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  • Michael wears the Oliver Peoples Victory sunglasses. Oliver Peoples no longer makes the Victory frames, in the 55s (which is Michael's lens size) or the 58s. The lens color is the cognac, which is available via special order on just about all of the sunglasses OP has to offer.

    Recently (Spring 2010), Oliver Peoples rereleased the 55s in the gold/cognac color combination. It is unknown how long the new run will last.

  • In the pilot it's established that Fiona is Irish and as such she speaks with an Irish accent. In the second episode she greets Michael using an American accent. When he asks her about it she says she "can't go around Miami sounding like a freaking leprechaun". later it's determined that in order to hide from her numerous enemies, she took on an American accent. In the episode Long Way Back season 3 episode 9 her brother Sean discusses her accent change briefly with her.


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