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Let Conan host the Oscars!
Syl29 August 2006
And why not? He did a wonderful job hosting the Emmy Awards. He made the time fly by and entertained the audience much like Billy Crystal did for the Academy Awards. I love the Bob Newhart segment. I don't think they would have let anything happen to him. I love the memoriam segment but I didn't think they should put the clip of Shelley Winters winning an Emmy. They should have shown a clip from the Roseanne show. Anyway everybody cheered when they showed DOn Knotts name and maybe he should have had a similar tribute as well like Aaron Spelling. I thought it was touching to see the clips, hear the theme songs, and realize how much Spelling meant to Los Angeles and everybody in the entertainment business. I loved seeing the original Charlie's Angels, Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith reunite to say goodbye to a television legend and icon. I just wished the SPelling family would patch up their differences and reunite as well. They shot a lot of Candy Spelling and Tori who sat on the other side of the auditorium. Candy was in tears next to Randy. Anyway, I loved the Dick Clark tribute and realize that he is no longer the teenage idol and Barry Manilow's tribute to him. I thought it was ironic that Simon Cowell introduced him. Poor Dick, I hope he is recognized and inducted into the Kennedy Center Honors this year and the National Medal of the Arts as well. All we can do is hope and pray that he gets better. My favorite moment is when Stephen Colbert addressed the audience as "godless sodomites." I know he was only kidding.
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Emmy Award Performance w Conan O'Brien
sergottimix6 February 2013
This was a very funny performance of Conan O'Brien doing "Trouble at NBC". Marguerite Derricks did a great job on the choreography with the cast. Some of the dancers included Matt Sergott & Brandon Henschel in "Southern style" suits. Conan O'Brien's comic film leading into this number was brilliant. His timing is great. The performance was like many past Emmy performances in that they are comical but I feel Conan was superb at it all. I wanted to see him dance some more but I understand he is a comic and not a dancer. The costumes the dancers wore were very colorful and not what we usually see on award shows everyday. The staging was done well with the ensemble really highlighting what Conan was singing about.
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and the winner is.....
alfo1 September 2008
Great to see beautiful (the real ones and the pretenders..) at the EMMY's again.

Great tributes but the one with Aaron Spelling with the Angels is the show stealer!

I think, it's time for the EMMY to changed their trophy and mold it a'la Jaclyn Smith...the woman knows how to steal the thunder from everyone especially her co-stars. It also shows why she's still a fave in Hollywood. I don't think, there's any bad bone in her. She's just as sweet and classy as she was in the Angels show. She hasn't changed a bit.From head to toe, Smith is just smashing....!
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blah_bloo_blah31 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I live in NZ and don't usually watch the Emmy's, but I heard Conan O'Brien was hosting and heard a lot of good things about him and thought I'd give it a go.

I thought it was awesome. Conan O'Brien was really the best thing on the show (which seems appropriate), and on a personal note I loved that 24 finally won something! The only thing I didn't like was watching the Skit at the beginning which would have had a lot of work put into and would've been expensive, then finding out that tons of retards found it insensitive to some COMPLETELY unrelated plane crash. Not to say who cares about people dying, but really? I thought the Skit at the beginning was well done and very funny. If you didn't catch it, It was great to see a lot the well deserving people to finally get recognition (except Hugh, who wasn't even nominated!?), and to finally see what all the fuss was about with Conana. He really is the man.

Oh well, that's my comment, if you didn't find it helpful...well then that was a waste of your time then wasn't it :)
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