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Peace, Love & Bikinis! takes a look at the cut throat world of fashion as seen through the eyes of a struggling bikini designer Ashley Paige. Paige came to LA from the wrong side of the tracks of Florida/Alabama on a Greyhound bus, and through sheer determination and willpower, manages to open her own boutique in the up and coming arts district of Hollywood. In the weeks leading up to LA Fashion Week, Paige manages to escape going back to her pole dancing by inches, as she claws her way to the runways of Smashbox Studios. Amid chaos, drama and humour, with sexy supermodels and doggie rescue missions in the background, Paige takes us on a journey into her personal world of struggle and success. Celebrities, high fashion, last minute catastrophies that would make a sane person insane, Paige does it all. With her mother arrived in town, and deciding to paint the store pink, days before Fashion Week, Paige manages to hold on to her reputation, and survive against all odds. Funny, sexy, entertaining, don't miss it!
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