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Scandal Recap: The Mother Of All Twists — Plus: The Kennedy Assassination Solved?!

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Scandal Recap: The Mother Of All Twists — Plus: The Kennedy Assassination Solved?!
This week on ABC’s Scandal, Lisa Kudrow stepped into the spotlight yet it was Olivia who eyed a comeback, while the dark, dark truth about Operation Remington came to light.

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We Got Pope’D! | With the reelection machine revving up, Cyrus and Mellie court Leo Bergen, a top-shelf campaign manager, (played by Private Practice‘s Paul Adelstein) to keep Fitz in office. Leo, though, isn’t shy to list Potus’ liabilities — including but by no means limited to his “My Wife’s a Frigid Shrew Problem.
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The Voice fourth live show: live blog

Artists from Team Danny and Team Jessie sing live

Hello, and welcome to another preposterously early The Voice liveblog. This time, the show has been moved forward so it doesn't clash with the Champions League final, even though a) there probably isn't much overlap between the two audiences and b) they still clash anyway. But never mind.

Anyway, after four acts were eliminated last week (I can't remember which ones, but neither of them were Ruth Brown or Jaz Ellington so it probably doesn't matter), we're back with Team Jessie and Team Danny tonight. These, you'll remember, are the teams that don't include Ruth Brown or Jaz Ellington, so there's probably not much point watching. But still watch it anyway. Watch it for me. I can't do this alone. Love me.

You know how these work by now - I'll spend the next couple of hours struggling to describe the
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'Two and a Half Men' Deal with "Forty Dollars" Tonight

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Last week we saw the sixth season premiere of Two and a Half Men, which stars Charlie Sheen as the bachelor whose life turns upside down when his newly separated brother Alan (Jon Cryer) and his son Jake (Angus T. Jones) move into his pad. The premiere followed Charlie as he encountered a former lover whose son looks a lot like him. He soon got worked up by the possibility that the kid was his, considering that he saw himself as the most eligible bachelor in Malibu.

Tonight, the fun continues with Episode 6.02, titled “Forty Dollars.”

Fans will get another fun night of laughter as Charlie borrows money from Alan on the day he is supposed to pay him back. Alan asks Charlie for the money, but finds his brother in bed with a beautiful woman instead. Charlie pushes Alan away and promises to get the money for him later in the day.
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