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It took six days to film the "Bet On It" dance sequence.
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Zac Efron and Corbin Bleu came up with the British ditty they sang in the kitchen.
It took four days to film all the school scenes at East High. During one of those days, classes were in session. Actual students at East High were given instruction of where not to go so that no one would interfere with the filming of the movie.
Drew in a rating of 17.6 million viewers on its premiere night, making it not only the highest Disney Channel Original Movie in history, but the highest in cable history, even higher than NFL Monday Night Football (1970).
Chad's T-shirt slogans were chosen by Disney viewers, as well as the type of sandwiches Troy makes Gabriella for their picnic on the golf course and the appearance of Miley Cyrus.
Unlike the first film where he was dubbed partially by Drew Seeley, Zac Efron does all of his own singing in this film.
Contrary to popular belief, the actor playing the piano in the song "Fabulous" is not Lucas Grabeel, but dancer Shawn Carter. Shawn is present in all three High School Musical (2006) movies.
Lucas Grabeel wrote and sang the song that is playing in Sharpay's car, in the scene where Sharpay and Ryan drive up to the entrance of Lava Springs.
The pink piano used in "Fabulous" was also painted white and used in "Everyday".
Corbin Bleu said that the toughest day of filming for him was the day of the "I Don't Dance" musical and dance sequence.
The sheets of paper thrown in the air during the "What Time Is It" musical sequence are actual assignments of real students from East High. The papers were all individually checked to make sure there were no embarrassing pieces of information on them.
Before filming this movie, Monique Coleman did not know how to swim and was actually afraid of the water. For the scene where her character jumps into the pool, the script was rewritten for her dancing partner Corbin Bleu to jump in with her. She later said in an interview that she received an amazing amount of support from the entire cast and crew.
Most of the country club members seen in this movie are real members of the actual country club where the film was made.
Ashley Tisdale had a hard time during the golf scenes. Every time she swung a golf club it kept on slipping from her grasp.
Vanessa Hudgens said her favorite scene was the one where the sprinklers suddenly turn on while Troy and Gabriella are dancing together on the golf course.
Any time an actor hit a golf ball towards a camera, they were actually hitting table tennis (ping-pong) balls. This is clearly evident during the Bet On It scene as the ball Troy goes to hit on the Tee has no grooves. In this shot Zac Efron hit several balls and all towards cameras manned by crew members and people around them. If real balls were used they could have not only hurt the crew, but also to not break the cameras
It took five weeks to film this movie.
At the end of the film, Troy and Gabriella jump into the pool. During filming all the six main characters jumped in. However, only Troy's and Gabriella's jumps made the final film cut.
During an interview about the song "Gotta Go My Own Way", Ashley Tisdale said it was her favorite song from the film's soundtrack.
Both Ryan and Kelsi wear 13 hats in the film.
The president of the actual country club being used in this film loaned his locker to Zac Efron so that he could use it in the film.
Sharpay's version of "You are the Music in Me" was the last scene shot for the film.
In the scene in the kitchen, when Troy's cell phone rings the tone is "Getcha Head in the Game" from High School Musical (2006).
Vanessa Hudgens said her favorite dance number from this movie is 'Work This Out.'
Zac Efron came up with the idea of him sliding at the end of the "What Time Is It" musical sequence scene in the cafeteria.
Every song used in this movie was rewritten at least five times.
The coaster of people doing the wave, at the opening scene in "What time is it" was started by the HSM cast/dancers and Kenny Ortega. Since all the cast/dancers were sore from dance rehearsals, they sat in a line on the floor and began to massage each-other. When Kenny saw this, he told them lean to the right (one by one in a wave), and so they did. Then he decided for them to try it standing up, and when they did so, he used it in the movie in during the opening song.
The country club pool was a favorite hangout place for the cast during filming of this movie.
The production company actually had to paint the schoolyard grass a more intense green to achieve that springtime look for the film
During the final chorus in "I don't dance", the dancers and players are moving and singing faster because it was getting dark and they needed to finish quickly. So during the lunch scene, it turned dark and a stage light was used to give the illusion of sunset.
The piano that is used by Kelsi while Troy and Gabriella are singing "You Are the Music in Me" costs $25,000.
Zac Efron said that the most difficult dance moves for him to do in this film were the dance sequences for the song "What Time Is It".
This was the first Disney Channel Original Movie to be released on Blu-ray.
The Hawaiian song ryan and sharpay sing is called "humuhumunukunuku apu'a. this is the state fish of hawaii.
It took Olesya Rulin 3 days to learn how to move her feet properly for the "Work This Out" choreography, and if you look close, during the actual number in the movie, she is still having trouble.
Scenes were originally filmed in Gabriella's bedroom but never made it to the final film cut
It took the cast three days to shoot the "What Time Is It" opening musical sequence.
There are pictures of Sharpay's and Ryan's "Bop To The Top" performance from High School Musical (2006) in Miss Darbus' room, and pinned to Sharpay's dressing room mirror. There is also a "Twinkle Town" poster in Miss Darbus' room.
"Everyday" (performed by Troy (Zac Efron) and Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens)) is the only duet between the two in the High School Musical trilogy that is performed in full costume. In High School Musical (2006) Troy and Gabriella were auditioning when they sang, and they wearing their school clothes. High School Musical 3: Senior Year (2008), Troy and Gabriella drove from Stanford to be at the performance and sang in what they were wearing when they arrived.
500 lanterns were bought for this film.
The tap dancer seen during the talent show scene is a local tap dance teacher.
Some of the cast members had to change three times so that everyone's colors complemented each other during the "All For One" musical sequence.
The actors had to go through three weeks of dance rehearsals before filming.
The T-shirts Chad wore through the movie read as follows: - I majored in vacation - Warning! Do not read this shirt! - Viva la basketball - He did it - I just look like him
This movie is the first Disney Channel Original Movie to have commercials shown on ABC.
The ring Troy wears in the song 'Everyday' has a flashing light in it to make it look like it sparks in the light.
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The Star Dazzle Award trophy had to be designed and redesigned eight times.
When Chad is dancing with the cheerleaders, they are all shoeless, wearing only socks for easy sliding and spinning. Also, their socks are very dirty from the floors.
The extra dancers in the film are all professionals chosen through a series of grueling auditions from among 1,800 hopefuls.
Four different clocks were used for the scene in Ms. Darbus' classroom
At the start of a dinner scene at the country club, sharpay's father is mid way through a story of which only the line "...and she stepped on the ball!" is heard. This exact part line is also used in the film trading places in the same way, at dinner in a country club.
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Sharpay's license plate is Fabulus.
Troy's phone conversation with Mr. Fulton reveals that Mr. Fulton's first name is Thomas.
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During the scene where Sharpay's father arrives to the golf course in a helicopter, you can hear a more regal instrumental version of Sharpay's song "Fabulous" playing.
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Zac Efron who played Troy Bolton in HSM1(2006) soon after HSM1 dyed his hair and switched from a natural blond to brunet in HSM2 & HSM3 without anyone of the cast noticing it.The script offers no such explanation.Zac Efron is still a brunet in real life.
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Pro dancer from Dancing With The Stars Allison Holker is featured throughout the opening number "What Time Is It"
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Charles Klapow: The main choreographer can be seen in almost every dance sequence with a long, dark mohawk. In "What Time Is It?", he is in the basketball dance, and he does a handshake with Troy before he sings, and is wearing a red short-sleeved shirt over a white long-sleeved shirt. In "Work This Out" he is in a green Lava Springs shirt and work pants, in the middle of the three men with pepper grinders, during "Everyday" he is wearing a silver vest over a pink shirt who dances across the line crossing paths with Martha, and in "All For One" he is wearing a blue deigo tee with red trim, seen dancing with a girl in yellow during the choreography, and with Miley Cyrus.
Miley Cyrus: in the end scene, singing "All for One", she is wearing a yellow dress and the camera is only on her for a few seconds.


The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

At one point in the film, Sharpay refers to the Wildcats as the cast of Grease (1978). The original High School Musical (2006) was created by editing the unused script for Grease 3. Additionally, Vanessa Hudgens (Gabriella) would later go on to play Rizzo in Grease Live (2016)

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