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The Best is Yet to Come
usdzack16 April 2007
Among the group of short films screened at the Sacramento International Film Festival, The Counter stood out in a class by itself, by far outshining the other short films in all areas. It's not surprising to find that this film has garnered critical acclaim throughout the festival circuit.

The production values, acting, and direction all stood out as strengths. The story was engaging; the ability of this film to take the viewer through a range of emotions and make the audience think was superb, especially in such a short time frame. It's clear that we can expect great things from Ms. Wagner as her career unfolds.
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Totally Awesome
kevinkidd11 April 2007
Lauren took a wee bit of time and created a powerful statement. Standing up for what you believe in takes more than just guts and bravery. It takes a strong will and lots of heart along with knowledge that what your doing is not just something to do, but rather something that must be done!

Every time I watch this short, and yes I've seen it more them once, I get chills up and down my arms and at the same time, I tend to be ashamed about what went on during that period of time.

The use of the contrasting whiteness of the milk against the darkness of skin just add a super effect in the black and white scene.

I'm ready to go a see it again!
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A Work of Art (and Heart) from A Great Young Filmmaker
maggiemetzker11 April 2007
I caught "The Counter" at the Sacramento International Film Fest, and just had to write about it here. Ms. Wagner's writing and directorial style has attention to detail and truth well beyond her years. I have never been so blown away in under 15 minutes! This is a film beautifully conceived and executed, certainly worthy of all the awards it has garnered. The acting is consistently superb. The set is beautiful and true. Costuming is meaningful and very well-done. Makeup is excellent. Editing is so near perfection that I could not find anyplace where I said to myself "Oh, I would have done it this way instead..." I look forward to seeing more from Lauren Wagner.
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