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Season 1

Episode #1.1
The UAE 'metropolis' Abu Dhabi has the expats-run British Veterinary Center, the Middle East's largest. owner Martin starts his day treating a pet falcon. Colleague Ben treats a dehydrated Siamese cat. Australian specialist Alex Tinson is brought in for Bedouin racing camels. Patients are flown in from other Gulf states, such as a terrier with a Brittish owner living in Kuwait.
Episode #1.2
A canine cancer leg amputation. In Sjarjah wild park, a macaque gets after-care. Confiscated wild animals, included cheetahs, must be checked. Rich locals keeps various wild pets and bring round babies, such as a sheik's gazelle.
Episode #1.3
Ben is among the international vets flown in to treat the rare animals on the presidential wild park island, including ostriches, imported emus and the rare Arab antelope species orynx. A ruling sheik's pilot brings in his Siamese cat to Ben's British stand-in Matt Valentine. A dehydrated baby stray bat is nursed to health. Aussie Alex supervises a sheik's racing camels' mating.
Episode #1.4
Today, the clinic treats ordinary pets such as five orphaned stray kitten, one of which gets a good home, a puppy, a mynahbird and a 4 year-old, big tortoise. Outisde the city, a camel breeder gets extensive check-ups for his herd, especially concerning pregnancies and young.
Episode #1.5
Martin treats a wounded kestrel (falcon species). British immigrant vet Chris Hilling has the enviable job of caring for the world-class thoroughbreds in Abu Dhabi's royal stables, especially breeding-minded. Martin gives a regular ex-pat client's great Dane Tiny a full check-up. Ben treats a territorial turtle with a penis problem, who requires an unusual sedation method, by cooling.
Episode #1.6
In oasis town Al-Ain, Ben holds the center's annual day clinic. The patients include a stray kitten, a limping dog . Martin performs a canine castration. An exp-pat offers two unusual patients: an aggressive young cayman and a caged boa constructor which swallowed cage patting sawdust.
Episode #1.7
Ben handles two unusual birds: a pigeon with a multiply broken wing. Martin gets a wild pelican which wandered into the American school's swimming pool, probably from a desert oasis. Routinely, the clinic sterilizes stray cats, brought in regularly by an Austrian, and a German shepherd, whose tumor is diagnosed benign.
Episode #1.8
The clinic has a first: five falcons simultaneously. Royal stables vet Chris checks upon the President's thoroughbred mares. A cat's split pallet needs stitches. A dalmatian is under observation for a bad knee.
Episode #1.9
In the clinic, staff member Hamid discretely fed some stray cats, one friendly female of which is finally adoption-prepped and named Amal, Arabic for hope, yet skinny and unused to confinement. Ben performs the standard sterilization but diagnoses her already pregnant and decides to abort given miserable adoption statistics, which Amal herself beats two weeks later. A local boy's iguana is checked-up and gets an expert-only nail-clipping. A bitten greyhound is treated. Alex Tinson performs more outpatient camel care, such as teeth - and nail clipping, Aussie -...
Episode #1.10
Ben treats a parrot and more pet birds. Routine clinic patients include a cat, a dalmatian and a terrier who just needs grooming. Outdoors, a fowl is delivered surgically.
Episode #1.11
Ben treats tortoise with air-conditioning-related respiratory problems. Also in the clinic, a Labrador who can't keep in his food and a parrot, which nurse Zoe adopts although she already has a cat. In a desert camp 200 kilometers from Abu Dhabi, young racing camels are prepped and trained, with Indian veterinarian specialist Dr. Ganesh in charge of their health care.
Episode #1.12
An ex-pat's pet duckling is treated after a near-fatal fall, and the chief nurse adopts it. The clinic also operates on a canine puppy with an exteriorised liver, and Dr. Ganesh works his magic in the camels training camp.
Episode #1.13
In the clinic, Ben treats a mysteriously abandoned small bird, although anesthetic is always difficult with those, in this case fatal. Martin operates an ex-pat's castrated Siamese to remove a remaining testicle, next a British bulldog's respiratory problems. Australian vet Alex Tinson explains during camel-care how superior their milk is in desert climate and in general health terms. Stray puppy Milagro's hernia is finally cured surgically.
Episode #1.14
At Abu Dhabi's international race track, thoroughbreds get test and some go to the royal president's equestrian club's aqua-therapy stables, run by Irish vet Tony Doherty, who imports nearly everything, even a Welsh farrier. In the clinic, Ben and Martin treat a British family's terrier with a neck abscess. Ben helps a cat with dental syndrome gingivitis.
Episode #1.15
Ben treats a cacetu back to appetite and checks up a healthy rabbit. The clinic also treats a listless Pekingese by surgical face-lift and a borzoi. A chimpanzee which has its own maid refuses diagnose therapy. In the royal stables, vet Chris Hillidge delivers fowls.

 Season 1 

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