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One of the better "Movie" films - if that sounds like faint praise, it's because it is!
churchofsunshine23 March 2009
There seems to be a general rule of thumb now that a "Movie" franchise film is only really half-decent if Aaron Seltzer & Jason Friedberg aren't involved with the production. The good news then, is that in this case, they weren't. The people behind "Extreme Movie" are the same people who brought you "Not Another Teen Movie" which is one of the better spoof movies of recent years.

This is not the kind of movie you'd let grandma watch. It's not really the kind of movie you'd want your parents to catch you watching either, but it is perhaps the sort of thing teenagers would watch as a 'Date Movie'. It's juvenile and full of sex and fart jokes, not to mention a fair bit of nudity, so its not really for the easily offended. A film about teenagers and sex is by its very definition going to be a bit raunchy. At the grand old age of 35, maybe I'm getting a bit long in the tooth for these kind of teen 'High School' movies, but I do like comedy and spoof films so am always prepared to give stuff like this a chance, and I did find a couple of parts of this film quite funny and I did laugh. Also for once, I was disappointed that the film came to an end after just over seventy minutes - unlike with the 'Epic' and 'Disaster' movies, my brain cells weren't starting to fry and I could easily have sat through more of the same.

This is not a movie in the normal sense of the word but a series of skits with the common theme of teenage sex. Personally, I liked the guy who went to the wrong apartment by mistake dressed in a mask to act out a kidnap fantasy with a girl he met online - "Did anyone order a rape?" - it just cracked me up for some reason - not sophisticated by any means, but funny. This is definitely a film for the Lads rather than the ladies though.
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Save yourself
jennifer62630 October 2010
I've read IMDb reviews for years, either to research a movie before I see it, or check out whether others agree with my thoughts after the fact. I hope I've caught you as someone who hasn't yet seen this, because I registered with the site for the sole purpose of warning you. This "movie" is really just a series of moving pictures from the backlot of a fourth-tier porn studio that decided to have its actors get together between takes and try to put something "funny" together. To discount it as offensive and gross would be unfair to offensive and gross movies; it's just...pointless. No acting, no plot, no special effects, no jokes, just the constant repetition of naughty words and breast shots. Though I put this movie on in the background while I was cleaning the house (yes, I am intentionally including that disclaimer to distance myself as much as possible), I still feel that an hour of my life is forever tainted. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME.
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One Of The Worst Excuses For A Movie
Matt_Layden15 March 2009
I caught this flick before it was released and had no idea what it was about. The title instantly gives you a bad feeling all over. Is it really one of those franchise " ______ Movie". Is it really as bad as those films? The answer is no.

It is incredibly worse.

Ladies and gentlemen this flick has cracked my top ten on the list of the worst movies ever made. It is truly that terrible.

The film, if you can even call it that, has no virtually no story or plot. It is honest to god, a bunch of sketches. Something off of SNL or Mad TV, but for raunchy. There is one character that runs throughout the entire film and he tries to get the girl. Nothing new, original or funny there.

The "film" for some reason has recognizable names. Stars like Jamie Kennedy, Matthew Lillard, Frankie Muniz and Michael Cera. This "film" is an embarrassment for all involved and should be locked away with films like Belly or Carnivore.

Non of the sketches are funny. We've seen all these things before. It tries to be edgy, but comes off as juvenile. A woman gets her cellphone stuck in her vagina and it constantly goes off, pleasuring her at the most inappropriate times. A kid buys a sex toy, a life like vagina and the entire skit is his relationship with it, it becomes jealous and kills itself. Matthew Lillard some unknown reason inter cuts the sketches with unoriginal jokes that your father probably knows.

The only tolerable bit was Cera, and it's only because he sells it, not the writing.

For the love of god and all that is good, never watch this trash.
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Even the Razzies spat this crud out.
Lemon_Stick24 February 2009
From the offset this film tries so hard to pull off a 1999 teen comedy spoof, though it fails cringefully. The movie is just one incoherent skit to another - all involving different characters, with flashes to an awful 'Street confessions' mock TV show and film editing transitions of white noise, how windows 95. Also talent wise Frankie Muniz headlines the movie, which for an out of work child actor doesn't say a lot. Big name Michael Cera looks embarrassed through trying to bounce off other wooden 'actors' (I doubt they were even that) involved a small role in an equally unfunny scenario. And the porn scene... I think it's safe to say SAG have no idea where those artistes were hired from. The writers also embarrassed themselves implementing poor, poor imitation scenes from Weird Science, Girl Next Door and Not Another Teen Movie, so much it ruins the original.

Overall I felt hurt I had wasted my time watching this film, the very least they could have done was edit it so it all stories were linked and thus gave somewhat correlated chronology of events, instead of mind wobbling mess of themes. There was a main plot of the film nestled inbetween the separate dire toilet humour gags, though it was underdeveloped and poor.
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Basicall a bunch of unfunny skits
Floated24 October 2010
Extreme Movie is very deceiving in its name. Many people have assume that it was a spoof movie such as Epic movie, or disaster movie, but it isn't. Its basically just a bunch of skits of teens in embarrassing situations trying to get the girl. Though there's one main story, involving a kid-Mike (Ryan Pinkston) trying to get a girl from his class. That seems to come around here and there and ends up being there towards the ending. The setup of this movie reminded of the animation series of Robotchicken: a bunch of sketches which are zapped when finished. And the same thing is going on here. Mix Robotchicken with an average teen movie and this is what you get. Also the talented cast was wasted (Frankie Muniz, Michael Cera, Jamie Kennedy), they're only in about one scene which is pretty deceiving considering they get top billings and are on the cover of the poster. Overall this movie was just lame, unfunny and just horrible.
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This isn't even a movie
robertplant1931 August 2010
The best part about this movie was the credits....

Why is Matt Lillard a star guest playing himself in this movie...u did Scream and Scooby-Doo.

I have never done a review for a movie on IMDb but this movie was so horrible I had to come onto the site and register in order to help save others from wasting an hour and 10 minutes of their life.

This movie doesn't even deserve 4 stars...it doesn't even deserve to be on this website or considered a movie.

I've lost respect for all of the actors that took part in this movie, except for Kyle Gass and Michael Cera but what the hell were they thinking. And poor Will Forte...why did you write this movie. Jesus.
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Adequate to entertain but nothing very funny
Gordon-111 March 2009
This film is about a bunch of teenagers' encounter with sex in their school and outside school.

"Extreme Movie" is delivered in several segments, each unrelated to another. Hence, there is no coherent storyline, but just episodes of events that filmmakers think are fun to film. The film is adequate to slightly entertain, but do not expect anything very funny. The jokes do not really work either. It is quite a disappointment considering the number of big name actors in this film.

Putting things into perspective, "Extreme Movie" is way better than the recent spoofs such as "Disaster Movie". At least I did not feel bored or waiting for "Extreme Movie" to end.
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TheLittleSongbird2 February 2011
Extreme Movie is not the worst of its genre. When I watched, I was expecting a terrible movie, along the lines of Disaster Movie and Epic Movie. To give this movie credit, it is not as bad as those two. However, it is still a dire movie. The title is a head-scratcher, I wasn't sure what it meant by extreme, if it meant the humour I'll understand but if it was something else, sorry I don't get it. The film is rather cheap to look at, while the direction is decidedly patchy. The acting is pretty terrible, not the worst I've seen, but nobody seems comfortable with their material. Frankie Muniz is bland, Ashley Schneider is all looks no acting talent, Jamie Kennedy is uncharismatic, Michael Cera tries hard- in all honesty he is the only actor seemingly who tries- but struggles with bad material while Matthew Lillard is pointless. The biggest failings of Extreme Movie are in its humour and storytelling, the jokes are unfunny and the script is really lame on the whole, while the story is predictable and almost a non-event. I also hated the irritating characters and the ending, which felt really tacked on. All in all, a dire movie but I have seen worse. 1/10 Bethany Cox
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For a pretty respectable team of people, this was extremely disappointing.
bonehochane22 February 2009
I watched this movie because I'm pretty big Michael Cera fan and really nothing he's been in so far has been terrible... however, this movie looks like it was begging not to be watched. With a title like Extreme Movie, an embarrassing cover, and the fact that it's a Blockbuster Exclusive, honestly doesn't give it very much appeal. However, the cast seemed pretty good, the directors made a hilarious spoof movie (I loved Not Another Teen Movie), and the writers were impressive, many big name Saturday Night Live writers.

Even with all that hidden talent though, the movie turns out to be exactly how the DVD case made it seem... embarrassing. For the most part very, very low brow humor with not very spectacular timing or very good taste. The movie for some reason plays like a typical American Pie storyline with sketches randomly thrown in. Some of these sketches made me chuckle, but for the most part, every sketch went on way, way too long.

Michael Cera's sketch though actually had me laughing for a few hours after I had already watched the movie. It might seemed a little biased because he was the reason I watching the movie, but really his sketch was the only one that was casted perfectly. He's only in the movie for maybe ten minutes, if even that, and the first couple of minutes really nothing happened. However, if you're not sick of Michael Cera's awkwardness yet, then it's used perfectly here.

Other than that, Jamie Kennedy's sketch made me went to take a shower after watching it. Really disgusting. Thought I was watching porn... actually the majority of the movie kind of feels that way... Matthew Lillard's portions of the film were incredibly unfunny. He basically just sits in a chair and throws at you the old sex advice jokes you've heard from so many standups in the past. Honestly, this isn't a movie I would recommend. If you've been enjoying the movies Michael Cera has been putting out... then probably skip this one. It's really not worth waiting forty minutes from him to appear only to disappear moments later.
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A really, really awful movie
Kris Harris21 February 2009
Dimension have done it again..

Epic Movie was epically terrible, Disaster Movie was a disaster, and Date Movie.. I won't even go there. But no film has soiled the once funny 'spoof' format as much as Extreme Movie has.

I haven't enjoyed any of the films along this route apart from the original few Scary Movies. However, I was quite looking forward to watching this film, but now wish I hadn't bothered. Not once did Extreme Movie refer to a successful box office movie I have seen before, and I have seen a fair few 'teenage sex comedies'.

I wish I could say one good thing about this film but I'm struggling to do so. With no real storyline at all, this film really is ridiculous.. and the ending proves that. Not once did it make me laugh, and not once did I think the film would get any better.

The only reason I have given it a 2 is because of the one or two nudity scenes. Even those are pretty crap.
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Totally Extreme - Extreme disappointment that is.. ..
krahl-22719 February 2009
Its been a long and painful viewing experience for audiences and fans of the scary movie series as the recent bunch of spoof-movies (date,epic,disaster movie and meet the spartans) have been quite horrible. And then along comes this movie. I watched this movie hoping that it just might be good. But alas, what starts out as a hilarious opening scene quickly gives way to an utterly disappointing movie with some really awkward scenes.The movie itself is about teens going through the usual issues with sex and maturity (well just sex actually) and plays in the form of small episodes.The only probable reason to even watch this movie would be for its few good funny scenes,namely - the opening scene with Frankie Munitz,the misplaced cell phone,the mistaken room,the scene with the prostitute and the intermittent commentary scenes with Matthew Lillard.In fact,the most hilarious scenes are those with Matthew Lillard and are worth watching (but only these scenes).

All in all this movie which starts out promising is just another sad excuse for an attempt at comedy,which contains mostly awkward but un-funny scenes and pretty women (surprisingly enough), with the only good part being Matthew Lillard's jokes. Ultimately in the end not worth the effort or your precious time.What still amazes me though, is how in hell did IMDb give this movie a 7 out of 10???.
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John Smith20 March 2010
This is probably one of the stupidest movies i've ever seen. After seeing Scary Movie, which I thought was great. I thought anything that ended with the word "movie" would be good. I was VERY mistaken.

Now where do I start, well I know comedy movies can be disgusting and gross like in Scary Movie and it can still be funny, but not with this movie. Extreme Movie could be funny but it just ended up taking the sick jokes way too far and actually started to really annoy me.

I mean, comedies can be as disgusting as they want as long as they have a story behind it and at least one normal character that can lead us through it. Extreme Movie had neither, it was just a bundle of jokes that started to get annoying quickly, 12 year old kids playing with sex toys, just about every character was some sex addict, and it was just horrible. It was a waste of money and time and the character you think may be the normal character I was talking about hardly ever comes up or does anything the rest of the movie is just about stupid people doing stupid stuff that gets on your nerves after a while.

I could probably best describe this as a deranged orgasm in the form of a movie, if that makes sense, because I'm telling you now this movie doesn't. See my vote to see what I really think it's worth!
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Have time to waste?
gamerx088 April 2009
In one word the movie is PATHETIC!!!. It seems director had some wild weird kiddish imagination which he portrayed in this awful film. The script is very weak and the sense of humor was very cheap and bad . The movie was suppose to be in the same genre as that of euro trip or American pie but alas! it lacks the slightest of the humor when it comes to comparison with them!. Extreme movie is extreme waste of time. By the time movie ends you will realize you hardly laughed anywhere. The acting was o.k. Ryan Pinkston did fine but then movie is too bad to be covered up by the acting only. It has one use for sure .if you have an enemy gift him the DVD of this movie and you wont regret it!
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Don't, please don't!
Wouter de Groot5 April 2011
First of all, I love the simple 'you-don't-think-just-watch-and-laugh'-movies. That is exactly what I was going for when I put in this DVD. A mainstream storyline, some basic characters, mediocre acting, stupid jokes etc.; that's all! Now let's see what this movie brings; one or two good actors (can some1 explain to me why Michael Cera wanted to be in this movie; same for the guy from malcolm in the middle) and a few good looking girls! Together with some lame fart and sex jokes, these parts bring in the three stars I gave them.

Now lets have a look at the 7 stars I didn't reward this movie with. First of all, I'm completely missing a storyline. Only sketches! Oke, most sketches continue where the others end, but still...this is not enough for a storyline, not even for these kind of movies. Than we have the jokes; these are probably not as bad as I think right now, but that's due to the acting. Bad actors make bad jokes! The only time I was really laughing was during Michael Cera's sketch.

So we have no storyline, bad actors and bad jokes. Hmmm, you're still thinking about seeing this movie? Don't, please don't! Wout
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extreme(ly bad) movie: thoughts from an international viewer
twailer_twash15 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
i live in Ireland and had been looking forward seeing this for up to a year. i thought it was a so called "movie" movie but it wasn't so i kept looking into it and thought it would be funny and entertaining

and then when watching it recently i was excited and then watching it i was shocked by its stupidity

boring jokes, unfunny views and Andy Milonokas. it was crap

i loved (most of) the cast and thought they would make it, not even funny per se but entertaining.

the only good bits were with Matthew Lillard

i would not recommend this film to anyone with as brain or pulse and it was a waist of 75 minutes and 29 seconds of mi life

1*/10*: unbelievably poor
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Obscene and below the waistline, but funny and OK for 70 minutes
Stefan19 September 2009
You know this scene form "American Pie" which gave the movie its title - this movie is all about that topic an EVERYTHING else you can imagine about teenage sexual fantasies or fears.

There are worse "-insert topic- Movie"s, I actually laughed a lot, although it is a very rude humor. I don't know why it is called "Extreme Movie", but it fits the way that topic is depicted. If you liked "Not Another Teen Movie" then this one might be suitable for you, although the level of the humor is mostly lower.

Definitely not a movie for the really young or the elderly or Cannes-lovers, but enjoyable for a comedy fan who already took a shot at other "... Movie" movies.

PS: This is my first comment, right after THIS movie and some drinks, so I hope you don't mind.
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Truly Awful: watch if you hate cinema
Qwuijibo3 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
quite possibly the worst film of our generation: no plot, no character development, absolutely no story to be told. This is a sketch movie, and a very bad one at that. Michael Cera is top bill, he's in 1 scene, he really regrets being involved now.this is an awful movie, and not just bad in the sense of it's ironically funny, it's just EXTREMEly bad, avoid like the plague.

Mathew Lillard was this movies only saving grace. His attempts at sexual health tapes were pretty funny.

the musical scene at the end was also a bit humorous, but again severely lacking.
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Better than most of the "New Age Random Comedys"
Mr. Anonymous22 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
When I first saw the cover of this movie I thought "-oh my god here is another Random comedy movie" Yes this one was one of those movies that cut away from the story lines, but this was different in this it was a lot of funny jokes and surprising jokes. But mostly I would recommend this movie for the teens out there looking for a good movie to sit in your couch with your friends and laugh your asses of to sex jokes, nasty sex jokes, disgusting sex jokes and of course fart jokes. But this is just another random comedy movie but its better than most of the ones i Im going to tell you about now. By "New Age Random Comedys" movies i mean these last movies like "Disaster Movie", "Superhero Movie" and "Meet the Spartans". All of these movies are new and very bad comedies, these movies seem to create a new era of comedy movies. All these movies have a few things common, they have the worst story lines, all those cheesy jokes, all those jokes that are supposed to be funny but there not because the joke is sooo badly done. Sorry for maybe not telling so much about the movie just wanted to compare these movies to explain what I meant. Keep it Real!
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Not as bad as some have reviewed
trenchkrymor1 July 2009
So here's the deal, I caught only the last 3 skits of this movie and now I really want to see the rest of it. The fact that people are saying it's worse than the spoof movies that have been flooding theatres is complete garbage. It's not for everyone, imagine the most vulgar movie you have seen, this more than likely pushes the envelope a little bit farther. I am not a fan of American pie movies and things that fall in that genre, which this kind of does, what separates it from that style is that it's a few separate skits, no one falls in love, or learns a valuable life lesson to take it from crude entertainment into corniness. Not for everyone by any means, but if you like vulgar comedy this is worth checking out. Just don't take it too seriously.
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ehhh pretty bad
fradifiu2 October 2012
I watched this, i laughed at the scenes, but i still don't know what was it about. Actually this movie has not story. They just put random scenes together, its like watching 2 minutes long sitcoms Yes, its funny, and probably you wont stop it halfway, but not worth to watch this. Its like being stuck in a pervert, funny guy's brain, the sh.tstorm is just coming and coming. The main plot is that a looser teenage boy, try to pick up the hot girl, and try to lose his virginity. But the actual scenes that want to show this, is about 10-15 minutes. I watched this movie 5 minutes ago, and i don't remember everything. THAT sh.tty is this movie. The 3 point is probably correct, there are hundreds movies that are way better than this, don't waste your time on that
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Expected worse
seveleniumus28 August 2010
Going into this I expected something "Disaster movie" bad , but was kinda surprised when most of the segments had some actual humor in it good enough for few cheap laughs. The title is kinda misleading, from the "extreme" movie I didn't expect all jokes to be about sex, but oh well, could be worse, I guess. Anyways it's still a pretty bad picture with no plot at all and some parts doesn't make any kind of sense, I though that Matthew Lillard segments were completely pointless and did they really need to have that musical number at the end? I can't recommend it, but then again I'm not really a fan of this kind of humor and if you are, you'll probably find some fun with this flick.
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An actual positive comment about this movie
nyle9114 November 2009
My suggestion to anyone who is going to see this movie: Expect it to SUCK! The movie will in fact turn out a lot better if you keep that thought in mind. I actually to some extent enjoyed this movie, it was a perfect way to waste some unneeded time. And it most certainly was MUCH BETTER than Meet the Spartans and Disaster Movie, and I thought it was going to be worse since it was a Direct-to-DVD. It had its moments, some funny bits, many Stupid scenes, and it kind of gave me a Kentucky Fried Movie or Robot Chicken feel, but definitely not as good as either.

Remember to think negatively and the movie isn't as bad as you think.
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Crude even for a teen sex comedy
Enchorde21 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Recap: It is soon prom night and every teenager, boys and girls alike, think about sex. Some have more or less disturbing small adventures, shown in short episodes, all about one kind of sex or other.

Comments: A comedy split in small episodes, each with a little different story only loosely connected with each other. What they got in common is that at least one person in each episode is a teen who is attending the local high school.

The jokes is only focused on sex, and actually even more crude and low than they use to be in a teen comedy. Some is so bad it is only embarrassing, but then again, there are a few jokes which are still pretty bad, but where I couldn't help myself and laugh a little. Otherwise, perhaps the best part of the movie is that it is only 73 minutes long and over quickly.

What is a little surprising is that the they got such a big cast to agree to this, and surprisingly a few known actors and actresses. But as a movie, there are lot better comedies to choose from, there are even a lot better teen comedies to choose from.

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Kevin Hart was funny...
SnoopyStyle23 March 2015
It's a series of sketches about the teens at Great Bay High School. The senior prom is coming up and the kids have sex-ed. It's part spoof and part sex-romp. The team of Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson has made various broad spoofs. It's a lot of scattershot jokes vignettes and they don't hit that often. The major thing holding this back are the lead kid actors. They are not terribly funny on their own. The jokes are basically inappropriate sex jokes with very young actors. It's mostly not that funny. I like Kevin Hart and a couple of the scenes. The writing team has some very notable names. It would be interesting to see who wrote which section. That would have been fun to know.
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Worse than "Disaster Movie"
Rent_lola20 December 2014
I saw this tonight on Comedy Central after midnight. I've seen a ton of terrible movies and I rather enjoy the "so-bad-they're-good" genre of movie (ala Birdemic and The Room). Extreme Movie is just... So bad it's worse than Disaster Movie. I've watched both titles and I'll admit, I laughed once during Disaster Movie (also viewing it on Cable) during the break dancing scene and the bad stunt double bit. This piece of utter fecal matter didn't even make me smile. Even Kevin Hart and Micheal Cera's parts were awful and those two crack me up normally. I had to make an account to leave my rating and review for this crap fest. Please if you want to laugh, watch anything else, anything at all is much funnier than this. Not even worth watching if its on TV and there's nothing else on. Watch an infomercial, you'll have a better time guaranteed.
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