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A beautifully strange movie.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Like a Keret story, Jellyfish is economical - a mere 78 minutes - but it packs into its taut, intersecting storylines a charming melancholy and a surprisingly rich depth.
Marvelously inventive, often-ironic Israeli storyteller Etgar Keret and his life- and workmate, Shira Geffen, spin in Jellyfish a dreamy, arty, alluringly cockeyed tale involving three unrelated women in Tel Aviv.
These stories have as their justification that fact that they are intrinsically interesting. I think that's enough.
The scale is small, but Jellyfish has deep currents.
There's enough material here for a miniseries, but the directors keep the proceedings to 78 brisk minutes without making the viewer feel cheated.
Not for all tastes, but produces haunting juxtapositions.
The Hollywood Reporter
Several stories, or scraps of stories, are woven together in the making of Jellyfish ("Meduzot"), linked by common themes and a shared sense of humor, poetry and loss.
In spite of the entropy, Jellyfish is close to a comedy, with a gentle sense of absurdism and a welcome generosity toward its characters.
I have an aversion to such intricately interlocked movies as "Babel" or "Crash" -- for all their pretensions and astral connections they're basically stunts -- and my feelings about Jellyfish are much the same. But this film is handsomely made, and I won't soon forget the almost Jungian image of a wide-eyed child -- emerging from the sea with a red and white lifesaver around her little belly.
Although it runs 78 minutes, it feels like 78 hours.

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