"The Abbott and Costello Show" The Western Story (TV Episode 1953) Poster


Lou Costello: Hey, Abbott, isn't it beautiful country out here?

Bud Abbott: Wonderful.

Lou Costello: Look at all those cows out there. Get that big bunch of cows.

Bud Abbott: Not bunch - herd.

Lou Costello: Huh?

Bud Abbott: Cow herd.

Lou Costello: I beg your pardon?

Bud Abbott: Cow herd.

Lou Costello: Cow heard what?

Bud Abbott: Not herd what - cow herd.

Lou Costello: Cow heard what? I said look at that big bunch of cows out there.

Bud Abbott: Not bunch - herd! Herd of cows!

Lou Costello: Certainly I heard of cows, you dope. Any fool knows a cow when he sees it. That's a good bunch of cows I said.

Bud Abbott: It's a herd of cows.

Lou Costello: Yeah, I heard of cows.

Bud Abbott: That's what they are.

Lou Costello: A bunch of cows?

Bud Abbott: Sure, a bunch is a herd.

Lou Costello: A bunch is a herd?

Bud Abbott: Certainly. What's the matter?

Lou Costello: Like bananas. Look at that bananas of cows out there.

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