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Nice starter for 10

Author: guylovelady from United Kingdom
4 October 2006

Epiosde 1 screened last night - Tuesday 3 October

It was a good start with plenty to develop in the further 5 episodes.

Often in these kind of shows where real people play themselves, the real people lack credibility - They appear to act. But here Kirsty Wark and Peter Snow played themselves with the authority one should expect from the original.

Jane Horrocks was excellent and her beleaguered hubby was entirely believable.

There was also an excellent balance between shabby politicians and exposing the job they do as remorselessly difficult. It is to hoped that this balance can be maintained throughout the production.

Interesting that it is billed as comedy when the laughs were few and far between. Not that that is a bad thing.

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Relative Fast Pace, in places scary realism

Author: tewkes_ape from United Kingdom
18 October 2006

Firstly I think the previous comment was perhaps a little harsh. So far this program has operated at a highly interesting angle, by having an initial intense fast pace, and a gradual slow down before throwing a new thing at the audience to consider.

There is continually something for the audience to think about, and about 15 things at the same time. All the concerns of someone running a country, while it is slightly unrealistic with some of the simplicity it makes the point it's trying to make very well.

Much of the policies "Mrs. Pritchard" tends to raise are real life policies. Won't say any more here.

As a piece of Tuesday night viewing it's worth watching, unlike much of whats on at the moment.

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Excellent entertainment that raised some serious points about the state of modern politics

Author: wieldy from Sheffield, England
4 October 2006

I watched this show mainly because it was written by Sally Wainwright, creator of the excellent At Home With the Braithwaites and ITV's recent Jane Hall. She is a fantastic writer with a strong sense for creating 'real' people, especially those in the North and, in particular, women. There was also the added bonus of the great cast. Jane Horrocks is a fantastic actress, anyone who has seen Little Voice knows how versatile she is, and the supporting cast all bring their own strengths. I had never seen either Jodhi May or Carey Mulligan outside of a corset so it was great to see them do something contemporary.

I thoroughly enjoyed this programme. There was something so likable about Ros Pritchard that I found myself rooting for her from the start (although I can't say the same about her husband!). You could say that the two daughters, especially the youngest, were a little too similar to the daughters from The Braithwaites, but I really didn't mind. The characterisations and dialogue was spot on, I laughed out loud several times. As well as being funny and entertaining, Mrs Pritchard managed to make some very serious, and real, points about the state of modern politics and the problem of voter apathy. I'm very much looking forward to the rest of the series.

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An interesting first episode

Author: ic2 from The Forest of Dean
3 October 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The first episode has just finished.

It was quite good. Some problems with it's, cuteness, but otherwise an entertaining hour on an otherwise improbable plot, and believe me as someone who stood as independent in a district council election, it is improbable.

For me Jane Horrocks was a bit light, she is a fine actress and carried the part well but she was too much "little voice". A supermarket manager was appropriate as I was reminded of the adverts she appeared in here in the UK with Prunella Scales.

Nice to see an outing for so many good actors, I struggled to remember where I had seen the jilted bride and it has just come to me, the daughter from Funland, she might even be wearing the same wedding dress.

I look forward to the next 5 episodes and hope that Jane Horrocks can find some substance, all the same, excellent Tuesday night tele fodder. It will keep me out of the pub.

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Fun but Pure Fantasy!

Author: ukxenafan1 from United Kingdom
25 October 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

From Sally Wainwright, the creator of the brilliant At Home with the Braithwaites, this is another family comedy/drama with a splash of fantasy thrown in. Who hasn't looked at idiotic politicians and thought they could do a better job? Ros Pritchard (Jane Horrocks) does just that, and her view strikes a chord with the British public. To her surprise, she is elected Prime Minister! Yes, totally ridiculous that we would vote in an unknown supermarket manager to run the country, but it's a nice daydream. Jane Horrocks is surprisingly sane after a career of eccentrics, but my favourite is the magnificent Janet McTeer as the chancellor, Catherine Walker, a Tory convert. McTeer exudes class and intelligence, even in this far fetched political fantasy. A great cast of women includes Jodhi May, Geraldine James, Sally Philips, Frances Tomelty, Sylvestra La Touzel and Meera Syal. Yes, hardly a man in sight! Steven McIntosh as Ros' husband is a pretty limp and lame character too. In fact the most sympathetic male is probably Catherine's rather cute toyboy Ben! The politics *is* rather liberal, but as escapist fantasy of women running the country, this is a fun show.

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The story, the cast and direction all are top notch.

Author: Chris K from Middletown, New York USA
4 November 2007

The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard is a superb performance by a very believable cast. The story is one of hope, against a backdrop of political despair that many in the world today face. The idea that one of the marginal people can rise above the corrupt incompetence that many in national parties claim is just the way things are done, is very inspiring. Jane Horrocks was consummate for the part. Jane's dynamic range gave us a believable character we have to cheer for, from one of the little people to that of a world leader in a couple of episodes, she made this performance most memorable.

The foibles of those around Mrs. Pritchard add the dramatic element found often in reality: it isn't what a person really wants to accomplish, it is how that person reacts to those in the world around them that makes for a charismatic winner.

Newcomer Jemma McKenzie-Brown who played young Georgina Pritchard with enthusiasm, was the innocent yet solid support for Mrs. Pritchard's transition from Mom to Prime Minister.

The entire supporting cast was wonderful.

The story, the cast's performances and direction all are top notch. 10 of 10!

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Author: georgiaq from United Kingdom
15 October 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Inspiring work- it's lovely to watch a show which is willing to challenge the stuffy notions of a bigoted political world and offer an alternative which is frankly illuminating. A female cabinet- why is this really so shocking after all?? Actually the image of the House of Commons consisting of 50% women kicks in the reality of how sadly 'normal' it is for the House to be mostly run by men- to those women already working hard in politics this show offers a world of the future- 'The Amazing Mrs Pritchard" shows what politics could be like- hats off to Horrocks and co- let's get rid of the cynical mentality that plagues British politics!!

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Remember Martin Bell and Peter Law?

Author: HarryHayfield from United Kingdom
22 September 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What would happen if an ordinary person formed a party and decided to run for Prime Minister simply based on the fact that what people wanted they could get? Well, that's precisely what Mrs. Pritchard does! This is a new comedy / drama programme by the BBC and in the first episode shows what could happen. Featuring appearances by Gavin Esler and Kirsty Wark of BBC Newsnight fame as well as "king of the swingers" Peter Snow this programme will excite not only keen election watchers but also ordinary people as well. In fact I would go so far as to suggest that following this series, the number of Independent candidates for the next election could skyrocket!

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Can someone find a real Ros Pritchard to stand as MP?

Author: IridescentTranquility from Lancashire, United Kingdom
12 December 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm a little surprised to have seen so many negative comments about The Amazing Mrs Pritchard. Considering that voter turnout at the 2005 election was estimated at around 60%, I should have thought someone new and dynamic like Ros Pritchard was precisely what we needed in British politics. If we could all get half this passionate about one political viewpoint, maybe politics could finally shake off its boring, our-vote-won't-count-so why-bother image. Watching this, I thought, "We could actually make this happen if we could get interested enough".

On the occupational side, I would have liked to have seen more than just a few shots of Ros walking around talking to her staff to represent her work in the supermarket. Apparently Jane Horrocks visited my boss at the supermarket I work in for tips and ideas, and I felt there wasn't enough on Ros's old job. A few scenes on the shopfloor, then she decided to stand for election and that's it (bar a couple of other scenes).

Politicians have a fantastic reputation for lying, so it was refreshing when Ros made a remark about the European constitution, "which to be quite frank is no better than the last one". Any other MP would say half as much with twice as many words. The only thing I would criticise was that things seemed to be tidied up very quickly, although the case of the suspected terrorist attack (topical indeed) this might be out of sensitivity to the victims and relatives of London's 2005 bombings.

Equally different was when Ros actually offered to resign if her idea didn't work out. Admittedly, it might not have been the brightest thing to say in the House of Commons, but at least she was honest. Certainly she also found the clever people to join her cabinet. Miranda, for instance, negotiated with the journalist in a way that would have scared me and I was most surprised when it backfired. I must give credit to Jodhi May - I've seen her in lots of productions and I didn't recognise her in this until half way through.

There were a lot of family scenes that I found humorous. It wasn't so much the idea of the prime minister finding a condom in her daughter's pocket that tickled me, but the fact that Ros only found it because she was looking for her iPod, which said daughter had borrowed. In spite of Tony Blair's "Cool Britannia" thing, I just can't imagine him with an iPod. On that note, the characterisation of Emily and Georgina is excellent. When a preoccupied Emily takes her little sister out for lunch and says, "You can have anything you want", Georgina seizes the moment and drinks her sister's wine.

Much of Ros' personal background comes out towards the end. The reason why her girls are obviously so important to her is incredibly sad, especially in the context that she discloses it to Catherine. It's interesting, too, that political tension seems to build just as tension in the Pritchard family builds, too.

Without giving anything away, the ending was a bit of a let-down. Close to the end, Ros wakes up after talking with her husband and - at the crack of dawn - has a secretary talking non-stop about her appointments for the day and I wondered, "How is this woman still functioning?" There are a lot of twists and turns, all the time you are expecting Ros to be ousted and the ending was just too anti-climactic. So anti-climactic, in fact, that I thought there would be another episode the following week.

Overall, an interesting, thought-provoking, optimistic series that was sadly let down by the very end of the last episode.

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Timely, interesting and entertaining

Author: troskaya from United States
18 November 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I just finished watching the sixth and last episode of The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard on Masterpiece Theatre on PBS in the US. I loved it from the beginning. It's a fast-paced drama/comedy/fantasy/ which deals with the question of whether it is possible for a politician to avoid corruption. The way it plays out is intriguing and fun, with lots of good dialogue.

It's timely for us in the US because we have an administration which is certainly the most corrupt and destructive in our history. Current events are often used as reference points in the series, but it's not heavy-handed concerning Bush and things concerning the US.

In fact, I found it a wonderful escape from what is going on. What a fantasy: Someone in charge, a common person herself, who is determined to remain completely for the people, who promises the British people that she will never lie to them or mislead them and never forgets that promise; she is always conscious of it. We see an ordinary person take on the burdens of leadership and struggle to maintain her family life at the same time.

All the actors were good for the roles. Jodhi May again demonstrates her acting skills and versatility; Janet McTeer is outstanding, as usual -- I would watch it again just for her expressions and body language. It is beyond me how and why anyone could comment that the acting is bad, though I can understand why one of the viewers was upset that everyone in the series was white. Actually, that's not entirely true because a South Asian character is in a couple of episodes.

I didn't give it a full ten because I dislike the way it ends -- it leaves things hanging and we have to guess what might happen. But it might be that I am just upset that it is over.

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