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MTV's Funniest Parody
Furious_Fenner23 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The MTV movie awards always tend to show short parodies, or spoofs, of a film that was popular during that year. The use of footage from the film itself is spliced with cameos from comedians and centres around the host/hosts is some way. Previous films lampooned include The Mummy, Se7en and Castaway. This one, in my opinion is the funniest.

Basic plot involves Justin Timberlake and Sean William Scott trying to get into their apartment, but being sucked into the Matrix due to the intervention of the key-maker (Randall Duk Kim amusingly reprises his role from the film). They then travel to a number of Matrix Reloaded set pieces and interact with real characters.

One of the highlights is the meeting Neo has with the oracle, as although footage of Keanu Reeves' hero are used, the oracle is replaced by Wanda Sykes responding to Neo's lines and also the appearance of Timberlake eg. "Hey, your that boy from N-Sync!". The lines are put together so well it is ultimately hilarious. Also notable is the appearance of Andy Dick (a regular is such shows) as a clubber at the rave in Xion culminating in: "Morpheus is having a massive Orgy at his place tonight, at least that's what many of us have heard" to which the in-film Morpheus announces "It is true what many of you have heard". The appearance of Will Ferrell as the architect, better known as Larry is truly wonderful and the interaction/non-interaction with Neo in the scene is side splitting.

All in all, a hilarious send up that is by far and away MTV's best lampoon. 9/10
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TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews10 April 2009
This is featured on the second DVD on the 2-Disc release of The Matrix Reloaded. It is a fantastic send-up, and I say that as a big fan of the franchise. This takes a couple of specific, very recognizable scenes and with a mix of, at times, incredibly spot-on points about the actual content of the sequences and regular jokes, many of which are based on taking the seriousness out of them. William Scott and Timberlake are both pretty good, Andy isn't bad, Sykes is great and Ferrell, in my opinion, is the strongest source of laughs in this. This is put together of newly shot material and clips from the film, and it tends to be convincingly edited and composited. This is just about ten minutes long. This is well-written and executed equally well. I would say that this can be enjoyed even if you don't care for the specific people performing in it. The jokes vary, in quality as well as type, including sexual ones, and a little gross-out comedy. The delivery seldom lets down. There is language, moderate to harsh, and for how short it is, there is arguably a lot. I recommend this to any fan of the series, and/or of the actors involved in this. 8/10
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