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Not that good, not that bad

Author: Santiago Aguado ( from Spain
8 September 2006

I bought this game for PS2 two days ago, and I've almost finished it. As you could have guessed it's very easy, but it's also very entertaining. I miss some of the spirit of the movie, you don't play any of the scenes of the film, just the plot holes (the robbery, finding the stones, etc), and furthermore, of the full cast only Michael Madsen (mr. blonde) appears in voice and likeness.

The game has some kind of counter that rates your way of dealing with the game (from psycho to professional) and depending on it you'll get an ending or another. So you will be willing to play in order to get the three endings.

As a brief, it's a good game but it's not as good as the movie.

PS: Excuse me for my awful English

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Probably one of the best movie to video games going

Author: sovvolf from United Kingdom
6 July 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

People gave this game a bad review that it doesn't deserve. I mean sure its not the best game in the world but it doesn't try to be. The game just fulls in the holes that the movie didn't. But this probably one of the best movie to video game ever. Most movies to video games usually change the plot of the movie to fit in a couple more guards to fight or add a new boss into the game. This game doesn't change a thing. It keeps the plot were it is and just lets you play the things that you didn't see in the movie because it was off screen. Now they are some problems like only Madison being their the game-play alittle off and short game-play. No games are perfect but this at least stays true to the plot and is the only action game i know were you can complete the game without killing any one or firing a bullet

Summary: Probably one of the best movie to video games going 7/10

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Eh, it's okay.

Author: quentintarantinojr from United States
28 December 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Pros: Psycho/Professional choices: Be a cool act or a crazy killer! Sweet! Mr. Pink's, Eddie's, and Mr. Orange's voice impersonations: Sure, they look almost nothing like Chris Penn, Steve Buscemi, or Tim Roth, but they sound closer than the other guys (except, of course, Blonde). And since while playing them you don't see their faces, it almost doesn't matter.

Mr. Brown's Level: Rather than penultimate, this should have been the final level. I found it difficult to maneuver through the street with red splats constantly popping up and a six minute timer.

Weaponry: It is frickin' awesome! Machine guns, MAC 10's, shotguns, etc.

Michael Madsen and Mr. Blonde: It's excellent that of the eight (nine, counting Marvin Nash) original cast members, we get tough guy "psycho" Mr. Blonde. And, if you judge by the levels you play the characters in, in my opinion, Mr. Blonde's are easily the best (Pink's still my favorite film character, though.) The defiance of the citizens: Like, I suspect, in a real robbery, the scared pedestrians will try and play "hero" running for the alarms or, if you order them around too much, pouting and refusing to move on your command. It almost makes you laugh to think of scaring the crap out of them like that (they're just video game characters after all).

Driving conversations: Your driving as Mr. Brown, you've been shot in the head, and about a minute into the level, you start on a story to White and Orange about being caught up in traffic because of a Mafia funeral procession. God bless the mindless conversation.

K-Billy's super sounds of the 70's: Listen to "Coconut" while shooting down a police helicopter. You don't like it? You can change the station.

Alternate Endings: Being a "Psycho," "Professional," or "Career Criminal" will earn you a different fate for Mr. Pink. You can go back through and earn all three.

Cons: Last Level: You start out confronting dozens of cops, no potential hostages. After that, you enter an ally and find your only civilian hostage opportunity, and if she escapes, twelve more cops on your hands. You then enter a building through the fire exit, walk down the hall, and your done. Sort of difficult, but TOO FRICKIN' SHORT!!! Animation and character design: The in-between movies look pretty crappy, and Joe looks like he's twelve! Brown, Blue, and White all have the same basic look: chubby and young.

Mr. Pink's dialog: I know he talked like this in the film, but every other command involves the "F-word," and it gets annoying hearing his nasally voice screaming that out.

Marvin Nash: Could they at least given him some hair! Not Psycho Enough: My big problem with this has been in driving levels: you can shoot every other car you pass by, and you may still get "career criminal" rating for not destroying enough of them.

No Hard Setting: You can only choose Normal or Easy settings, and this is a fairly easy-to-beat game. Players who complete "Normal," find all blueprints, and unlock the three endings will be disappointed.

In short, it's fun while it lasts and that deserves some credit.

7/10 C

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Its A Good Game, Fans Wont Be Disappointed

Author: don_logan from United States
6 November 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

****For those who haven't the film please STOP Reading**** This game when first hearing of it thought it was going to be another play the film kinda of game. But it isn't. This just explains some of things that the characters discussed in the classic film. Such questions that are answered include what happened to Mr.Blue, did Mr.Pink get away with the diamonds, how did Mr. Blonde get out and with the cop and much more. For people who'd want a little more clarity and would like to play as all of the Dogs this is the perfect opportunity.

As the tech stuff goes the game play is fine, easy to control and what not but what ticks me off are the movie sequences in between the chapters. They look a little fuzzy and the characters don't look or sound similar to the original actors with the exception of Mr. Blonde.The graphics are fine nothing bothered me about it except comparing the look of the characters to the actors. I recognized Jack Mcgee's(Chief Riley on Rescue Me) voice portraying Mr.White who doesn't even sound close to Harvey Keitel's. In the game you could do cool stuff during the missions like when you try to run from the cops you can use by standers or cops as hostages and order cops to surrender or he/she gets it kinda deal and every character has a signature move which when you apply it on a cop or by stander, the camera pans up and to the right or to the left like the scene in the movie where Mr.Blonde cuts the cop's ear off.I also found the levels done in cars stupid. I thought those were pointless and made the game more like GTA rather than Max Payne kind game.

To sum up its a good game, plenty of shooting,blood and fun.Fans will enjoy it but might be ticked off by its lack of realism towards the film. I wonder if the answers provided where Tarantino's idea. When they developed the game they also had his script to rip stuff off from. Anyway if you have never seen the movie please watch it and then play the game it will seem a lot more fun and cooler if you are a new fan to Reservoir Dogs. Go out and buy it its $30 if you don't want to take the risk then just rent it. --don_logan--

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Not worth £2

Author: TenPart from United Kingdom
15 September 2006

This game is actual garbage! I rented it from my local game store with a grin on my face thinking I hope it's as good as the movie, as you play in what would be the plot holes. Well I install the game and was shocked at what I got for my £2 for renting the game for the night. For starters the game controls are near pathetic, the graphics on the game are obsolete, and the game play is terrible. When you play the first level and you've played them all! The developers added crappy driving levels into it (maybe to try and make the game more interesting) but that's even worse. The way the car handles is shockingly bad the slightest tap on the handbrake and a direction button and you skid 90 degrees. One feature on the driving aspect is that you can shoot while driving and run over a couple innocent pedestrians.

Now on to a feature that seems to be popping up in a lot of games lately… slow motion! Or "Bullet festival" as they call it. Once you have enough adrenaline from killing cops or hostages you can enter this mode to activate that particular player's special ability (basically a short animation of them combing their hair or throwing a cigar away) and enter slow motion. With this on you can shoot multiple times into several cops or whoever at once and avoid getting injured yourself. Once the adrenaline has runs out you can see your victims get hit and fall down dead. But again once you seen one cop go down you've seen them all.

Not having the voices of the original cast hindered the game play and cut scenes. Only having ONE! Member of the cast was pointless. (That's a personal feeling I don't know what you other gamers would think of this fact) To sum up my little review of this game: If you're a fan of the movie and you want everything that has got something to do with it then this game is worth buying but only at a low cost. If you fancy just having a fun time killing cops and hostages your better off playing any GTA game.

Who can I speak to… about getting my £2 back!!!

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Horrible, but almost amazing.

Author: gus26 from United States
13 June 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I loved the way this movie began. Mr. Orange is shot and he's with Mr. White so you aren't sure whether to exclude them on your list of suspects or to make them the first ones on your list.

The movie goes back and forth between the events before the job and after. They never actually show the job, which is disappointing but I would have still given it 7-8 stars.

The ending, like many other almost-amazing movies, is what ruins it. Mr. White, the boss, Eddie, and Mr. Orange get into a gun fight. They're all shot and Eddie and the Boss die. MR. White is holding Mr. Orange when Mr. Orange confesses to be a cop. At this point I was laughing hysterically. Terrible movie. sigh* but almost amazing.

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Entertaining....for a minute

Author: Exeron from Sweden
11 August 2007

So i start to play the game, so far so good, the characters look ugly but what the hey. And the game gets worse for every part. First of all i haven't seen the movie but i hope it's a lot better than this game. The game was over violent-ed (brains flowing out) and very short. I don't even understand why they made it, i would expect something in GTA style, free roam and theft auto. But no this was as stupid stick to the story game , which is pretty boring if the story..well: SUCKS! If you are so desperate to play this game then: Download (wich is illegal so i wouldn't recommend it), Buy it for a ridiculous cheap price (it's not worth more). OR download a demo so you can feel how bad it is before you spend your money on it.

5/10 Worst license game ever!

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