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Pleasantly Surprised by Blood Ties
penelope-3526 March 2007
All right, I grudgingly watched the show and was really ready to hate it as derivative (of Witchblade) or be bored with the cliché'd vampire theme. Boy Was I Wrong! Yes...there is the tough-girl Sara Pezzini style heroine but Christine Cox holds her own creating the likable and cynical "supernatural" P.I. Vicki Nelson. I honestly expected the vampire to be broody and over done...not so. Kyle Schmid is surprisingly charming as the Lothario comic-book-writing vampire. Dylan Neal plays Mike the cop who is dead set on defending his position to be more than just friends, and Neal just sucker punches you with his bigger than life, leading man type appeal.

The writers and directors did such an excellent job of keeping the tone well-balanced between the suspense, sexual tension and comic relief that I immediately set my DVR to record all the upcoming episodes.
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A series that has a lot of potential
Joel13 March 2007
Since age seven, I've always been into vampires and vampire-related anything, and when I found out that this series was premiering on Lifetime I jumped at the chance to log this into my DVR.

The story itself is rather intense: an ex-cop teaming up with a vampire to solve supernatural cases... it sounds crappy on paper, (on paper being the key words.) but when you see it first hand, it's actually quite entertaining.

Say what you will about the premise, but as soon as you watch just one episode, I guarantee you will be sucked in... no pun intended.

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Yeah, Sunday night isn't boring anymore
l-hayes-119 March 2007
I, like another that commented, ran across the movie last week by accident. It caught my attention right away. I was ecstatic when I found out it was going to be a series. In a time of not so real reality shows which I despise, it is so refreshing to find a show that is truly entertaining and actually takes you away from everyday stress to another delightful, possible world. It's like taking a mental vacation!!!! The cast is great! Kudos to the casting company! The lead female is someone you can identify with, attractive, smart, tough but not too tough and still vulnerable. Thankfully she isn't too young, unbelievably pretty or a product of silicone. The leading males are interesting both attractive but I must say I think one is more so than the other. Each with his own distinct personality. One is charming but dangerous the other is level headed and stable. The supporting cast are equally as interesting and add beautifully to the show. The writers are awesome!! The script is well written with just enough smart comebacks to give you a laugh and not be cheesy. It has wit, little twists of plot, some suspense, romance, it's just the perfect mixture. I hate when it's over but look so forward to the next episode. My thanks to all involved in this series for this wonderful bit of entertainment, may it be around for a long time to come!!!
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Great, another show I HAVE to watch! :-)
sandymorgan712 March 2007
I started watching this show thinking that it was a "Made for TV" movie. I was totally drawn into this new world. What an imaginative story; ex-cop turned P.I. investigating supernatural cases with an unlikely "partner" who just happens to be a Vampire (OK a super-hot Vampire.) I loved the characters we were introduced to. It's like the "X-Files" meets "Underworld." Then towards the end there was a commercial for "Blood Ties" the new series on "Lifetime." Series? What? I told my husband, "Great now there is another show I will HAVE to watch each week!" He laughed. But I already can't wait for the next episode!

I must admit, I was surprised to find such an awesome show on"Lifetime." Good move on their part is all I can say. The ONLY time I have ever watched "Lifetime" in the past has been to see the made-for-TV Nora Roberts movies.

The only thing I can say negative about this show is that some of the special effects weren't all that special.....kinda cheesy. But that said, I do think this series is a hit and I hope it stays around!
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So hooked..........or bitten
kapnkitty5 July 2007
Always with an open mind, I went into this show allowing it to take me wherever...........and it did. So much so I bought the books and read them too. Vicky is a cool and tough, Mike is the hard nose cop, but quickly given into whatever Vicky needs. And the vampire is so very charming, and sometimes sad, but very sensual. Together they face Henry's world that sets them in danger that takes them so over the top. Hard enough believing you know a vampire, without finding there are demons with nothing better to do than make your day even worst. So I fell for it and how Vicky manages to have two men of very different worlds by her side (what every woman could use). Looking forward to the second season..........
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Seires so far
kschniekert25 March 2007
This show is even better than the novels- which were excellent! Maybe because this Henry is much sexier than the novel's Henry or maybe because there are 3 extremely talented and believable leads or maybe its Ms. Huff's influence as a script writer. Whatever, I hope this series lasts several seasons. Buffy pales in comparison! It is also wonderful to see a series filmed in Toronto actually "set" in Toronto. The locals and views all again fit with the novels. Maybe the thing I personally like the best is that there is a heroine that wears glasses and still not only gets the guy- she gets two of them!The young actor portraying Henry will be one to watch ( he was outstanding in History of Violence as well)- talented, sexy, and with an endearing smile that any incubus would, yes, die to have!
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Blood Ties is Fantastic
auntyrobin18 June 2007
Like some of the other posts I've read, I too stumbled upon Blood Ties on accident and was immediately hooked. Once I realized it was a series the DVR was set and I was scrambling to figure out how to download the episodes I had missed. October seems far away for the series to continue. I've got my fingers crossed for reruns for those of you who don't feel inclined to download. This is truly a series that has a little of everything and something for everyone. Two male leads that are while both similar in their noble aspects have completely different personalities and a female lead that is attractive as well as intelligent and is feminine without being prissy or dependent on the men in her lives, almost to a fault. And while very adept at what she does professionally, still out of control in her personal life enough to be an interesting character. An excellent writing job that crosses the historical and mythological with action, fantasy and crime drama. Oh and a little romance. Definitely worth checking out.
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blood ties
streetwalker4513 April 2007
This is a very good show. It has a love triangle in it and it is a few steps above Angel and Buffy. I hope to see this stay on for a very long time. Keep up the good work. I wait every Sunday night just to watch the show. And then I stay up to see the encore after wards. Just in case I have missed something from the time before. I am hoping that at some time Henry gets the girl. But I enjoy the cat and mouse game that is being played out with these two people. You feel as if you are right there with them as you are watching the show.I have told a lot of my co-workers about this show and they are now as hooked as my self. We meet at the water cooler as on TV. And talk about the show and what is next. We never seem to be able to guess right. But that is the fun of it.
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Good even if you have read the books.
skooshie18 March 2007
I must say I am a huge fan of the novels and who would not say that Kyle Schmid is one of the most lovely young men I have ever seen. I even thought so in that dreadful straight to video horror movie he made that he would be someone to watch and now he has his own series. Christina Cox is lovely and has also done other outstanding film work and Dylan Neal helps to round out an almost too beautiful cast. The show is actually very good and with any luck will be around a couple of years. It has a nice little bit of three way tension going, but let us hope it is not like a lot of shows that either give us too much or too little depending.
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Started a little bland, but now is HOTTTTT.....
walnutgrovecrafts9 April 2007
Okay, so I was apprehensive about watching this show at first....Hence the getting into something that I truly love, then it winds up getting canceled, for low ratings, etc.

This show started out a little slow and bland for me. Henry, the Vamp, is however so hot, you find yourself looking past some of the dragging scenes, just to get more scenes with him in them. Vicki, the PI, is edgy, hard, and doesn't take an ounce of crap from anyone. I like that about her, but I find myself looking for a softer side to her as well. Well, I got it.

The past few episodes, it seems that she still has that edginess to her, but we are also seeing her softening up to a degree, which I think makes the show better. In these last few episodes, I've highly enjoyed them, and now I am truly hooked! You really don't know what's going to happen, and the love triangle with Vicki, Henry, and Mike is yum-yum-yummy.

I hope this show is around for some time to come, and that it stands a chance to improve and get better as the episodes go on....

I LOVE THIS SERIES!!!! (and of course hope that Vicki and Henry wind up together down the road... :-) )
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