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Nothing spectacular
Paul Magne Haakonsen4 February 2010
This movie is good entertainment, but it doesn't really bring about many laughs.

I was expecting something maybe in the likes of the American Pie movies or such, given the title of the this particular movie and the fact that it was labeled as a comedy.

The story was adequate, but the acting was good. For me, this movie failed to make me laugh, though it was basically funny throughout the movie, just not to the point where you laugh. It drew forth a couple of smiles, that was about it.

Despite the failure to make me laugh, I still found the movie to be good entertainment. I think this movie is perhaps one such movie that is best watched while nurturing a hang-over.
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A rare thing lately. A very funny "boobie" movie with a good cast. If you like occasional trashy comedy this is the one. I say B
Tony Heck8 November 2011
"If you need anything you call your cousin Roger and I'll hook you up. I never would have said that if I thought he was gonna take me seriously." After graduating from high school Alex needs help with his scholarship. When is internship goes bad he calls his cousin Roger (Lillard) for help. When Roger's job turns out to be less then advertised he is unsure of what to do, then he meets Laura (LeFevre) and they all come up with an idea. Everyonce in a while I enjoy the occasional low-brow comedy. This one is very comparable to "Girl Next Door" in the subject matter. This one involves the kids making money by opening a brothel instead of a porn movie. The cast is actually comprised of some pretty big names and is entertaining and funny throughout. When you watch don't expect an Oscar type movie, but this is actually one of the funnier "boobie" movies that have come out in awhile. Overall, a funny and entertaining way to spend an hour and a half. I give it a B (for boobies...ha ha)

*Also try - Chick Magnet & Finding Bliss
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its actually one of my always to watch movies when i feel down, hope you like it
sinisha-2-68869521 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
this movie isn't something special comparing to todays standards, but i really enjoyed it because its todays actors in 90's movie, i really liked it, i love matthew lillard and this is one of his best performances, its actually one of my always to watch movies when i feel down, hope you like it. a very heart warming story about two cousins one with secrets, making it through tough life, Roger is a Harvard dropout and his cousin trying to get in the Harvard is relying to get a job with him to get his scholarship, unfortunate his cousin is a pool cleaner with a degree only in aquatic engineering :) together they come up with ingenious plan to not only help one but both of them may benefit from this master plan
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The Pool Boys works
Michael Fulton13 October 2011
I thought the film was hilarious. There are points where the humor seems to be aimed at the teenage boy crowd with lots of bare breasts and occasional rude jokes, but over all a smart film with witty dialog.

Much like "Risky Business" the plot seems to be implausible, but no more so. At no point did I feel like a situation was thrown in just to get a laugh, which was so typical of "American Pie."

Matthew Lillard brings cleaver humor, while Tom Arnold shows his wild side, something we've not seen since "True Lies." Rachelle Leferve brought class to the film to counter the busty Playboy bunnies romping about.

Well worth seeing!
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Serviceable but forgettable
movieman_kev4 July 2012
Alex Sperling (Brett Davern of Awkward), fresh out of high-school hooks up with his cousin Roger (Matthew Lillard) when he needs a new internship after his first one is unexpectedly terminated. But turns out Roger exaggerated his place in life and is a mere pool boy. When Roger's place is being fumigated, he decides to stay at a vacationing client's mansion, which he soon turns into a makeshift brothel to help pay for Alex's tuition. Meanwhile Alex is falling for one of the prostitutes.

This film was merely OK for a lazy rainy day afternoon. It's never laugh out loud funny, but it's not as awful as other movies of it's ilk. The only gripes I had was I couldn't really buy Pedro from Napolean Dynamite as anything approaching a 'tough guy' and I still have no clue how they got the great Robert Davi to cameo. But that aside its a serviceable enough film.

Eye Candy: Simona Fusco shows T&A; Janine Habeck, Monica Leigh, Jennifer Walcott, and AJ Alexander get topless

My Grade: C+

Where I saw it: Cinemax
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Super funny and hilarious!
jdr1444719 January 2012
This movie had me laughing on the edge of my seat the whole time. Definitely making me second guess my college choices and career path :) On top of the witty humor, the beautiful women make it easy to watch as well. Loved the appearance of Tom Arnold!! Can't wait to see what the cast is up to next! Napoleon Dynamite and MTVs Awkward? I will be watching for sure! With a peeing statue, men dressed in animal costumes, a little girl eating brownies and a crazy adventure this movie is a must see! Brett Davern and Matthew Lillard are a hilarious dynamic duo that captivate the screen and will make you laugh to no end! A movie for the whole family...well maybe not! ;)
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Funniest Film of 2011 On Demand
filmpunk5517 October 2011
A bold statement, I know, but absolutely true. The Pool Boys rocks. I haven't laughed this hard in a film since the original Will Farrell's Anchorman.

It's in the style of the great Animal House, a film that knows how to go for it, holding nothing back. The dialog is fun, the performances are awesome, and the women are spectacular.

Rachelle Lefevre, in particular, is fantastic. So sexy and funny, she's now a series regular on CBS's A Gifted Man.

Its playing on Movies On Demand, so you can catch it with ease. Check out their red band trailer on You Tube and The Pool Boys Facebook page.
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Much Better Than Expected
filmgeek18-85-20423619 September 2011
I heard there is a release date for this film for Sept. 30, 2011, but I had a chance to see it at a screening already. I will admit I went with much trepidation, but by the time the film was done, I had a good time for two hours. This is definitely a genre film, in the vein of "Animal House," "Risky Business," and "American Pie," and even some Night Shift," thrown in. But every film falls into some kind of story structure, and "The Pool Boys" is no different.

This film is good-natured and is meant to be a feel-good film. Matthew Lillard and Rachelle Lefevre are quite good, actually making you care about their characters, and John Billingsley is a hoot as the Dean everyone wished they had. The party that wraps things up, is hilarious and worth the price of admission.

This film is what it is and doesn't pretend to be anything more, and it succeeds admirably. The film is never mean or hateful to its own characters. Enjoyable.
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A GREAT Entertainment !!!!!
edouardcoleman18 August 2011
First, don t compare it with American Pie. Thats not the same kind of movie.. I believe it is hard to guess when you watch the trailer whose the only goal is to sell it as an "american pie" film..

Actually this comedy is more pleasant to watch. For instance there are not such "embarrassing" scenes which, I think, are funny but finally you don t want to see again. Here the subject can sometimes be coarse, but not the way its been directed.

One of the best actor is the house :) The Pool Boys has the same setting than an thriller or a scary movie. Many strange characters in a manor!!!! It creates a nice atmosphere, funny and mysterious in the same time.

Well... I don t want to say more and spoil the film..

I really don t understand the bad rating here. Probably people who didn't even see the movie and expect something bad. Of course that s not a masterpiece but thats the kind of movie you like to watch and watch again with friends!!!!
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How to Make a Bad Movie
artpf22 October 2013
Alex is on his way to Harvard but needs a summer internship to qualify for a scholarship. When a job in D.C. falls through, he turns to his glib cousin, Roger, whom he thinks is an aquatic engineer.

Roger is, in truth, a Beverly Hills pool boy who offers Alex a job and promises to invent an internship to fool Harvard.

When a pool customer with a mansion goes on holiday for six weeks, Roger gets the idea to run a brothel and enlists Alex to keep the books. As the scholarship interview approaches, what could go wrong?

Been done before and I supposed the $15 budget was spent on Meth because it doesn't show in the film quality. Maybe it went to Tarzan. The film is really dumb. The part that is especially annoying is it takes this "insider" approach where the actors give a nod and a wink to the audience that they are in a movie. It doesn't work. It brings the film down to a Troma level and that's a micro budget.

15 minutes into this movie I actually thought close to 90 minutes elapsed! That's how bad it is.

My recommendation is don't bother
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