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Season 1

19 Sep. 2006
A criminal plot is told from the crooks point of view.
26 Sep. 2006
FBI is on the track of Annie, the Honolulu Police is on the track of Jeff. Hope suspects Bobby's team of the museum robbery. Annie, Tom and Jeff plan a robbery of a sensitive information database. Bobby wants to quit after 4-5 more jobs.
3 Oct. 2006
Hope follows Bobby. Jeff's victim's brother is on his track. FBI visits Annie's ex-husband in prison. The gang is going to steal a van needed for their next job, precious metals. Shawn's creditor visits Joe, then threatens Macy.
27 Mar. 2007
Bobby takes care of Shawn's creditor. The team hires a hacker Tom knows. Jeff meets a waitress. Hope follows Bobby to his business trip to Houston.
3 Apr. 2007
The team carries out a daring gold heist, but are they in danger of being double-crossed?
17 Apr. 2007
The cousin of the two men Jeff gunned down in the first episode comes after him for revenge, whilst Hope's suspicions and worries about Bobbie's secretive behavior increase.
24 Apr. 2007
Jeff and Tom steal a valuable baseball, while Annie starts to feel lost and lonely. Meanwhile Bobby is thinking about the next big job.

 Season 1 

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