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  • The Cairn's life seems to be a harmonic family: The father Brad works as a stockbroker, his wife Abby takes care of their common new-born daughter Lily, and the 9-year-old Joshua is high-talented. But the appearances are deceptive. Joshua becomes gradual jealously, that his parents give the baby more attention than him. Therefore he begins to terrorize his family.

    - Written by RSaVLSG
  • In Manhattan, the successful stockbroker Brad Cairn and his beautiful wife Abby are celebrating their newborn daughter Lily in their new fancy apartment with Brad's mother Hazel and Abby's brother, the artist Ned Davidoff. Their extremely intelligent and talented nine year-old son Joshua is feeling neglected and jealous of Lily, trying to attract more attention from his parents and relatives. When the baby is nineteen days old, she starts to uninterruptedly crying, driving Abby to a nervous breakdown. Meanwhile the family's dog dies and Brad asks for vacation to stay with Lily and Joshua. When Joshua goes to the museum with his grandmother and Lily, Brad accidentally watches a videotape in his camera and finds Joshua forcing Lily to cry. Brad runs to the museum and he sees Joshua with Hazel in the top of the stairs and in the next moment Hazel dropping down the stairs and dying. Brad concludes that Joshua pushed Hazel and is hurting Lily but the evidences show another reality.

    - Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • The arrival of a newborn girl causes the gradual disintegration of the Cairn family; particularly for 9-year-old Joshua (Kogan), an eccentric boy whose proper upbringing and refined tastes both take a sinister turn.

    - Written by Anonymous


The movie centers around the lives of Brad Cairn and Abby Cairn, an affluent young stockbroker and his wife...

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