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It does possess a certain backward-glancing innocent appeal.
Completely unoriginal, sure, but watchable and even likable.
Hits most of the markers of a flashback film but not enough of the beats.
One raucous night, one raunchy party, "American Graffiti filtered through "Dazed and Confused" and the Shermer High films of John Hughes.
Every last joke in the movie - verbal gags, visual gags, musical cues, camera moves - is crushingly literal.
As a raunchy romantic comedy or an homage to the 1980s, Take Me Home Tonight is hardly worth a one-night stand.
Ultimately, the characters are props in a movie about popped collars and Ray-Bans, rather than the other way around.
Michael Dowse's aggressively unfunny film which seeks the lowest common denominator in nearly every scene.
Nostalgia for the '80s - big hair, Madonna, cocaine, big hair, Duran Duran, more cocaine - is all well and good. Unless it's practiced with the charmless ineptitude of Take Me Home Tonight.
Take Me Home Tonight must have been made with people who had a great deal of nostalgia for the 1980s, a relatively unsung decade. More power to them. The movie unfortunately gives them no dialogue expanding them into recognizable human beings.
Take Me Home Tonight isn't nearly as much fun as the '80s actually were. Even worse, it's less fun than most '80s comedies were - and that's bad.

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