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This isn't a great movie. But it's sincere as an entertainment, it looks good, it's atmospheric, and I will perk up the next time I hear Gianna is in a picture.
The mixed-gene pool of talent doesn't quite jell, but a saving grace is Korean sweetheart Jeon Ji-hyun.
Gory but dramatically inert vampire schlocker.
Every scrap of footage here has been done better somewhere else.
While foreign viewers are apt to focus on the action, native English speakers can't help but notice the sheer awkwardness of the performances.
Blood's only surprise is that the filmmakers landed Gianna (also known as Gianna Jun, or Jeon Ji-hyun) for the lead. The South Korean megastar proves a more-than-capable action heroine, despite the creative detritus around which she has to navigate.
The finale of this tedious piece of Asian-ish action-schlock based on a popular anime series implies an intention to make more. One was plenty for me.
Suffers from abusive close-ups, repetitive fight sequences and uninspired demon design.
If only the projectionist could be persuaded to play the first 10 minutes over and over for two hours, this might be a satisfying movie. Unfortunately, the middle and the end feature a weak lead character, choppy fight choreography, humorless dialogue and computer-generated effects that look as if they came from the "Ghostbusters II" era.
Village Voice
Unexciting, incoherent, lamely acted, and carelessly written.

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