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One of Nicklodeon's most underrated shows
alexramirez-174-770711 December 2014
After hearing a fact that the creator of 'The Book Of Life' also produced this particular show, i decided to go on it's web-page on Nicktoons.com to see what lies in there for me. When i saw some episodes, never i thought that it would've blown me away.

To start off on my review, ill start with the most important element of any cartoon; The Story. It tells the life of a 13-year old boy named Manny Rivera, A young super-hero who is the son of a hero known as White Pantera, but unfortunately the son of a villain known as Puma Loco. Due to this, Manny Rivera's superhero alter-ego has to choose a side: Good or Evil. What makes the writing good is just how complex the Manny himself is (which I'll get into later) and how creative the writing can be with the premise of each episode. The only catch is that sometimes the story structure can get messed up and can be left with a few plot holes here and there, but that doesn't hold it back from being so well-written.

Now the Animation. They weren't kidding when they said this came from the creator of 'The Book Of Life'! This is possibly some of the most creative animation to come out of Nicklodeon! The backgrounds and setting are set in a Dia de Los Muertos theme and they look amazing and it can get really colorful at times. Same applies to the character design and animation. Not to mention that it can get pretty fast at times and it's not so sudden like in other Nick cartoons.

The Characters are just right down likable. El Tigre/Manny, like i said before, is such a complex character with him having a hard choice to be Good or Evil. This can make him one of the most Likable Nick protagonists of all time. Manny's Best Friend/ Possible Love Interest, Firda is one of the funniest female kid characters nickelodeon has written. Plus i like that they don't make her so focused on her comedic/tomboy side to the point she becomes annoying, they keep her funny yet likable at the same time. Even White Pandara and Puma Loco are funny and likable. Same with the main villains (Santana, Black Cuervo, El Oso)

Why don't people talk about this as often as Spongebob and TMNT? Pepole, go to the web-page of this show on Nicktoons' website and go see the episodes of them and have a good time in Maricle City!
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Surprisingly Rather Enjoyable
Nymo24 July 2007
I know many out there would just instantly think that 'El Tigre' should have stayed in the little Nick film festival it was first shown off at, but I somewhat beg to differ..

Out of the couple new Nick shows shown off in the past year, this has to be one of the more enjoyable ones I've seen, and out of all the Hispanic-based cartoons (others being dora, that other dora spin off, and -shudder- mucha lucha), I'd totally take this over them, especially Mucha Lucha, I can't stand that show..

If you expect something educational or something of moral value, you're out of luck.. The adventures of Manny Rivera is basically very random adventures with very random humor, just in what looks to be set in a Mexican city..

overall, Quick-witted, random humor, with a hint of action sequences. Kinda strange, you'd imagine with an cartoon intro showing off the 'El Tigre' super hero character a majority of the time, and the family's back story, you'd imagine it all action or something all-to-most of the time, like, oh, Danny Phantom action.. (well, all this based off two episodes, "Zebra Donkey" and "Moustache")

But I'm quite a sucker for very random humor, and the show can quite deliver in that..

Something else I have to sort of praise about it is that it's a rather slick looking cartoon. From backgrounds, character design, all in a Flash-animated cartoon.. Sort of like 'Fosters Home', but based in a Mexican style city, and a bit more action sequences..

All in all, I'd rather watch more of this rather than any other new show that's on Nick's On Demand menu right now.. oh, And easier to get into than 'Mucha Lucha' in my book..
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El Tigre is a clever and specially amusing comedy in a cartoon form
Mikeltje .26 April 2010
El Tigre must have been pulled because it would have overtaken spongebob in popularity as it is witty and has a lot of funny (well timed) jokes and fun stuff going on.

I found myself having the same feelings about stuff they creators of the show have (yes i do have a fetish to pop every bubble in bubblewrapping).

This is one of those shows that got pulled because it was way to good and modern, American's do not like funny humor.. come to think of it... same with Germans.

Short: Watch it, i'm 23 i enjoy the shows a lot way more than my younger brother (8 years) because i've got more life experience which you need to understand most of the jokes.
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It was terrible...
Rectangular_businessman13 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Oh dear.

This was such a terrible cartoon, and it was one of the first instances of Nickelodeon's Network Decay. At first, I thought that "El Tigre" was going to be a bland rip-off of "Mucha Lucha" (Another bad and poorly made animated series) Unfortunately, it turned out to be much worse than that, because while "Mucha Lucha" was incredibly boring and unfunny, at least, it wasn't so irritating as this awful cartoon.

"El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera" not only had a terrible animation (With hideous, incredibly unappealing character designs and a eye-searingly ugly use of colors) but also had some of the most characters that I've ever seen in any other cartoon before.

I guess that the writers were trying to make to protagonist a "complex" character making him unable to chose between being a hero or a villain...Sadly, instead of that, he just appear to be an amoral jerk who is not even funny and in Manny ways wasn't much better than his enemies. I also disliked a lot Manny's Best Friend, Frida, who was also another amoral, unlikeable character.

The only good thing about this awful series was Carlos Alazraqui voice acting in the role of Grandpapi Rivera (Who was also another annoying and unfunny character, but the voice acting was good) "El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera" was an awful series which is best forgotten. It was so bad that it almost made "Mucha Lucha" look good in comparison, being dumber and having much more idiotic stripes. I think that is shame that even today, Nickelodeon keeps producing terrible animations like this.
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A Slight Interest
mirosuionitsaki222 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
EL TIGRE: THE ADVENTURES OF MANNY RIVERA is a cartoon show aired on Nickelodeon about a Hispanic boy who has powers similar to a strong cat. One thing I do like about this show is that he doesn't keep his identity a secret, which can cause him to be popular instead of having people think he's dull and never there for the excitement.

I do have a slight interest of this show. I just don't like American cartoons about Spanish people. It seems educational when the Nickelodeon Animation Studios aren't trying to be educational.

I do like one episode though. The Party Monsters one. I recorded it as a test with my digital camera, and I had to watch it. It seemed okay how the nerds ended up being popular because they could turn their nerdiness into saving the people that bullied them and also themselves. That seemed really nice.

I recommend this show for ages 4 through 11.
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Fun and wacky fast-paced stuff going on around here.
ultramatt2000-125 August 2007
Yelling, crashing, exploding, mischief, face and body alterations, and expressing emotions in an exaggerated manner. The stuff that cartoons these days are carrying since the late- eighties. Created by Jorege Gutierez, inspired by the Mexican masked-wrestling craze from his home country, this cartoon tells the tale of a boy named Manny Rivera, who becomes a El Tigre. He lives with his father, White Pantera, a super-hero and Puma Loco a retired super- villain. He must choose between being a hero or a villain. Going back, he has a wacky best friend, Frida who is the singer of the band, The Atomic Sombrero. The villains are wacky and hilarious. I discovered it has a shade of STAR WARS because he has a choice between being a hero or a villain, which is why I am glad Jorge Gutierez made that idea, because if he was going to be a villain, then we would end up what would look like, a Latino DENNIS THE MENACE running around (or amok). After watching eight episodes, I noticed that this show is great. It is like the new MY LIFE AS A TEENAGE ROBOT. I found some similarities between this show and THE HI HI PUFFY AMI YUMI SHOW. They are both Flash-animated, but PUFFY has Japanese references and TIGRE has Spanish references. The best part is you can learn some Spanish. I find nothing wrong with this show what so ever. There is a lot of good moral for the kids to learn. It teaches kids that the world is not coated with sugar, and it teaches them to play with the cards they've got and play them right. Unlike SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS. He is nothing but a pest. He drives Squidward and other characters up the wall. Then kids copy and drive other people, no matter the age and gender, completely bananas, and when they get bullied they are screwed. Worst part is about SPONGEBOB, is that apart from a predictable plot, he is taking too much air-time and franchising!!! I am angry at the Sponge! Thank goodness there is shows like EL TIGRE and TEENAGE ROBOT. Besides the character designs in the show are good, not to mention the classic Hanna Barbera stretching noise as heard in such cartoons as THE FLINTSTONES, THE JESTSONS and SCOOBY-DOO. The best part is, that it ranked number 15 on the list of America's top- rated shows. Perhaps the viewers are Latinos apart from kids. I give this a four out of five stars. Really fun entertainment for the entire family, but it is rated TV-Y7 for comic and fantasy violence, mischief, crude humor, and all manner of wacky going-ons.
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I wish there was more because it's awesome
ceesolano23 August 2017
I remember watching this cartoon back in the day, I clearly remember Loving it a lot, the Animation is truly something to admire, I'm pretty sure it was also in Book of life, just in Computer Generated, out of all the Great shows Nick Needs to bring back, El Tigre is my number one choice, next to Teenage robot & Danny Phantom. I'm Mexican myself so of course I would find El Tigre Awesome
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