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Life After Kojima: Where can ‘Metal Gear’ go from here?

9 October 2015 4:42 PM, PDT | SoundOnSight | See recent SoundOnSight news »

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain marked what could possibly be the final Metal Gear game with Hideo Kojima’s involvement. However, Konami has stated that the Metal Gear franchise is far from over. That’s right, the universe of Metal Gear will live on and not just in pachinko form. But where could Konami take the series after The Phantom Pain. While a lot of ends have been tied in the series since V released, here are a few ideas on where Metal Gear can go in future installments.

If you’re still running off that Phantom Pain steam, how about another open world, base building game. Konami could finish the Big Boss arc once and for all as there is still more story to be told about the final days of the legendary mercenary. While The Phantom Pain dealt with Big Boss’ lust for revenge building Diamond Dogs »

- Ryan Espinoza

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Video Game Review: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

9 October 2015 1:08 PM, PDT | FamousMonsters of Filmland | See recent Famous Monsters of Filmland news »

As what seems to be the final game (at least with Kojima) for Metal Gear series, we head straight into our Metal Gear Marathon. Rather than start with Metal Gear and work our way up, I thought it would be more interesting to start off with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and then go back to the beginning to see how it all holds up.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this past month, you probably already know the game has been considered Hideo Kojima‘s critically and commercially acclaimed magnum opus. But is it as great as all the hype makes it out to be?

Well… yes. In gameplay, that is.

Every major Metal Gear game has pushed the boundaries of their generation’s gameplay, and Mgsv is no exception. Its mechanics, from hiding to shooting to even riding on horseback, is groundbreaking in every way. »

- Andrew Hudson

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First Details From Konami On Next Metal Gear Solid Project

5 October 2015 9:04 AM, PDT | Obsessed with Film | See recent Obsessed with Film news »


After Konami went ahead and licensed a Silent Hill-themed pachinko gambling machine, it was only a matter of time before they started porting across every last one of their beloved franchises.

As such, thanks to a patent that’s been filed, Kotaku are reporting Metal Gear Solid is next on the production line. Not only is the name ‘Metal Gear’ trademarked, but ‘Big Boss’ is in there too – meaning there’s a 99% chance we’re getting a big ol’ soulless Pachinko machine with Big Boss’ mug slapped on the front.

Kotaku have translated part of the patent from its original Japanese source, noting that it “covers video games, board games, smartphone games, medal games, slot machines, pachinko machines, etc.”

Essentially, this is going to mean more Metal Gear games on the way in a far more consistent manner than when Hideo Kojima was at the helm. Instead, expect »

- Scott Tailford

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From the Man Who Sold the World: Hideo Kojima’s goodbye to ‘Metal Gear’ and that controversial third ending

3 October 2015 11:36 PM, PDT | SoundOnSight | See recent SoundOnSight news »

In case the title didn’t tip you off, please note that this article will contain full spoilers for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about how Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain‘s story stacks up against other entries in the series. It’s not difficult to see why. As possibly the final Metal Gear Solid game, and certainly the final one by its creator and mastermind, Hideo Kojima, Mgsv bears the significant weight of being the last true game in a series which has the prescience of being one of the first to offer mature and involving storylines in gaming.

Back in 1998, there weren’t a lot of places you could go in this industry that might even give you believable characterizations or a well-realized narrative. The original Metal Gear Solid managed to accomplish both, even as it »

- Mike Worby

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16 Most Ridiculous Wtf Moments In Metal Gear Solid History

29 September 2015 9:39 AM, PDT | Obsessed with Film | See recent Obsessed with Film news »


If there’s any one game that embodies the general notion of “What the holy f**k was that?!”, it’s Metal Gear.

Before this list gets underway I have to point out everything within is said with the utmost love and reverence for the source material as possible. Mgs damn-near changed the world as the first Hollywood-level blockbuster gamers had ever got their hands on, and from then on out creator Hideo Kojima has released consistent masterpiece after consistent masterpiece, the end result being one of the most enjoyably convoluted and bat-poop ridiculous cavalcades of overblown characters and plot twists in gaming history.

Like every artistically-minded creator who dares to dream, they pride themselves on pushing the boat out, and although 1998’s Metal Gear Solid tends to be the most immediately recognisable, not 13 years prior Kojima was straight-up inventing the stealth genre by accident.

What started as out-the-box »

- Scott Tailford

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‘Metal Gear Solid V’: From tight corridors to open worlds

22 September 2015 5:32 PM, PDT | SoundOnSight | See recent SoundOnSight news »

Metal Gear Solid has traditionally been about successive corridors, lengthy cinematics, and narrative inertia. Each military compound, ruined city, or virgin forest would lead to the next and players would run or crawl or tiptoe headlong into an epic finale. Environments would be interactive and dense with secrets, but they would also be small and the connections between them straightforward. Players would feel trapped, stuck to a conveyor belt. Which was thematically apt because the protagonists were always pawns, susceptible to betrayal. Metal Gear Solid investigated what freedom and agency mean in designed products like video games, long before the theme became fashionable after Portal and The Stanley Parable.

Now we have The Phantom Pain. Our hero, Venom Snake, no longer takes orders from anyone. He’s his own Big Boss! And so the game naturally opens up. Vast terrains, humid grasslands, and sandy mountains; dozens of bite-sized missions that »

- Guido Pellegrini

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V Has Come To: Concerning ‘Mgsv’ and the year’s best opening sequence

19 September 2015 11:21 AM, PDT | SoundOnSight | See recent SoundOnSight news »

A great opening can really set the tone for any piece of art. Whether it be a films first scene or an albums initial track, the opening will be the first thing you engage with in an artists work, and as such, it has the potential to be the most important part of the package. This is certainly true of the opening of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, director/designer/writer/producer Hideo Kojima’s final piece of his acclaimed Metal Gear saga.

The opening in question is a masterwork of excitement and emotion, and a fantastic example of how to engage the player right from the start. Beginning with Big Boss awakening from his coma, set brilliantly to David Bowie’s “The Man Who Sold the World”, Mgsv fades in on a blurry first person point of view as Snake comes to and is introduced to his »

- Mike Worby

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Metal Gear Solid V: Story vs Gameplay

19 September 2015 8:50 AM, PDT | Flickeringmyth | See recent Flickeringmyth news »

Samuel Brace on Metal Gear Solid V and story vs gameplay…

It’s been seven long years since Metal Gear Solid 4, five since Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker — a game while magnificent, that is often forgotten about for its lack of a number — causing fans of the franchise to yearn for the next entry in Hideo Kojima’s espionage series of magical realism. Through all the trouble and drama between Kojima-san and his employer (developer Konami), the game finally released earlier this month and was met with critical applause, overwhelmingly so. The only detractors it seems come for its story and its sporadic nature, chopped up episodically and inserted between dense gameplay. In the eyes of a quite vocal set of fans, this inaccessibility is a big problem, but is it really? Did Kojima and Konami drop the ball on the main element that the series is known for »

- Samuel Brace

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Report: Konami To Cease Aaa Game Production On All Franchises Bar Pro Evolution Soccer

18 September 2015 2:01 PM, PDT | We Got This Covered | See recent We Got This Covered news »

The release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain may have brought an end to the longrunning saga between parent company Konami and esteemed developer Hideo Kojima – who is set to depart the company, along with his core staff, before the year’s end – but that isn’t the only major change occurring behind the scenes at the Japanese publisher.

French outlet Gameblog first picked up the report, before Eurogamer verified that talk of Konami winding down its Aaa operations were indeed accurate. Adding to the mounting evidence was reputable video game composer Rika Muranaka, who has worked on both Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania throughout the ages and took to Twitter to express her own disappointment.

Yes….it’s pretty sad…now, I can’t write music to any of Aaa games..well, I need to find another Aaa game company

Rika Muranaka »

- Michael Briers

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Ranking All Of Metal Gear Solid’s Boss Battles From Worst To Best

15 September 2015 2:22 AM, PDT | Obsessed with Film | See recent Obsessed with Film news »


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has been out in the wild for enough time now that most fans will have at least plowed their way through the core story, though given how much Hideo Kojima has given players to do, perhaps not. The game for the most part doesn’t come with traditional health bar-driven boss fights, but instead opts to give more power to the player in deciding how to engage in (or perhaps avoid) a given fight.

Even so, it’s clear to see what the game’s major encounters are, and as such they’ve been included in our comprehensive breakdown of all 48 boss fights throughout the five core Metal Gear Solid games, because with the franchise’s future very much in doubt right now, what better time?

Though not every fight is especially memorable and some are down-right agonising, on the whole Kojima »

- Jack Pooley

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Metal Gear Solid: Ranking The Series From Worst To Best

13 September 2015 11:23 AM, PDT | Obsessed with Film | See recent Obsessed with Film news »

Konami/Kojima Productions

It’s all over. Finally, after a 28 year stint that’s seen more intersecting and overlapping plotlines than the Lost writing room waste paper basket, creator Hideo Kojima has put out his last instalment in the legendary Metal Gear Solid on September 1st, 2015.

The Phantom Pain has seen mostly positive reviews thanks to some of the finest gameplay the franchise has seen yet, but a number of behind-the-scenes issues sadly plague its retail state, stemming from a huge amount of corporate interference from Konami when it came to crunching deadlines in various ways to get the game on shelves.

Still, like the seams of a perfectly knitted garment, if you’re not looking for them, you can’t tell; and regardless, it’s a far better tact to think back on the series as a whole now we can definitively say it’s come to an end. »

- Scott Tailford

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Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain – 10 Fan Theories That Save The Ending

12 September 2015 8:26 AM, PDT | Obsessed with Film | See recent Obsessed with Film news »


Okay, you should already know an article about the ending of Metal Gear Solid V is going to contain spoilers, but for those of you unlucky enough to accidentally click the wrong link: this list is going to be brimming with end-game discussion for Kojima’s latest. Like, huge, huge spoilers. Like, for the love of god if you haven’t played the game through to episode 46 then you’ve only got yourself to blame-type stuff.

All sorted? Without further ado…

Metal Gear Solid V released with big britches to fill. Hyped up for years after a wealth of mystery reveals, the fifth entry into the main franchise was marketed as the “missing link” in the saga, a game said to hold a story that would fill in all the gaps between Peace Walker and the original Metal Gear.

However, the actual game’s narrative is less the fan-service, »

- Josh Brown

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Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain – 10 Huge Problems Nobody Wants To Admit

11 September 2015 5:50 AM, PDT | Obsessed with Film | See recent Obsessed with Film news »


Here’s the thing; I love Metal Gear. It’s the franchise that helped bring about the most direct silver screen comparisons for gaming as a medium, and not only did it offer a story with more twists and turns than Doc Ock falling down the stairs, but it exceeded all expectations regardless of how hyped you were before release.

Come Mgs 2 and Hideo Kojima was given even more creative control, polarising fans with ‘the Raiden twist’ that’s now gone down in infamy, alongside developing one of the most over-the-top and ridiculous storylines in the history of gaming. Honestly though? I loved that. You need guys like Kojima to put out games that purposefully go against the grain, making a point to be as ridiculous and asinine as possible in the name of entertainment.

Above all, gaming desperately needs more auteurs like Kojima, Ken Levine, Tim Schafer etc. »

- Scott Tailford

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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Review

10 September 2015 12:16 PM, PDT | We Got This Covered | See recent We Got This Covered news »

Even at the age of seven, I knew I had stumbled onto something special.

Like most kids at a young age, I never found myself in a position to have any say on what direction video games would take in our house. With an older brother who also played games, and a father who did some of his own scouting, I was often left at the mercy of other people’s decisions when it came to what games and consoles we would buy.

In the early years, we were a Nintendo family. This made sense of course, as the original Nintendo Entertainment System trounced the competitors. Throughout the years, my family stuck with the Big N, complemented by Sega’s hardware up until their demise, with Microsoft and their Xbox line quickly picking up the slack.

By now you’ve probably realized that that Sony hasn’t been mentioned, and for good reason. »

- Shaan Joshi

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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Infiltrates Top Spot In UK Charts To Become Biggest Launch In Series

7 September 2015 7:15 AM, PDT | We Got This Covered | See recent We Got This Covered news »

Official figures revealed by retail analyst Chart-Track have confirmed that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain not only entered the UK charts at number one, but Hideo Kojima’s final installment also launched to higher sales than any other entry in the prestigious stealth franchise.

According to the data released, The Phantom Pain beat opening week sales of 2001’s Sons of Liberty by around 37 per cent, though it failed to emulate the week-one figures achieved by Batman: Arkham Knight and The Witcher III: Wild Hunt - in the UK, at least. That makes Kojima’s stealth masterclass the third biggest launch of 2015, allowing Big Boss’ latest adventure to easily outmuscle fellow newcomer Mad Max, which settled for this week’s silver trophy.

Here’s the top ten listings in full per Chart-Track.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

Mad Max

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition

Until Dawn

Disney »

- Michael Briers

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Hideo Kojima Offers A Word Of Advice For Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Fans

4 September 2015 1:59 PM, PDT | We Got This Covered | See recent We Got This Covered news »

Setting aside the flailing online servers, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is very much the game of the moment, with the industry at large enthralled by Big Boss’ trek to Afghanistan and beyond. Whether you’re a series stalwart or a newcomer to Hideo Kojima’s idiosyncratic (read: bat-shit insane) franchise, the controls and complex gameplay systems can take some time getting used to. But what better way to learn than from the creator himself?

Taking to Twitter, Kojima offered a word of advice for those who are pouring hours into the stealth sequel.

[Please] take a break time to time as this free infiltration exhausts you if playing for a long time. Go back to [Mother Base] between main missions, take a walk, or do the silly Side Ops to get mind reset.

Later in the week, the esteemed developer – who is to leave Konami later this year following almost »

- Michael Briers

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Metal Gear Solid V story remains incomplete

3 September 2015 2:49 PM, PDT | Flickeringmyth | See recent Flickeringmyth news »

Spoilers Ahead! Be aware the following article remains spoiler free but the embedded video has Massive spoilers. Watch at your own risk!

In what appears to be an odd move from publisher Konami and developer Kojima Productions, the exclusive Collector’s Edition Blu-ray containing behind the scenes footage and a insight into the making of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has revealed the true ending to the game, wrapping up a major plot point that as it stands remains unresolved.

The video on YouTube below has been taken from the Blu-ray for all to see, and includes the final 6 missions in the game which could not be finished due to either time constraints or the game running out of funding, reasons which at this point aren’t clear. The clip shows a series of concept art images of scenes that where never created in the Fox Engine as »

- Gary Collinson

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Online Problems Continue In Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Konami Issues Response

3 September 2015 10:01 AM, PDT | We Got This Covered | See recent We Got This Covered news »

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has barely been on store – and indeed digital – shelves for a week and already many are holding it up as one of the very best releases of the year thus far. A perfect swan song, then, ahead of Hideo Kojima’s departure from Konami.

As one would expect, the vast majority of this praise has been aimed in the direction of the sequel’s sprawling single-player campaign, given that Konami along with Kojima Productions opted to delay the online portion of The Phantom Pain until October. However, there are still a handful of online features in the title that have been beleaguered with server problems since the game launched on Tuesday, September 1.

More News From The Web

Taking to Twitter to acknowledge the technical hiccups, Konami assured early adopters that the company was working to remedy the issues, which has led the development »

- Michael Briers

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Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain – 15 Easter Eggs, References & Secrets You Must Find

3 September 2015 2:18 AM, PDT | Obsessed with Film | See recent Obsessed with Film news »


After a wait that seemed like it would never end, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is finally out in the wild, and unsurprisingly, it’s scooping up the year’s best reviews so far, confirming its widely-expected status as a masterful re-imagining of the classic franchise.

In every previous Mgs game, series creator Hideo Kojima has taken evident delight in including eccentric Easter eggs and nods to prior games, usually blink-and-you’ll-miss-it asides that someone else will have to point out to you. The Phantom Pain is no different, and with a 50+ hour run-time making it easily the meatiest game of the lot, there are surely plenty of secrets that still remain undiscovered amid this brilliantly immense open world.

Note that while we’ve deliberately avoided mentioning any specific spoilers, there will be very vague references to a few later events in the game, so please proceed »

- Jack Pooley

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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain PS4 review

2 September 2015 7:16 PM, PDT | Den of Geek | See recent Den of Geek news »

It's probably the last Metal Gear we'll see from Hideo Kojima, so can The Phantom Pain send his legendary series out in style?

As hard as it may be, I'm going to put aside all of the ridiculous events of late revolving around Konami and Kojima. After all, it doesn't matter how much Konami tries to remove Kojima and his studio's name from the series, Metal Gear has, and always will be Hideo Kojima's creation. That said, let's focus on Metal Gear Solid V itself, the finale of the Metal Gear saga, and I don't mind saying so right away, one of the best games of the year.

Events take place directly after Ground Zeroes. Well, maybe not right after, as you'll find out from the prologue, which is a truly spectacular opening. Here the game cleverly introduces various elements, and it's much less fourth wall-breaking than the usual Metal Gear instruction. »

- aaronbirch

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