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The scar under Jeffrey Donovan's left eye has been written into the show as something Michael's abusive father gave him "to remember him by."
In nearly every episode, somebody eats yogurt in Michael's loft.
It's mentioned often throughout the series that the name Michael Westen is notorious throughout Russia. Russian Intelligence talks about Michael Westen as having done too much damage to be one person (they think "Michael Westen" is a code name for a Special Operations team) and they use his name and tales of what he's done to scare rookie operatives.
The show uses the Coconut Grove Convention Center in Miami as production offices and sets for Michael's loft and Madeline's house. It had originally been slated for demolition.
The building that is supposed to be Michael's loft is located on NW 7th Ave between NW 6th St. and NW 5th St (528 NW 7th Ave) Miami, FL 33136. It can be found in Google Maps at 25.779033,-80.20706.
Weston's car is a 1973 Dodge Charger.
The gadgets "built" by Michael are fabricated by the Special Effects Department. It is a collaborative effort by the writer, production designer, special effects and the prop master. The actual builder is Michael Doyle, the Special Effects Foreman.
During his 15-year tenure as a spy Michael worked mainly in eastern Europe and the Middle East. As a result he speaks fluent Russian and Farsi and describes his command of the Polish language as rusty. He doesn't know Spanish and is mocked repeatedly throughout the series for living in Miami without being able to converse in Spanish.
In the first season Michael says he's had 30 years of karate training but throughout the series Michael also uses a variety of mixed martial arts including (but not limited to) aikido, Brazilian jujutsu, and the Russian martial art sambo. Michael says he has "combat experience on 5 continents" and "two black belts."
Both Michael and Sam are former US military special forces operators. Sam was a US Navy SEAL, while Michael was an Army Ranger, before being recruited by the CIA.
Michael McBride, the code name that Michael Weston uses with his Irish contacts, is the name of the character that Sean Connery plays in Darby O'Gill and the Little People (1959).
Michael's sunglasses are made by Oliver Peoples and are named Victory. The ones worn by Michael were custom made for the series and have polycarbonate "safety" lenses.
The show was originally set in Newark, New Jersey.
The alias that Sam uses during the series, Chuck Finley, is the name of a pitcher for the Angels from the 90's who was, for a time married to actress Tawny Kitaen.
Google street view car cameo! Season 5, episode 2, 39:30 It drives by in the background when Michael and Madeline are talking
Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) sustained a tooth injury during a lobster-eating contest in Nova Scotia at the time of casting. The casting director was taken with his solid jaw demeanor and made Donovan talk through a clenched jaw to provide grit to the performance. Donovan was reluctant, however kept character throughout filming.
The man known as "management" does not actually have a name, he is only referred to as management
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At one point, Jesse introduces himself as "Artest" and Fiona as "Shannon Brown." At the time, Ron Artest and Shannon Brown were the names of teammates on the Los Angeles Lakers.
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Jeffrey Donovan and Coby Bell share the same birthday May 11.
Was the subject of a skit on Saturday Night Live called "What is Burn Notice?" during the Ashton Kutcher/Them Crooked Vultures episode.
Through the series, when aerial shots of Michael's Dodge Charger driving throughout Miami are shown, a Miami Police cruiser can usually be seen a few car lengths behind.
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Sharon Gless very early in her career played an undercover police officer in the show Emergency. John Gage a paramedic took an interest in her. Once in a conversation she told Gage to lower her voice or he was going to get her burned.
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Matt Nix: The series creator has an uncredited cameo in the opening credits of every episode. Nix is the guy who says, "We got a burn notice on you. You're blacklisted."


The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

In the final episode of burn notice, Fiona and Michael are in a cottage. That same cottage was In the movie The Holiday 2006. It was the setting of Kate Winslet's home in England. Even the road scene leading to the cottage is the same.
In season 3, Nate introduces his new wife Ruth to his family. The actor who plays Nate, Seth Peterson, is married to the actress who plays Ruth, Kylee Cochran.
Sharon Gless (Madeline) and Tyne Daly were known for their roles in Cagney & Lacey. Daly makes a cameo appearance on Burn Notice as Tina, an asset Madeline cons into giving her information. She then becomes good friends with Tina before having to burn her under Michael's order.
Fiona's sister Claire was killed by a British solider who fired into a crowded mall.
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