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interesting premise, great cinematography
woosa9911 May 2007
some other comments (in particular one in which the person openly admits they did not watch past the first five minutes, yet still criticizes the show) state the show is cliché or is too much like prison break. I think that couldn't be farther from the truth. This show plays upon the paranoia of terrorism that is prevalent in society not by calling us to fear terrorism more but rather to fear what it would be like to be wrongly accused of terrorism, especially in a country and a world where simple accusations can increasingly be the be all and end all. The show has a great premise, the actors do a decent job, and the cinematography captures the rush of the plot without going over the top "hollywood." and you cannot criticize the director either, someone who has direct :Without A Trace", and several other popular shows, he definitely knows what he is doing. I'd say take a look at the pilot online or maybe when it's played again on television, and see it for yourself before you accept the word of individuals who did not even really give it a full chance themselves. I think it could be a pretty impressive show, and I usually am hard to please about dramas and shows that seem adrenaline driven.
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Excellent thriller
ysid9610 May 2007
The traveler was a very exciting and interesting show. Many times with a pilot episode of a series you have to wait a few episodes for the series to start getting better. With this new series, that is not the case. It was compelling, fast paced, and had a believable story line. It kept you guessing throughout the episode and made you anticipate what would happen next. The leading actors Matthew Bomer and Logan Marshall-Green were very believable in their roles. They had good chemistry as best friends. Another good thing about this series is that it's not your average cliché police story and even though the police are very much involved, the storyline is focused on the two college students Tyler and Jay who are suspected of terrorism. Looking forward to the next episode.
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Godfrey878 June 2007
Great new show. Guaranteed to be worth your time. It's like a glide from Runaway (TV Series) to Vanished (TV Series) to Prison Break (TV Series). Lots of twists and suspense. Draws you in. Right choice of characters, who play their parts perfectly. Unpredictable. I would recommend that you eat before you start because you just might find yourself developing ulcers, as once you start, eating isn't priority. I'm probably not the best at judging TV shows, but then this, I feel, deserves very good reviews and hopefully some awards. Great performances by Matthew Bomer, Logan Marshall-Green, Aaron Stanford, William Sadler, Steven Culp and Pascale Hutton.
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An excellent conspiracy-drama.
Einsiedeln11 May 2007
A quick-moving serial drama, "Traveler" is one of ABC's new summer-season shows... and from the preview premiere that aired May 10th, it looks extremely promising.

Jay, Tyler, and Will are grad students on the cusp of embarking on a two-month long summer roadtrip, stopping off in New York for one last night of the high life before they begin driving. Events unfold, however, that place the trio smack dab in the middle of a terrorist attack, and subsequently they're considered the prime suspects and pursued by the authorities.

But things are a bit more complex than they seem, and the problems continue to become more and more labyrinthine as the premiere goes on. A mix of modern political thriller, post-9/11 conspiratorial mystery, and well-constructed eye candy, "Traveler" promises to be a solid entry into ABC's roster of productions. I know I'll be watching once the show premieres in late May.
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Great Show!
Smallville_Owns_Me11 May 2007
I watched the show's pilot last night and I truly hope that the show takes off as a recurring show on ABC. The cliffhanger style plot is what ABC needs to combat FOX's 24 and NBC's Heroes.

Even after the first episode I am hooked already. The acting is great, and although some of the plot is a bit predictable in the pilot, some of it really surprised me. Aaron Stanford (Will Traveler) is a great actor and he really pulls the show together at its weaker points (I am normally not a huge fan of constant flashbacks, but somehow...the show makes it work with him).

Give the show a chance, I bet it will surprise you. ABC has been looking for a hit starting with Men in Trees then October Road...which I thought was a failure all together, but I think Traveler has the potential to gain a large fan base. But the only way this is possible is by having people watch the show.

So watch the pilot, its online at, see for yourself what I am talking about.
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Vail00306 June 2007
I think the show is pretty good & deserves a fair chance. The plot has a good and realistic post Sept. 11th spin to it. The character development is very good & draws in viewers. It's kind action packed like "24" with a twist, although we are not dealing with Jack Bauer. Like 24 we never know who to trust. Fog's father played by William Sadler is an example of a character you don't know much about. He is Tyler's father. Will he betray his own flesh and blood? Sadler does a good job playing the shady character. Traveler picks up on the current almost guilty until proved innocent track our nation is taking. Give the show a fair chance. It deserves more than just 8 episodes. I feel as though this show will prove itself.
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Pretty good
rabidabid11 May 2007
Am watching the pilot after putting it on my DVR. I don't quite get the folks who say it's too soon to show a building being blown up in NYC. Last year United 93 turned 9/11 into a commercial (though harrowing) venture (with a 12 million dollar opening weekend). And the Discovery channel and its cousins have been documenting those events with commercial breaks for at least five years.

Beyond that, it's kinda hoaky and melodramatic, but still thrilling. In some ways it's more believable than Prison Break (and I'm a fan). One would have to be a conservative ideologue not to believe the show's premise. This plot offers a lot of possibilities, and they've handled it better than I expected.
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Best show this season!
PlainSerendipity11 July 2007
Traveler is one of the freshest shows I have seen in a long time. There are not many shows that I enjoy, but this one has been one of the few. Everyweek I am more and more intrigued. Travler always keeps me on the edgeof my seat and I have even canceled plans in order to watch it, even though I could just TiVo it, but I can't help but wonder what will happen to each of the characters next! Every show you become more and more involved and don't want it to end. The acting is great and the chemistry between the actors is wonderful. Everyone should be watching this show, its the best thing since Lost. If you haven't started watching it yet, you have absolutely no idea what you are missing!! Start watching it now.
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What a cool program
thebodyguard_111 May 2007
Last night, I caught the sneak preview of the new ABC show "Traveler" which is about three friends who go on a two month road trip on for two of them to be betrayed by their one friend and set up for an act of terrorism. Now on the run from the law, they must figure out who their friends was and why he set them up.

This was a fast and fun program. I look forward to following it in the coming months and I think ABC may have a super fun journey for the summer. I highly recommend that anyone who is looking for a new Thursday night fast pace thriller check out Traveler. It is full of a few twist and turns, but is a little predictable. I get a similar feel of the Fugitive from this show so who knows? It could turn into one of those total American summer thrill rides in which everyone tunes in just to see what will happen next.

Travler airs May 30 at 9/8 Central on ABC. Check local listing for further listings.
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ABC's answer to FOX's Prison Break
CanadianPrincess11 May 2007
Wrongly accused men trying to prove themselves as innocent...realize that they are merely pawns in a larger scheme....sounds a lot like Prison Break, doesn't it? ABC's TRAVELER revolves around 2 intelligent graduate students, Tyler and Jay, who have been wrongfully accused of blowing up New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. The show pretty much revolves around the two boys trying to clear their names, finding out why they were involved, and finding out what their "friend" Will Traveler has to do with it all.

I think that after realizing the huge fan base that Prison Break has, a show aired on FOX, ABC realized to pick up a similar show, hoping for the same popularity. However, the show does share many similarities to Prison Break, and this will only hinder its fan base growth...common get an original idea! Other than the fact that the are using an already popular storyline, the directors have done a great job in filming, with crisp shots and nice cinematography. The storyline is good, and does keep you guessing. The 2 main actors are also likable, and make the show a pleasure to watch.
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8 episodes of entertainment
Dissection 66612 June 2008
Traveler was very interesting series. I enjoyed it from the first episode. Too bad the show was cancelled after 8 episodes. The acting was good. The story had lots of twists. Especially i liked the fast pace of this show. I enjoyed this show because it had many action scenes also. Will Traveler was the most interesting character for me because you don't know almost nothing about him and he seems to know a lot about what's going on. And you want to know more about him and the conspiracy. Overall this show surprised me because of how good and interesting it was. I would suggest watching this series if you like conspiracies and action.
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Give It A Chance
hqfedlegion-111 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I think this is one of the better things I have seen in a while. I initially was worried that the lawyer student was some wide eyed, goody two shoes. Until he realized he had been played. Then his reaction is exactly what I have always wanted. He realizes that the world is not always good, and that sometimes you have to fight.

The bell hop/assassin is great! The best advice he gave them was the truth in that: Trust no one but yourselves. He either knows that they are getting screwed and wants to protect them even from 'family' and 'friends' or its just some innocuous comment. Either way, from the previews for the 1st episode, its very true.

Although it does suspend disbelief in that no one but 'Will Traveler' died. In that art museum I think much more would have, but then they covered themselves saying it was more napalm than anything.

In any event, I like anything where the back story says it took 2 years to plan. Better than just things falling into place by accident or happenstance. I hope we see more of the bell hop/assassin. Characters like that are more complex as you never know whose side they are on, or even if they are on a side.

Good pilot! Give it a Chance!
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Another Great Show For ABC
Giving it a 10 might be a bit generous as it wasn't perfect, but I love it none the less. I really hope this show does well, and ABC doesn't pull it off the air. It has a great plot, great actors and great characters. What isn't there to like?

I cant see it going on for several seasons, but prison break & 24 found a way. So hopefully this show will last long enough for me to blink.

Hmmm.... how else to make 10 lines?


I cant wait for the next episode.


Make sure you all tune into the pilot again on May 30th!
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It's the Hottest Thing Since Fire!
rochanas31 May 2007
I love this show! I really hope that ABC does it justice and doesn't cancel it like when NBC canceled the Black Donnellys. Jerks. The show is such a fun thrill ride, and it's a nice change from the crap-lousy deal or no dealesc game shows and suck reality TV. Does anyone else remember the good old times when all that was on TV was soap operas and sitcoms. Now, I may only be 15, but I still remember when there was no reality. Now those times are gone. Boo. But seriously, this show is amazing and everyone should give it a chance. And, if nothing else, the 3 leads are HOTTT guys. Especially Will, who is played by Aaron Stanford, Pyro from X-men. Wow he's hott. And there not soap opera stars who can't act, they are all great. Everyone should see this show.

This show is the hottest thing since fire!
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ifilm-230 May 2007
This is a great action thriller. I was just flipping channels and it grabbed my attention and held it. It is a wonderful blend of action, suspense and character development. It is both believable and scary. While "The Fugitive" idea is not new, having two young people on the run with different backgrounds and different perspectives allows for greater tension. The mystery that they have to solve seems to be far more complex. The premiere was fast-paced and exciting. With television currently filled with boring staged "reality" programs, one-joke sitcoms, and cop shows that seem to be reusing the same scripts, this was refreshing. We need more shows like this.
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ldoell-219 June 2007
Awesome show!!!!!!!!! It's about time there is a show out there that is entertaining and keeps you in suspense of what will come at them next. Nice to see some "new" characters as well playing these bigger roles. They've had small roles in prime time television before so it's nice to see them move up as the main characters. I hope this show continues on after this first season. I would definitely watch it. I know some people are saying it's too redundant, we've seen it before, but we haven't, not in this form. The shows we've seen before are mostly from the investigative side - the CSI's and Law & Order's. This is a nice change to watch it from their side and not know what's going to happen next. It's a great show.
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Interesting, new mystery
cadillac2024 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
We have seen this before, but none the less, this pilot left me compelled. It seems like it could be a great show if it doesn't get too ridiculous. I like where it is going though. Nothing too out there or hard hitting, but it is fun and intriguing.

I specifically liked the main characters and their relationships. The focus on characterization is a nice change and it's good to see these seemingly have-it-all cliché rich-types have some family imperfections. The tension is also pretty good, although some leaps of logic take place, such as a NY cop losing a college student, while a middle aged woman is able to keep up. Despite this, the issue is saved by constantly playing guessing games with what's happening next. This may just be one of the copy cat, cinematic T.V. format shows to keep watch for next season. Heck, it'll be great for a summer without LOST (although, these days, some may think that's not saying much).

Anyway, check this one out, it's pretty entertaining.
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Love this show
Becca L12 July 2007
I love this show.

I'm normally not one to get sucked into any TV series however, this one caught my eye. I now wait in anticipation every Wednesday for a new episode; it's ridiculous! Yes, perhaps it is a little dramatic and whatever else critics may say- I don't care, I absolutely love it!

I'm no expert in the film/acting industry but from my perspective I believe that the story line is written fairly well, the cinematography is awesome and the acting (esp. by the 3 leading men) is carried out superbly.

I can't wait for next week!
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Underrated - entertainment left unfinished
reneweddan30 May 2011
Sadly, this series was short-lived, but luckily it allowed Matthew Bomer to move on with his career which brought us White Collar.

This series is definitely worth watching, it has great dialogue, amazing acting, and perfect cinematography.

It would be a stretch to say this show is flawless, but it sure does seem that way, in terms of potential. Traveler should've been renewed for a second season at the least, but instead, we get 5 episodes less than a full first season.

Prepare yourself to enjoy your time, but also be aware that there is no series finale, so your heart will long for closure, but you'll be met with intrigue and excitement.
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Excellent Production, "On The Run" Escape Drama
sprintmusic27 June 2008
Excellent production. Photography, cast, writing, direction and pace. It was a great forum/vehicle for some fine actors like Aaron Stanford as well as Matthew, Logan and Pascale . Looked really good in HD as well.

I suggest to anybody to watch if they can, it was fine dramatic entertainment and escape. It's time we all had a great "on the run" drama to sink into weekly.

The theme of "corruption with the system" seems to be popular right now with audiences, but can not seem to make a long run on the big networks. This show had so much potential I was sad to see it go. Also disappointed Warners cannot get the short run onto DVD at least.
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Amazing Show
dhelms_ucf9 April 2008
This show is amazing and should definitely be put back on the air.

I can't believe they choose to put pushing daisies and cavemen on the air over this show. Those shows are pretty terrible.

I watched the first 3-5 episodes of pushing daisies and absolutely could not take it anymore. That show will be taken off the air a lot sooner than traveler would have been. Traveler keeps people wanting more. I couldn't wait for traveler to be on every week.

I am really hoping that the people at ABC realize how popular this show actually was. In the right time slot,this show would be really well for ABC.
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canceled? I'm devastated
Hel Hav25 November 2007
It just started here in Sweden and it is great! I love the intrigue; it's a new twist on an old plot! And now I learned ABC has canceled it!! I'm devastated. Why? What more can you ask fore in an action plot? Lost can go on forever. 24 can not go on forever, and how much can 24 renew it self. Is it season 7 now? Prison break is staring to get BORING, pathetic and ridiculous, and I have never followed Lost. Traveller was really filling up that boredom and would have been a great SUCCESSOR! What is ABC afraid of? Taking the battle with heroes?! The show is okay but is too much fiction. Getting a really god action show after Lost?! Would it be so bad for ABC? For once, I really hope ABC reconsiders and bring it back! I love the boys great cast!! Love from Sweden
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Great show!
mackanen20 November 2007
What a great show! It just started to air in Sweden and Im a huge fan, one of my absolute favorite series right now. Its thrilling from the beginning and I think the acting is really good too, especially Matthew Bomer (Jay) and Logan Marshall-Green (Tyler).

I was shocked when I found out it was canceled!! Why is all the good series canceled nowadays???

Whats wrong?? Its aired for a couple of weeks and than its over. Give it a chance!!

Its a shame!

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Strong concept. Wrong timing?
Seriesperson16 October 2007
This show had all the ingredients to become another popular hitseries. The only reason I can come up with for ABC to cancel it, would be just that; another hitseries. With 24 and Prisonbreak as the fast paced action series of this moment, Traveler would not stick out in comparison to those two. Terrorism and a manhunt combined, it does not offer the next best thing in a television series, because the previously mentioned two do that already with high standards.

On the other hand, it is a nice series and maybe there's always room for one more. The acting was satisfactory, the story lines pretty interesting and the suspense was also well developed. Eight episodes is on the other hand just what it is; a preview of what could have been. Cancellation was in my opinion premature and this series had the potential of growth towards the standards of PB or 24.

ABC seems not to be interested in potential. They want fact. Sorry, but you'll have to give us more time then just 8 episodes to give you guys guarantees on your viewer ratings. Missed chance.
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Great Show. It deserves way more!~!
Roxburyfunny124 September 2007
Why plug a show for the summer that turns out to be wonderful and saves the summer and then less us in the lurch with only 8 episodes. That is incredibly unfair. The show has a great story line wonderful characters and a definite something that makes you stay hooked and on the edge of your seat. You wanted just as much as Jay and Tyler to prove their innocence and to find out who Will Traveler really was. It left to many questions and enough stuff for another season. I really think that fans of shows like 24 and Prison Break will enjoy and if it still has the none stop action that we got with just the first 8 episodes, then Traveler could definitely be one of the hottest shows of 2007. The creators and ABC knew what they were doing when they decided to give us an action packed drama with a wonderful cast. Some faces you may recognize from X-Men and some are new faces who you will know and get to love them. I recommend this show to anyone who likes good television and is looking for something fun, good and different!~!
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