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(bad) American teen slasher rip-off
Sam1 July 2017
This Austrian made slasher is nothing more than a rip-off of popular American slasher movies, like "Friday the 13th" or "I know what you did last summer" (this one was clearly a example for this one here). And like "I know what.." it's pretty bad and not really worth a watch, well, maybe if you wanna see how Austrians do it, go for it. For me the only thing really worth mentioning is the landscape, which looks really nice, it's set in a beautiful Austrian village surrounded by mountains, and the FX are pretty good and bloody, but it's just not enough of them. And for me a a Swiss person I also really like the Austrian language. And about the plot, not really worth mentioning, some plot holes here and there.
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Too generic for my taste
Warning: Spoilers
"In 3 Tagen bist du tot" is an Austrian horror film from 10 years ago and actually one of the most known movie from this genre from German-language territory. This does not make it a good film though. The writer and director is Andreas Prochaska and his movie here runs for slightly over 90 minutes, or slightly under if you don't count the credit sequence. You could certainly call it the Middle European take on "I Know What You Did Last Summer", but I think it is inferior. It is about a young woman and her friends who had a terrible accident in the past involving an innocent child and now, in the present, this accident comes back to haunt them, not in a supernatural form though. It is all about revenge.

Usually, about these films, they can work well in 2 different ways. The first would be that you actually care about the characters and hope they live because they are good people and likable. The second would be that they are so stupid and arrogant that you actually feel for the killer, which could be the case here because of the tragic background story. But neither of the two applied for me and this is why I did not enjoy the movie particularly. There were a couple moments that were decent, but there were also moments that were really bad and in which the characters acted in a truly idiotic manner. One of several examples would be when the boy points the gun at the killer at the end but stands there until he gets stabbed instead of firing one bullet after the other. I would love to say his sympathy made his reaction appropriate, but it just doesn't make any sense to me.

Apparently, audiences and Prochaska thought differently about this film and felt it deserved a sequel. I couldn't agree less. At least, the filmmaker managed to step up his craft recently with the pretty gritty revenge western "Das finstere Tal". In my opinion you should watch that one and not this film here. I do not recommend "Dead in 3 Days". Thumbs down.
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Teenagers so dumb that they simply deserve to die
the_wolf_imdb8 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
There is a horror in Austria. But it is not a quality horror movie as Austrians try to convince the surrounding world. It is the horror of incredible stupidity and ineptitude of the lead characters that makes the movie practically unwatchable.

Imagine all the bad clichés from the worst possible horror movies. Five teenagers versus one crazy lady, lady wins. The weakest character is equipped with gun but has zero skill or will to use it. Girlies running upstairs screaming. Absolutely random survivals. Super inept police. Zero logic everywhere. You know all these stupid things laughed in "Scream", except for nudity and fun.

The plot is totally boring. No fun. No even slightest surprising moments. No gore to speak of. Pretty much just a waste of time.

Three points for the nice surroundings of the lake. If you love the Austrian and German stories about nice people living in the mountains, you might enjoy it as this is slightly darker version of the same.
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Well made, but nothing special
loomis78-815-98903424 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Five friends fresh from graduating high school all get a text message saying they will be dead in 3 days. One by one this starts coming true with Martin (Laurence Rupp) being abducted and drown in the local lake. Nina (Reiter) finds his body and she is taken next from her home by the killer. She almost has the same fate but is rescued at the last moment. After another of the group dies in a gory death which ends in decapitation, the police want to know if the three of them were ever involved in anything in the past. They obviously lie and realize they were. A boy died in an accident many years ago and the group feels it could be his mother attempting revenge. Part slasher film, part mystery, this Austrian film has a fair amount of gore and a creepy killer until the reveal at the end. Everything is handled well by Director Andreas Prochaska and there is some suspense as well, still, the movie lacks punch and nothing is very memorable when it is over. You could do a lot worse than this if you are looking for a newer slasher film to feast on, there's just nothing here that stands out.
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Decent teen horror flick
TdSmth58 September 2012
5 friends just pass some grueling oral examination and graduate. At a party they all get the same SMS telling them that in 3 days they will be dead. And sure enough one of them is attacked and disappears. Two of the girls find him the next day drowned in the lake.

Another of the girls is later attacked, kidnapped, but with the help of another schoolmate who would like to join their clique she manages to escape. The schoolmate isn't that lucky. But at least she was able to see the face of the killer.

The police make a sketch and identify the killer she saw. It's someone who's been long dead. But the girl remembers something else. He's the father of a boy the kids new as children.

When 2 more kids are attacked finally the police tries to protect them. But they decide to go and investigate the house of the dead man where they find all sorts of secrets. In the end they confront the killer and the reasons are revealed.

Dead in 3 Days is a pretty decent Austrian horror movie. The kids are likable enough even though neither they nor the police act particularly rational given the circumstances. There is some good gore and it features the best use of a fish tank in a horror movie. Direction is good but there are some weaknesses as well- too many extreme closeups, the action is also filmed too close up that makes it hard to identify what is going on. Sounds effects are good but too loud.

Overall, an OK horror movie in a different setting and with an attractive and likable cast.
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Worthy slasher outing
Woodyanders9 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
A close-knit group of young adults become the target of a mysterious killer in a peaceful mountain lake hamlet. After receiving an ominous text message on their cell phones, the group starts to get bumped off by their stalker one by one. Directed with smooth assurance and real thrilling amped-up style by Andreas Prochaska (who also co-wrote the compact and efficient script with Thomas Baum), with a firm grounding in a certain bleakly plausible workaday reality, a steady pace, sharp and energetic cinematography by David Slama, a strong feeling of pervasive dread, brutal murder set pieces which are staged with genuine skill and flair (a ferocious sequence with one lass having her throat cut with glass and her head subsequently lobbed off rates as the definite gruesome highlight), a grimly serious take-no-prisoners tone, a moody skin-crawling score by Matthias Weber, a substantial amount of clammy suspense, a vivid depiction of the dreary small town setting, a potent and provocative central message on how dire consequences from past bad events can and eventually will come back to haunt you, a bang-up lively rock soundtrack, and even a decent smattering of bare female skin, this fright film overall sizes up as a surprisingly sturdy, absorbing, and effective little opus. The sound acting from the attractive and appealing cast helps a lot: Sabrina Reiter as the spunky, no-nonsense Nina, Julia Rosa Stockl as the frightened Mona, Michael Steinocher as the hunky Clemens, Nadja Vogel as the foxy Alex, Laurence Rupp as the sensitive Martin, Julian Sharp as freaky oddball Patrick (in a nice and unexpected twist, Patrick turns out to be more heroic than villainous), and Andreas Kiedl as earnest police officer Kagler. Recommended viewing for slice'n'dice fans.
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I really wanted to love this film.
rwlivings31 January 2010
I liked this film, but it had so much potential to be an important film in Austrian horror-film history. As a thriller, it had every element that makes a European-style thriller breathtakingly beautiful, but as a slasher, this visual beauty took away the terror and fun that is usually associated with the genre. The film is slow and only has fun teen-slasher music at the very beginning and very end. If re-edited with a new soundtrack, faster cuts, and shortened to around the 80minute mark, I believe this could be the film it's solid script hoped it would be.

I look forward to watching the sequel as I have read good things about it.
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Dead in 3 Days
Scarecrow-8817 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
A man hangs himself. Five youths, just graduated from school, hit a deer while celebrating in exhilarated spirits, while driving down the road in their SUV. A tragic incident involving a kid who drowned after falling through a fragile sheet of ice due to the attempt at securing a puck while playing ice-hockey with five other children. A warning to the five high-schoolers who put the deer out of it's misery that they will die in exactly three days. All these plot elements converge by the film's end, establishing the motive for why a mysterious predator is targeting the young adults just fresh out of high school, exasperated at surviving and optimistic about the future.

The film's setting(..a city surrounded by giant, snowy mountains and water)is beautiful, the camera-work striking, and the acting good. But, the film treads familiar waters and the story-line isn't even remotely original. The killer wears a black slicker and leather gloves, there's a brief amount of nudity, and a bit of graphic violence( murder sequence, featuring a victim's head immersed in a fish take, her throat tearing into the sharp edges of the aquarium, is particularly grisly)which might please slasher fans, because Dead in 3 Days features the familiar aspects all too common in the genre. The conclusion has annoyingly stupid behavior by the three remaining principles(..not excluding a really dumb decision of a younger sister to one of the group who follows after them)who up and decide to return to the lake house where the first victim was found tied to a rock used to hold him underwater. This lake house is of major importance to the plot for it pertains to the dead kid whose father was so grief-stricken he decided to take his own life. A blatantly obvious red herring is provided, but I have a feeling his dismissal from the plot won't surprise anyone. How the three remaining survivors aren't able to defend themselves against the killer who stands idle in this cold-blank trance-like state is really rather contrived. Obvious influences include One Missed Call(..the foreboding text message to those targeted)and I Know What You Did Last Summer(..youths involved in the accidental murder of an innocent).
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Horror starts in Austria
hasosch7 October 2009
"In Drei Tagen Bist Du Tot" (2006) is an excellent slasher movie from Austria, a land that has, since the silent time, proved to deliver constantly world-class movies like no other German speaking land did. To whoever does not believe that, I highly recommend the "Hoanzl" collection with several hundreds of region-free available DVDs amongst which you will even find early Mihaly Kertesz = Michael Curtiz movies amongst other classics about which the non-European audience can just dream.

"In Drei Tagen Bist Du Tot" is remarkable in many respects: First, it is the first Austrian slasher movie. Second, practically all actors have never acted before. Third, the budged was 2 millions of Euros for which in Hollywood one would not even take a camera out of its closet. Third, the whole movie is spoken in Salzkammer dialect and, as usual in Europe, filmed In Loco. (On the contrary, in Hollywood movies it is usual nowadays that the beginning is filmed in Utah, the main part in Rumania, and the end in Canada.) In 2007, "In Drei Tagen Bist Du Tot" got amazingly the Austrian film price, the now so-called "Austrian Ticket" which was given before, in 1996, to Vilsmaier's "Schlafes Bruder". I also welcome this movie because Horror has a very small tradition in European film-making. While the Swiss film De Facto died with Kurt Früh in 1979 and the German film with Fassbinder in 1982, our whole hope stays with Austria.
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Shades of Old Canadian 80s slashers
mattbrat11 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I couldn't help be reminded of my home country of Canada as I watched this solid teen thriller. My home and native land was responsible (thanks in part to American execs with money to invest in tax shelters) for some of the most memorable slashers to come out of the 80s (and the 70s with Black Christmas). Happy Birthday To Me, Prom Night, Terror Train, My Bloody Valentine just to name a few. Another poster mentioned that this film couldn't be compared to the best 80s slasher flicks because the pacing was too slow and spent too much time on characterization... um... have you seen 80s slashers? With the exception of crappy Friday the 13th movies, the best 80s slashers made you care about the victims in peril, and for the most part, the actors playing the teenagers could actually act (probably because they were all 30 playing 18). This movie was huge surprise and I couldn't have cared less that the blood and gore was at a minimum-the fish tank scene was all anyone needs for gore content! I don't see the comparisons to I Know What You Did Last Whatever... unless you count the drinking and driving and running over something, but it was a deer, not a fisherman, and Bambi's family didn't come after the teens. Every great slasher flick usually utilizes the same formula, someone is killing them one by one for sins of the past. I think this is the first one that actually doesn't reveal the sin until the very end which I thought was quite effective. I loved the interactions the teens had with their parents as well, something not often seen. I also enjoyed not knowing who or when someone would die, all the members of the clique had their moments in the spotlight and a FINAL GIRL or GUY could have been any of them. And not to give any SPOILERS away... but the actor behind the killings..... WOW!!!! I had every conviction that the killer's identity was completely plausible. Do yourself a huge favor, if you enjoy the slasher genre for characters, suspense, a good mystery, and terrific atmosphere, then rent 3 Days Dead! Take it from a hardcore slasher fan!
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Dead in three days time.
Michael O'Keefe6 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Joyous high school students are celebrating their recent graduation. A big dance is planned and a short vacation trip to an Alpine lake. A group of the students become concerned when each receives a text message warning of their death in three days. Most believe it is a sick joke from a fellow classmate that has a vendetta...and if so, who and why? Things get real serious when a student is found dead. Now surviving students fear time is running out before they figure out the motivation and identification of the killer. The cast includes: Sabrina Reiter, Julian Sharp, Julia Rosa Stockl, Laurence Rupp, Nadja Vogel and Karl Fischer.
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Do you know any reason why someone wan't to kill you?
sol27 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
**SPOILERS** Not all that bad slasher movie from Austria that has the added attraction of the breath taking photography in and around the little town of Ebensee and Lake Traunsee where most of the action in the movie takes place.

The horror starts just after a number of friends graduated from high school and are about to go on their long awaited summer vacation. Getting a text message on their cell-phones telling them that they have only three days to live looked like a sick joke at first. It's when Martin, Laurence Rupp, disappeared from a local disco where he and his friends including his girlfriend Nina, Sabrina Reiter,were dancing the night away that the sick joke became a stark reality.

Going to see the police Nina is told by the top, and what looks like only, cop in Ebensee Kogler (Andreas Kiendl), who just happens to be Martin's brother, that he probably got himself drunk and shacked up with a girl he met at the disco. As it later turned out Martin was knocked unconscious, when he was in the disco's mens room, and dumped in the middle of Lake Traunsee where he ended up drowning with a concrete weight attached to his legs!

This was repeated later in the movie when Nina was also knocked out cold, from behind, and was about to share the same fate that her boyfriend Martain did. A blooded and battered Nina ended up escaping with the help of fellow student and #1 suspect in Martin's murder Patrick, Julian Sharp, who ended up taking her place: In being murdered by Nina's hooded assailant. It was during her confrontation with her would be killer that Nina got a good look at him and realized who he was. And with that Nina also came to realize why he was so determined to murder her and her friends and at the same time have Lake Traunsee become their final resting place and watery grave!

Unlike most US slasher movies "Dead in 3 Days" refrains from having the teenagers in it look and act as if their totally unaware of why their being targeted by their unseen killer. In fact it was Nina, not the local police, who soon realized why she and her friends were being stalked and hunted down. This was all about something that happened some ten years ago on of all places a frozen Lake Traunsee.

The movie also kept the blood letting, so important in US slasher film, to a minimum. In the one scene that the movie did resembled US slasher movies-in the savage attack on Alex played by Nadia Vogel-it was as horrific, if not more so, then any you would see in movies like "Halloween" or "Friday the 13th" and any of its some dozen sequels.

***SPOILERS*** The surprise ending of "Dead in 3 Days" was in fact a lot like the ending in the original "Friday the 13th". As it soon turned out the killer was totally unknown to those of us watching the movie until he, or she, made his first appearance at the very end of the film!
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Mediocre teen slasher from Austria
adrianAKArosemarys_baby2 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Last night I was in the mood to watch a movie which wouldn't need too much of my attention. So "In 3 Tagen bist du tot" looked like the ultimate candidate.

The movie revolves around a group of friends who just graduated from school. Shortly after, all of them receive a SMS which tells them that they would die in three days and your typical teen slasher ensues. The movie's language is native Austrian German, which gets a plus from me for authenticity. The problem however was that I had to pay more attention to the dialog than usual, but surprisingly I understood the entire film (I'm fluent in Swabian and standard German).

Similarities to other teen slashers, especially "I know what you did last summer", are highly obvious and the movie doesn't deviate too much from those movies. Like other movies of its ilk, the movie is not tense and creepy at all and only justifies its horror tag with gruesome and gory murders. The scenes in between the murders are way too drawn out and feature little dialog. Additionally many things do not make much sense - how the killer got all of the group's mobile phone numbers in the first place or why in hell the guy who saved Nina did not even manage to batter a 50-something woman is anyone's guess.

The young cast does okay, for a teen slasher that is. The acting by the 50-something female killer is downright horrible though: When she reveals herself to the friends, all she does is permanently stare uninterestingly at the guy pointing the gun at her - this is supposed to be frightening? Or when she looks 'surprised' when she's killed at the end, absolutely comical...

In the end the cinematography is good - you can see that some money went into production. I really can't recommend anybody to watch the movie, except for the novelty that it's an Austrian horror movie.
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I Know What You Did In Traunsee
Claudio Carvalho8 December 2007
In Ebensse, the teenagers Nina (Sabrina Reiter), her boyfriend Martin (Laurence Rupp), Clemens (Michael Steinocher), his girlfriend Alex (Nadja Vogel) and Mona (Julia Rosa Stöckl) are best friends since their childhood. On their high-school graduation day, they all receive the same message in the cellular: "In three days you will be dead!", but they believe is a stupid joke from their weird schoolmate Patrick (Julian Sharp). However, when Martin is found dead in the lake Traunsee, the group realizes that it is not a prank. When Nina is attacked and Patrick is killed trying to save her, they recall a tragic incident from their childhood.

"In 3 Tagen Bist Du Tot" has a tense and promising beginning. The acting of the young and unknown cast is good, but unfortunately the story is weak, actually a rip-off of the franchise "I Know What You did Last Summer" and using the clichés of the genre. In the end, this flick is watchable and forgettable, but entertains. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Morto em 3 Dias" ("Dead in 3 Days")
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Below American standards
OlliBLN6 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This is a nice little movie from a country, which is not that well known for movies in the international movie-scene! ( which does not mean, that their movies are bad!! ) At the end of teenie horror wave here comes a little horror-thriller about 5 young students passed luckily their MATURA ( maybe like finish of High School ), good friends since Primary school. They received messages on their cell's telling "In 3 days you're dead!" One by one of disappeared and get killed.

The acting is good, in Germany released with the "original version" - means Austrian dialect - makes it more realistic, a little charming town in the Alps... But the special effects are totally disappointing and silly. Away of "Less would have been more", if the director would have been avoid bloody scenes, the shock effects would not have been involuntary funny!

The actors told at the bonus material, that the characters here are more deep and well developed, as in American movies. You feel with them, in American movies they would be to superficial... I totally disagree, they are as bad or as well developed, as in every other teenie-horror-movie to!
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Excellent by Austrian standards, still not half bad in comparison to international horror flicks
Superunknovvn19 August 2007
I was more than just a bit skeptical when it came to watching "In 3 Tagen bist du tot". The plot seemed pretty stupid and I wasn't convinced that the makers would be able to pull off something like that in a typical Austrian village setting. I was right about the first thing, but director Andreas Prochaska really did a nice job translating the essence of movies like "I Know What You Did Last Summer" into the Austrian landscape.

Sure, "In 3 Tagen bist du tot" suffers from the usual slasher weaknesses, but for once this is actually a good thing. It means that this movie is on one level with the international competition. The acting may not be Oscar material, but it could have been way more awful. What hurt the movie more is that it's pretty slow at times and although there are one or two scenes that will make you jump, there are too few of those shocking or scary moments. On the plus side, Prochaska makes great usage of that small town creepiness by setting some moody scenes on a lake or in an old, creaking house. There's also quite a bit of gore, which is never a bad thing in a slasher movie.

The movie's one big flaw, however, is the derivative plot. There is absolutely nothing new here story-wise. Imagine "Friday The 13th" with just a few "The Ring"-elements and you got "In 3 Tagen bist du tot". It's as if the producers focused more on making their version of the movies that attracted so many ticket buyers in the late 80's rather than actually trying to come up with something original. They were impressively successful in that aspect, but the next step should be to bring forward new ideas. Apparently, Austria is able to make good horror movies. Now it's time to go for a GREAT one. I'm keeping my fingers crossed...
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In 3 Tagen bist du tot
film_riot19 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
"In 3 Tagen bist du tot" was a very successful film in Austria. There are some negative, as well as some positive things about it. It is definitely positive that it even was made. For everyone who knows Austrian cinema this has to be a surprise because genre-horror is practically non-existent in Austria. Another thing on the plus side is that the characters are worked out very well for this kind of movie. But as happy as I am that a film like this can also be made in Austria with dialect speaking actors, there still is one big problem: the story. Of course it's hard to be original in this genre where almost everything has been done at least twice, but that's no excuse for a story that's so hackneyed, that it almost made me a bit angry. And I also think they were a bit too cautious in the gory scenes. But I hope that the success of this film will make it easier also for other Austrian talents to get their project financed.
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New level of Austrian movies in spite of bad plot
flo-8330 July 2007
The plot is really poor... A mixture of "I know what you did last summer", "blair witch project, and so on...

You can't compare this movie to a Hollywood movie!

But when you compare this movie with Austrian movies from the last 10 years, you will see, that Austrian movie makers try to reach an "international level". Special about this movie is the fact, that the spoken language is not "German German" but "austrian German". This may be a reason, that many Germans can't stand this movie.

I like this movie, because it is the first step to a new age of Austrian movies.
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Top movie - high tension - great dialect - maybe hard to understand for Germans!
Velocy_Raptor17 July 2007
The best thing about this flick is the Austrian dialect, which makes the movie for a native Austrian much better. Most of my Austrian friends love this movie and i think the dialect is too difficult to understand for German people, which are commercialized by teenie-shockers likes Scream, Black X-Mas, I know what you ...

As I mentioned in the paragraph above Germans maybe don't understand the people speaking because of the dialect and therefore they rate this movie badly.

Sry for ma bad English^^ In Short: One of the best Austrian movie productions... great flick!
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I know what I did last summer ...
kosmasp26 April 2007
I watched this movie, do you know what you did? ;o) Of course the summary line is also a link, that this movie is obviously linked to American teen horror movies of the recent past and tried to copy them as good as it could.

So if you like this kind of movies, you might be more excited than I was. I mean I liked "I know what you did last summer", but it had also a lot to do with Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar and the others. They weren't excellent, but good enough. And although the actors hold their own here (for a horror movie that is), something is missing. It never really get's really scary, that might be it ... Not the worst movie ever then (not close to that), but still not something you have to watch (unless you're a fan, as I said earlier)
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I Know What You Did Last Austrian Summer!
Coventry14 April 2007
Ah, Austria ... Unquestionably one of the most beautiful countries in the world and the cinematic home of the famous "Sissi"-movies, millions of vintage Tiroler sex comedies and probably a handful of thankfully obscure yodel musicals as well. And thanks to director Andreas Prochaska, Austria now also has its very own teen-slasher-movie! Prochaska clearly was fed up with the enchanting postcard-image reputation of his home country and uses the exact same picturesque lakes and flowery decorated mountain hotels as the hunting territory of a demented serial killer. "Dead in Three Days" blends together the prior-warning idea of "The Ring" with the more traditional and old-fashioned maniacal tendencies of "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and the wholesome results in an overall competent, albeit unmemorable new horror film. On their long-awaited day of university graduation, five close friends all receive the same text message on their mobile phones. In three days you'll be dead, which naturally sounds like a lame college prank. Of course, it isn't a joke and the teenagers quickly find themselves pursued by a killer who has an old score to settle with the clique. "Dead in Three Days" is too slow-paced to really compete with the vintage slashers of the 80's and the script spends too much time on the detailed character drawings. The plot as well as the killer's outfit is too derivative of many existing slashers – especially the aforementioned IKWYDLS – and there nearly isn't enough tension and/or spectacle. The gore-factor and killing scenes are unmemorable, with the exception of one awesomely grim decapitation sequence! "Dead in Three Days" is okay entertainment for avid slasher-fans to pass the time but, of course, if it wouldn't be for the fact that Austria has few or even no history in the genre of horror, this mundane teenkill-film would barely even make it to DVD.
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Really bad acting and poor plot!
hansliederlich8 February 2007
First I like to say that this was the worst movie I've ever seen, even for an Austria film! So don't waste your time and watch it.

As I mentioned above the story is nearly the as in "I know what you did last summer" only without tension.I can not understand the high user rating, here on IMDb, it seems that these people never have seen good movies. If you don't believe me watch this crappy movie yourself, if you can stand it till the end. Nearly half of the people left the cinema when I watched this film at a sneak preview in Germany!

Honestly I have to admit that the cinematography was well done and has some nice pictures.
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Despite the script's many flaws, the film contains a good deal of top class scares
Max_cinefilo8924 October 2006
In 3 Tagen Bist Du Tot (Dead in Three Days) is labeled "Austria's first horror film". A quite passable one, I might add. It probably won't become a milestone within the genre, but if you're looking for real suspense and gore, this movie has plenty to offer.

Like many others, the film features a group of teenagers, more precisely two boys and two girls who have just graduated high school. While they're out celebrating, they all receive the same SMS: "Within 3 days you will be dead". It has to be a (very) bad joke, they think. Until one of them is found dead in the river the following morning...

I was positively surprised by this movie, mainly because the director, Andreas Prochaska (a former collaborator of Michael Haneke) knows how to terrify his audience even if the plot is all too familiar: 75% of the screenplay is shamelessly borrowed from other horror films, some blatantly (I Know What You Did Last Summer, Deep Red), others in a more subtle way (Halloween). There's also stuff from other kinds of flicks (a possible visual The Empire Strikes Back-reference).

Prochaska does, however, count on the surprise factor as well: not all in the script is a deja vu, and he takes advantage of those moments when we don't know what's gonna happen next to scare us witless, with almost sadistic joy (in terms of how off guard we're caught). People get hurt or killed in painful, stomach-churning ways (I had trouble sleeping for a few days after seeing the movie), and some victims are unexpected, too. This guy knows how to do horror, that's for sure. If only he'd been a little nastier with the ending, like Greg McClean did on Wolf Creek.

Overall, this is a decent horror film. Prochaska seems to have found a promising start for his directing career. If he takes better care of the script next time, he might even be able to join the likes of Carpenter and Romero in the genre's Hall of Fame.
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Surprisingly thrilling and entertaining
shakesbeer22 September 2006
As mentioned before this movie probably is the first one of its kind to be made in Austria by Austrians artists only. Austria's good times in the movie industry have long been gone and modern Austrian filmmakers concentrate mainly on producing artistic stuff that relies heavily on the actors (mostly due to funding problems). So this film is quite different from what is coming from Austria nowadays but it's not so different from what is coming from Hollywood. That's a new approach and that's OK. In my opinion the movie is better than the average Scary Movie flick. The story is quite straightforward, the ending is adept though not too surprising. The gory scenes come at the times you expect them to come. Sometimes you know what is going to happen before but that's what we call suspense and if it was good enough for Hitchcock it's good enough for everyone. And it works here too! The movie doesn't stay on a high level of tension all the time. It speeds up then slows down then speeds up again several times. Nice flow. The director does a really good job and I especially appreciated the cinematography. Some really nice pictures, good camera positioning. The cutting was good too and makes the movie look more expensive and professional than it was.

The young actors are mostly unknown but mostly talented and add to the overall positive impression the film made on me.

I enjoyed watching the film although it's not a perfect piece of work (therefore my score of 7/10) but judge for yourself. Let's hope there will be more to see from the people who made this movie. I think there is still a lot of potential to explore.
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Average scary movie
Cannibal Comfort10 August 2006
This is your average "horror" teenager movie.

The plot is basic and very predictable. A group of college students all receive a mysterioussms telling them they'll be dead in three days. At first they suspect it's a joke but when the first one disappears during a party and is found dead, things change and the students investigate / get slaughtered.

The young actors aren't bad and the cinematography is OK. There is one noteworthy graphical horror scene (the aquarium murder) but the film isn't really too gory. This movie isn't worse than most similar stuff coming out of Hollywood nowadays, in fact i'd say it's slightly more interesting, and it has the added benefit of being the first film of its kind to be produced and directed in Austria.
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