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Meeting the Robots that become Headmasters and Targetmasters

Author: RamRichards
5 August 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The positives: Great action and story. Good for kids and families to watch. Optimus and Galvatron are like the 'with' and 'and' of robots, not taking up too much time for new transformers. Snapdragon is a bada$$ who carries three autobots with it in their first conflict on Nebulon, and tries to eat Arcee and Daniel. Apeface and Mindwipe are the Dr. McCoy and Spock of evil Decepticons. Cyclonus (the targetmasters inventor), Scourge, Brainstorm (co-headmaster founder with Spike), Hardhead, Highbrow, Kup, Blurr, and Hot Rod are well-developed characters. Some heads and guns, Spike, Daniel, Gort, Zarak, Nightstick, and Krunk are given the brunt of conversation and develop their characters through their actions.

The negatives: If Sixshot is supposed to be so strong and tough, why come after he proclaims the Aerialbots are up and down do they continue to fight for the next two episodes. There really wasn't a use for Optimus in this, Magnus could have occupied his role, Springer Magnus's, and Hot Rod as Rodimus.

In the middle: Weirdwolf, Chromedome, Skullcruncher, Misfire, Slugslinger, Sureshot, Crosshairs, Pointblank, and Snapdragon don't say anything or nearly anything. Barely anything is said by a lot of Autobot and Decepticon heads and guns. It's the problem with adding about 50 new characters in one season to sell a toyline. Maybe it should have been the headmasters in 87-88 and the targetmasters in 88-89.

Overall: It feels like such a letdown not to see more episodes following with this miniseries but it is hugely exciting and action-packed without being too dark and violent, lowbrow and cynical like the movie or today's cartoons.

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