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  • To handle the technical challenges of filming Adam Sandler opposite himself, the filmmakers turned first to director of photography Dean Cundey, the cinematographer who shot Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Parent Trap, Back to the Future, and Jurassic Park. Cundey describes a typical shot: Wed shoot Adam as Jack. Then hed go and get made up as Jill; wed relight the set and wed have to make sure that the lighting was right for where Adam would be standing as Jill. Adam would come in and wed give him a little ear bud, so he could hear his performance as Jack, which hed just done. We had a monitor set up so he could see what Jack was doing. Dan DeLeeuw, the visual effects supervisor, would make sure that the shots were going to work. The motion control technicians made sure we were getting the exact camera movement over and over again. Finally, the on-set compositor could put it together as we did it show us how its going together so we could evaluate it and judge it. It was a very team-heavy process.


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