother
nose piercing handlebar mustache
sucker punch rotoscoping
contortionist midget
son hit by mother accident
cotton candy bloopers during credits
woman in a bikini actor playing himself
fake heart attack speedo
urination urinating
large penis trademark symbol
bare chested male reference to deepak chopra
midget wrestling actress playing herself
stanley cup hockey fight
playing a surbahar slapstick
hit in the crotch rooster
ice rink obscene finger gesture
worst picture razzie winner hit by a hockey puck
reference to celine dion bollywood
soup pizza delivery boy cliche
tooth extraction erection
loss of virginity french canadian
locker room playing acoustic guitar
knuckle tattoo pickle
bird attack tattoo
domineering mother diarrhea
sitar bucket of popcorn
boycott choir practice
acronym group shower
sex toy apology
indian guru crashing through a window
bar fight singing in a car
gulfstream 3 business jet sitting on a pillow
elephant flatulence
hit in the groin marital problem
clotheslined shower room
sex in public title spoken by character

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