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"GET THE WWE OUT!" -- WWE tarnishes the legacy of the original ECW
Lex_Lybrand19 June 2006
The debut episode of "ECW on SCI-FI" was a disaster. The show was a complete and utter train-wreck. Everything that could have gone wrong in a WWE-run incarnation of "ECW" did, and did in the worst ways possible.

Since the debut episode the WWE has had a couple of ups and downs with ECW... mostly downs, though.

The WWE 'creative' team decided to remove the no-rules element of ECW. Instead, every match in WWE's "ECW" is now contested under "WWE Rules." This means that weapons are no longer legal in ECW. This means that matches can now end in a disqualification. This also means that when there happens to be a no-DQ match it's billed as being held under "Extreme Rules" (which is an oxymoron). The no-rules environment was the very basis of what "Extreme" Championship Wrestling was always about. The fact that the WWE has chosen to neuter ECW at its very base like this is proof enough to know that this product is doomed.

When the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) sued Vince McMahon a couple of years back there was an advertising campaign that read "GET THE F OUT" - a reference to the World Wrestling 'F'ederation changing from "WWF" to "WWE" (World Wrestling 'E'ntertainment)... It's time for a new campaign for this new 'ECW' product: "GET THE WWE OUT!"
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Not Bloody Enough
ludi1us21 December 2007
This show needs weapons and blood all it is currently is RAW and SMACKDOWN called ECW.The matches in ECW used to be this incredible display of violence, high flying moves, street-brawling, technical wrestling, intense athletics. They were the absolute best wrestling matches I have ever seen. If this new ECW is the writing on the wall then it's tragic that I most likely will not see any more matches like on the old ECW on this butchered ECW ever again in the future. what a real let down and being on sci-fi there is all kinds of opportunity for far out storytelling but they've somehow missed that! I know it can't be like the great old days of the original ECW because Vince doesn't have the guts to do that but come on this show really sucks! this show is an insult to the name ECW! I mean where is the ladders, the trash cans, the barbwire and most importantly the blood? I think people need to start a write in campaign to get the format of this show changed to something that more closely resembles ECW! I agree with others who don't like this show much.
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Extremely crappy wrestling
The_Light_Triton24 October 2006
i never saw the original ECW, but i've heard it was the sickest thing on the planet. People were sacrificing their bodies just so the audience would get their fix of blood, gore, and violence. now it's the same thing as WWE. only shorter.

In ECW, Legends like tommy dreamer, Sabu, the Sandman, Balls mahoney, RVD, Terry funk, and other guys fight in a ring, sometimes with weapons in a no-disqualification match. New guys include the ECW champion the Big show, The creepy Kevin thorn with his girlfriend Ariel, Rene dupree, CM punk, Matt stryker, and Kurt angle. even the undertaker has had a match against big show for his ECW world title.

ECW is not what it used to be. from all the old footage i've seen (the barbed wire match between sabu and terry funk) it's not extreme anymore. I saw the pay-per-view one night stand and loved it. "if that's what ECW is, then i'm tuning in for it." i said. i only got to see the first 3 matches (Jerry lawler VS tazz, Sabu VS Rey mysterio, and the 3 person tag team with edge, Foley, Lita, terry funk, tommy dreamer and that other woman. I can't remember her name) But that was all i needed to see to figure ECW was awesome.

All i got was an hour long show of pussy fighting and next to no divas.

People, WWE is more extreme than this. Watch that instead.
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i want new jack, rhyno, raven, the three-way dance now
David Statman3 December 2006
When ECW came back, i got so excited because i thought that new jack would come back. i watched the old ECW up until it folded and i was a huge fan of his. its good that they brought back dreamer, sandman and RVD but where the hell is new jack? i also thought beulah would come back since she was at one night stand. it would be cool to have rhyno and raven too because they could have raven vs. sandman again and rhyno's gore. I know it's pointless since they are in TNA. the old ECW is a shell of its old self without these guys and without the no-rules rules. the greatest match in in history is the three way dance, but they only had it at the 1st one night stand. in conclusion, the new ECW is a shell of its former self.
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Good Wrestling, but why these new freaks?
jts040512 August 2006
ECW is back and in prime form as ever. RVD, Sabu and others from the old are back in town. But why add Big Show, Kurt Angle, that stupid Mike Knox, Kelly's weird, Test, and Kevin ''Weirdo'' Thorn.

CM Punk is good and I like him, like someone on here said I thought he would have been a stiff on Heat, but ECW is his place. I really don't like how they have DQ now. That wasn't the old ECW at all. It was always extreme in every match on every night.

Tommy Dreamer and Sandman got beat by Test and Mike Knox, now that didn't make since. Dreamer and Sandman are originals, Knox and Test are idiots and fake extremists.

Why couldn't Sabu get the title or even Tommy Dreamer or Sandman?
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Bring Back ECW and Cancel NXT
rjones61112 March 2018
This is the best Wrestling Show ever created. Unfortunately it went to sh!t in 2010 but from 2006 to 2009 was pure awesomeness.
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Extreme letdown
Terryfan5 May 2015
After the success of the two ECW Extreme Championship Wrestling pay per views One Night Stand 2005 and 2006 the WWE decide to bring back the brand as it own promotion with in the WWE.

We would get a hour long program of ECW wrestling when we get the old days of steel chairs, tables, baseball bats, barbwire and so much that reminds us of the good old days of Extreme Championship Wrestling.

But hate to be the bearer of bad news this is not that at all not one bit.

This brand of "ECW" is a fair cry of what ECW used to be after watching the first episode there should have been a red flag because it clearly wasn't the ECW those who were lucky enough to see ECW in it heyday

This ECW pretty much destroy the legacy of what Extreme Championship Wrestling was

Do yourself a favor and watch the original ECW footage not this ECW this is not extreme
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Heyman needs to take over again
gangstachaldo1414 December 2007
Wow this is the worst wrestling I've seen in my life. Vince should have let Heyman control ECW, but of course not, Vince is retarded, he thinks we'd rather see Big Titty V vs. Kane week after week and all of these ECW originals losing to people who should be jobbers instead of all matches no dq, crazy moves, blood, and weapons used as if their lives depended on it. Vince's problem is he cares about money more then wrestling fan loyalty. Heyman cared about the crowd, he didn't care if his company was in debt, the wrestlers did it for the fans, and so did Heyman. Vince thinks adding big umphs and dq's to ECW is going to raise ratings. I seriously deep down think Vince is purposely destroying ECW again, except really slowly. Little kids act like they know who Balls, Sandman, Dreamer, Funk, etc are. I can't stand seeing kids in an ECW crowd. Since when were DQ's a part of ECW, Vince has lost his **** mind. He fired Sabu for being late to a show and wearing Daivari's pants for one night, OMG WHAT WAS SABU THINKING!?!?! HE SHOULD BE FIRED!!! Seriously Vince get a life. I love how he wastes all of the good talent to get jack-offs like The Miz and Big Titty V pushes over them. Vince doesn't care about real wrestling fans, he knows that there are more kids and women then real wrestling fans and they love to see hero and villain characters over good wrestling matches and wrestlers with actual skill. I guarantee that 90% of today's ECW crowd probably think that Elijah Burke and John Morrison are horrible wrestlers, wrong they're just bad guys, they can wrestle very well. Too bad the crowd doesn't appreciate skill over character anymore. How can they turn Balls from a chair swinging freak to a teddy bear hugging, Kelly Kelly loving sweetheart. I seriously stopped watching ECW after that storyline, it just made me sick to my stomach being a long time loyal ECW fan. Vince needs to grow balls and realize that wrestlers don't join wrestling without thinking they're risking injuries, you can't ban moves and weapons because you're afraid your wrestlers are going to be hurt. That's the name of the game, wrestling is meant to be a physical sport to hurt one another until one can't go on anymore. I saw Dreamer lose to a gay kick that even the announcers weren't into but then when it was the 3 count they were like oh I guess it's over. It's more then obvious that Dreamer could have went on. If they can't get the hardcore style right, at least make match endings look effective and painful. This is not the ECW I remember and I highly don't recommend the new ECW to any long time loyal fan of the business, unless you want to see over-sized wrestlers that can't move, no weapons, ECW originals jobbing to queers like The Miz with a dropkick ending, etc. Only good thing about ECW today is CM Punk, Morrison, Burke, Benjamin and the ECW originals that are left when they're not jobbing. Besides that it's really horrible. Vince needs to jump off a cliff and shoot himself on the way down before landing on a spike for thinking this is what ECW is about.
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Decent Show
StraightEdge31610 August 2006
This show is decent all together, Its nothing like the old show so i don't think people should try compare it anymore because get this right, This is NOT E.C.W this new show is called WWE"s version of E.C.W owned by Vince McMahon.

I'm glad to see that the WWE are not totally destroying the old names of ECW because Sandman still goes out their as the old beer drinking, cane swinging hardcore icon but instead of being a Hardcore icon hes more like the hardcore enforcer that is beating respect into these young guns that try disrespect ECW, Rob Van Dam and Sabu still go out and kick ass in the main event, Paul Heymen works on screen but also behind the camera where he tries to write the best show possible with the boss Vince looking over his shoulder, Theirs also Balls Mahoney who's in store for a push as well as Tommy Dreamer who's back with his heart and soul of ECW character.

As well as those guys ECW scored big when the greatest wrestler in the WWE today Kurt Angle was drafted over, Straight Edge C.M Punk has finally debuted and looks to be ready to kick some ass and The Big Show is doing fine in his monster heel character Overall this is a pretty good show, WWE have found a better way to book a one hour show than TNA and if your in the mood for some hot women, tough wrestlers, great matches and a bunch of entertaining story lines then switch over to Sci Fi and give E.C.W a chance because you wont be disappointed.
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