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So far so good.....
ceche20 October 2006
It's really quite early to tell (series 1, episode 5), but so far this show is excellent. James Woods simply rules the show with his overly sarcastic and yet compassionate character, he should be considered for an Emmy. However, his co-stars are also very good, each one of the young lawyers working alongside Stark represents an aspect of the Shark himself and the actors are very good at conveying that. I strongly recommend this show to "Cold Case" fans, as there are some similar elements: flashbacks showing the play out of the crime, gripping turns of events and especially a lot of charisma from the main character & co. The script is very effective in guiding the viewers through the legal (or not) ramifications of each case, managing to keep them stuck to their seats without the aid of distracting tricks. Everything revolves around Stark's natural habitat, the courtroom, however the underlining story lines are not suffocated by it, nor do they distract the viewers from the main focus. Finally, last but not least, the humour is fantastic, the jokes are always original and witty, not to mention delivered in a perfectly clever way, through the truly masterful performance of James Woods. I don't watch a lot of TV, but I thought this was worth the effort, I hope you will as well.
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Let James Woods be James Woods!
ancatdoh29 September 2006
I've seen the first two episodes, and within the confines of a one hour network TV lawyer drama, Shark is very good, and for James Woods fans, lots of great James Woods moments. Dialogue sounds like it was written for him, and we get that great Woods sarcasm and slashing style.

I had long since abandoned network TV, but this one had a pretty good premise and James Woods is perfectly cast.

Some great chemistry with all these egos (DA, LAPD brass, defense lawyers), and the daughter adds some depth and a human side his character tries hard to hide.

Sure, there's overlap with his character in the McMartin Pre-School movie, but still worth putting down the remote for an hour on Thursday nights.

A must see for James Woods fans, and this show could earn him some new ones.
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Woods sets it apart
glennsouthall9 December 2007
Shark is a classy, although formulaic investigative/courtroom drama series joining a host of similar efforts coming out of the States, such as CSI, Boston Legal, Law and Order and so on. The premise is nice....former top defence lawyer turned champion of the people for self-redemption...and the performances, scripts, production etc is of the high standard one would expect in this well proved line. But what sets it apart and propels it to a different level is James Woods. Better casting for the part of the sharp, supremely confident and wise-cracking ("Don't shoot, this is a new suit")lawyer is impossible to imagine. In fact it is because he is so good that I rate the series as a 9 and not a 10. How does that work? Well, without Wood's brilliance the few scenes in which he does not appear seem unduly flat and tame by comparison. Unfair, I know, but Woods is that good.

Sadly, the series is a one trick pony (crime-suspect-twist-shark prevails) which means it can't run forever, so get it while you can and immerse yourself in witnessing a true master of his craft revelling in a vehicle tailor made for his talents.
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Unique, well scripted show
familyguyrocks-17 December 2006
I love this show for many reasons. One, I love James Woods. He's a great actor and does a terrific job playing the role of a determined ex-defense attorney becoming exactly what he used to defend his clients against. Two, I love the story lines and how fast paced this show is. From the beginning, each episode leaves you on the edge of your seat waiting for more. There are so many emotional elements in each episode that'll make you laugh, cry, become upset, and become anxious all within 10 minutes of one another. Lastly, this show offers what most crime/law dramas don't offer: The personal lives of the main characters (Danielle Panabaker does a terrific job with her role also). You will not be disappointed with this show, it is one of the best dramas out there right now. I really hope CBS will hold on to this show for at least 5 seasons or more.
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One man domination.
haildevilman2 October 2007
James Woods has played everything from cops to serial killers to politicians. His intensity makes him one to watch. Thanks to 'Shark" I can watch him weekly.

Woods owns this show from beginning to end. NO one else could make this work anywhere near as well. And the best part is his supporting cast doesn't seems to mind just following along.

That said, his support does a great job. And is it just me, or does Henry "Isaac" Simmons resemble WWE's "The Rock?" Woods' snarky attitude combined with the character's never-say-die motif make every scene he's in a joy to watch. And the trial scenes are a blast.

Welcome to TV James. Keep the greatness going.
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Beginning of Shark
writer997-129 October 2006
James Wood plays that quick, no nonsense type of personality that gives credence to what real Prosecutors are like. Dig deep, get every tidbit of information you can before you go after the person being accused. That is what the real team does..they go to every person that the one accuse of doing the crime has had contact with and follow every lead until they are exhausted. No clue left unturned. I do believe this is going to an exciting series if given the chance. I realize there are many law and order type films out there, but this one seems to be more realistic. It not only goes into the court room, it goes into the life of the Prosecutor with his family and the problems that his profession has caused. Too many hours working, missing too many special occasions etc; I will continue to watch it unfold and see where it leads us.
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Julia13 May 2007
This is the sort of thing i've been waiting to see for a long time..

Recently crime and/or drama series have started to become repetitive. They seem to have lost some of their edge. 'Shark' was obviously made to blow out the cobwebs.. very refreshing..!

James Woods is excellent as 'Shark'.. very believable as the 'dad'.. It will be interesting to see how he balances that with his work.. However i hope the series WON'T be concentrating too much on that..

I like the way the story progresses towards a huge ending.. you know its going to be exciting..! The courtroom scenes are really believable, very intense..

Extremely gripping stuff.. About time too..
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Shark is Seasoned ***1/2
edwagreen23 October 2007
James Woods, a fabulous actor, has a major hit on his hands with the television show "Shark." He is just magnificent as a fast-talking, brilliant former defense attorney, who had a change of heart when he got a client off only for the latter to subsequently kill his wife.

As a divorced man, with a very precocious daughter, Woods is engaging as he gets his staff to battle crime literally. He is a forever driving force with his group. Nonetheless, his actions pay off.

Danielle Pannabaker co-stars as his daughter, very bright but not that perceptive. At the end of each show, the stories generally focus about her. The girl knows how to get in trouble. I hope that tragedy will not ensue.

Each week we are presented with a murder case. The obvious always doesn't pan out.

Where was an Emmy nomination for Woods last season?
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Great character, great setup... great show?
Grinand17 August 2006
The pilot for "Shark" was directed by Spike Lee. I honestly couldn't tell. There's nothing about it that is particularly cinematic or edgy.

But the premise is pretty neat. A highly paid, highly successful defense lawyer - James Woods - is forced into service on the other side of the barrister. He is now a district attorney for the state of California. Plus, he's asked to go after the same celebrities he used to defend.

So the episode plots of "Shark" could have it both ways - indulge in the scintillating glitz and seedy glamour of Hollywood while simultaneously bringing those sinners down every week. All with a great, snarky, brash anti-hero.

Unfortunately, the last third of the pilot started to get a little sappy and predictable (the main character begins to soften a little too quickly for my taste, no doubt helped by his unrealistically wise and aware daughter), but I still have hope.
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Woods is great but that's about all
slapdab28 May 2007
This is an excellent vehicle to show how good an actor James Woods is. He carries it and when he is on screen you don't look at anyone else.

Jeri Ryan, Danielle Panabaker and Henry Simmons are OK. Unfortunately, the actors playing his young assistants appear to have been chosen for their looks rather than their acting skills. They are generally bland and uninteresting. Sarah Carter is the worst - you would think she is on a catwalk. She always seems to be trying to show off her looks and dare not have a expression on her face unless it cracks. Is she a shop window dummy or something?

However, I would like to make a special mention for Alexis Cruz: he is inexperienced but he makes an effort. I wish him well.
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Obnoxious 'Good Guy' Doesn't Work
ccthemovieman-124 January 2009
My guess is that one of the big reasons this show got canceled was that, in the long run, people are not going to relate to a "hero" - the supposed "good guy" - when he's not a good guy.

It's nice to see a super-smart lawyer help put away the bad guys, but "Shark" is so unlikable, so devoid of any principles, so arrogant and hyper - eventually people tune out.

Hey, James Woods is a great actor, a super-intelligent guy in "real life," and always interesting....but his role here is just way too obnoxious. His young group of assistants are all PC-sickening people. "Shark"s incredibly beautiful daughter, played blandly by Danielle Panabaker, is also a Hollywood stereotype: a kid smarter than her parents. The fact that her father is an extremely successful lawyer makes it all the more ludicrous when the daughter wins every argument.

I go could go on and on, but what's the point? The show is history, and that's no surprise. Watching the first two episodes back-to-back for two hours the other night was enough for me. The writers of this show outsmarted themselves.
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Great show, but what's with the botox?
akulier-121 January 2008
This really is a great show, fast-paced, witty dialogue, and James Woods does what he does best. That really IS his role. But, forgive me folks, but what's with this American obsession with youth? Why did he get so much - and so bad - plastic surgery, and robably botox on top? He is a great actor, but you just can't see it because he looks just like a zombie. What's wrong with having a few wrinkles a guy his age? Would actually add to his credibility. This appearance certainly doesn't.

Other than that, this show really is about what makes the US so appealing to the rest of the world. Cool guys, hot babes and a lot of high class entertainment. If only the real world could be as cool as this. But has anyone noticed that, while a few years back, it used to be cool to be in the defense side, nowadays the "heroes" are on the side of the law. The times are-a changing - back.
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A show that has good potential!
flyind-11 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
James Woods does a fine job of playing Sebastian Stark - he gives the character life. Stark tries to use his power to accomplish things, like trying to get the driver's permit for his daughter in the second episode, but figures out that using his power sometimes backfires. He doesn't play by the rules, and he pretty much has his own way of going about things in court. Stark is in many ways like a shark when he's prosecuting. I especially like that 'mock courtroom' he has in his home. I truly enjoy staying up and watching this show on Thursdays, and I believe this mystery/crime drama show has the potential for greatness.
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not at all like real court
swatjester-17 February 2008
Tries for the wit and speed of Boston Legal and fails. While another commentator tries to say "this is what real prosecutors do", he obviously has no clue. Real trial work, especially criminal, is slow, tedious, and boring. 90% of cases don't go to trial, and the ones that do never look anything like TV.

It's not a bad show, but it's not as good as Boston Legal, not by far. The acting is OK, the camera work is mediocre, and the writing is average. Ho hum. Another average court show. If I wanted to watch that I'd watch one of the dozens of law and order knockoffs. There's no real catch to this show.
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James Woods takes an old genre and makes it interesting week to week,
jmorris-817 January 2008
James Woods is a master at his craft. Any actor who can take a cliché ridden "TOUGH GUY LAWYER" SERIES and make it --not only fascinating but, current in its vibe each and every week is a master at their trade. Woods carries the weight of this series on his considerable shoulders and seems to have that uncanny ability that you only see in a very few actors, to raise the "game" of some of the younger actors on the set as well as some of the journeymen actors who appear in guest starring roles on a week to week basis.

The thing that differentiates SHARK from other Lawyer series we have seen.... From Raymond Burr's 301 episodes of Perry Mason, to present day shows such as L.A.Law and Law and Order, we have seen just about every possible story line under the sun......... I mean---- come on, is there anything else to explore here???

But, James Woods explores the proverbial DARKSIDE of the Legal business. From switching sides of the aisle, transforming from a high price advocate for drug dealers, murderers and other assorted low life's in LA County, to a RULES adverse Special District Attorney, Woods shows some of the antics that occur behind the scenes in the screwed up legal system.

These shows need to show the personal lives of the people involved to keep the viewer interested. Shark does not let us down in this respect. Instead of showing some fairytale life of the rich and famous of L.A.. Woods is a Divorced, single parent of a teenager, played surprisingly well by Danielle Pannabaker. The give and take between Woods and Pannabaker is an excellent sub-plot for the series and the writers of the series give Pannabaker several key story lines in the first season. Pannabaker handles these roles like a seasoned professional. She had to raise her game to fit in with Woods.

All in all, Shark is wildly entertaining. You know it is a good series when you find yourself eagerly awaiting the next installment ---- or is that the next "SHARK ATTACK????
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riding the short bus to the courthouse
pancake_repairman6 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
A hackneyed subpar written show in every aspect. You have the middle-aged hotshot lawyer who is blatantly sexist, a characteristic I doubt this show would have dared use if Boston Legal hadn't already taken the chance on not being PC and proved it to be acceptable. Beyond that the difference is in Boston Legal the sexual comments are funny and unique, here it's just ignorant coattail riding. "Have him make a sexual comment about the woman, it'll be funny". It isn't. Then you have the antagonism with the tough chick lawyer nemesis, a character who is utterly humourless and naively overzealous in her moralizing without offering a unique perspective on anything. So their dynamic is the classic cliché of the free and easy man and the uptight woman. Gee, do you think they'll have a breakthrough moment where he gets her to lighten up? I wonder. Even the opening part where the star's lawyer skills are supposedly demonstrated is amazingly dumb. He gets his client acquitted of an attempted murder charge by pointing out that he called an ambulance and stopped his victim bleeding to death, which he obviously wouldn't do if he wanted them dead. Wow, awesome deducting Sherlock. The overanimated panache with which James Woods plays the scene only serves to emphasize the banality of the writing by being so at odds with it. Not to compliment his acting though. His character is apparently unable to speak without becoming a bobble-head. Then he gives a speech about why he wins all his cases which he dubs his "Cutthroat Manifesto" which consists of a bunch of nonsensical hot air that has no apparent practical application. "Rule number one, trial is war, second place is death." OK, I guess if you can view a case as your life depending on it it would motivate you harder, but... that's just moronic. Then "truth is relative, find one that works". Uh huh, isn't that the principle all defense lawyers operate under by default? This isn't even a second rate Boston Legal, it's a bunion on the foot of that far superior show both dramatically and comedically. The redemptive family values in the home aspect of the star's life has marginally more appeal but is a lighter retread of what you've seen in every popular cable drama of the past five years.
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Woods is God
taneli11314 December 2007
If you are familiar with Wood's work as an actor you already know why you have to watch a show with him thriving.If you are not,just watch one episode and you'll be absolutely hooked.I'm talking about top notch performances in each and every one.Woods delivers his lines in the astounding way he has as used to.His great acting will have you at the edge of your seat begging for more.I mean,the man is like a well oiled machine:everything from his facial expressions to the last word coming out of his mouth,spreads out the wide canvas of his acting skills for our delightment in an absolutely thrilling way.On top of that,'Shark' is excellently written,fast paced and with more than one twists in each episode that will leave you with your mouth open.Even the less enjoyable and interesting episodes (due to the plot-let's face it,when you have 22 episodes with a different case in each one,these are bound to exist) are elevated by the brilliance of Wood's acting,as we watch him waging battle after battle against his opposition of lawyers,criminals and the occasional serial killer/arch nemesis.Don't miss the chance to enjoy one of the most fascinating actors at his best!
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James Woods is great.
Casey9995 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I have a friend who's an attorney. For as long as I've known him, he's said he can't watch movies or TV shows that revolve around trying cases. He says they're too unrealistic to suspend disbelief. As a rule, I think he's missing out on some great stories. I know all the speeches the lawyers give that aren't during an opening or closing won't happen in a real court, but I can accept that it's required to make the show work (lest you end up with a TV show where the stars have few lines).

With that said, I find the show's story structure silly. It's not that the stories aren't interesting (some more than others). It's that it's ludicrous to have the D.A. show up on every crime scene. To bring the case to court before it's been investigated and frankly to have the D.A. doing all the investigating.

Instead of a great court room drama, we get just another Cop show, albeit one where the police apparently don't gather the evidence and turn it over to the D.A.

I almost wonder if the reason Woods wants out is because the entire story structure is so implausible. Heck, why does an investigator for the D.A., more often than not, lead the police on raids to get a suspect? I wanted to like this show and for a few episodes, I did, but having DAs and ADAs acting like cops more than lawyers makes it impossible to suspend my disbelief.
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all about James Woods
SnoopyStyle10 September 2013
Sebastian Stark (James Woods) is a hot-shot defense attorney. Only, his latest successful client got off to kill again. He is devastated and joins the prosecution vowing to put away the guilty. Danielle Panabaker plays his daughter. Sophina Brown and Sarah Carter play his minions. Jeri Ryan plays the D.A.

James Woods creates a great character. He drives the show simply by the powers of his personality. In fact, his manic energy overpowers everything else on the screen. It works for the first season. His energy literally powers the whole show. However, it never developed enough support from the other characters. The second season just deteriorated. Without more support, Woods' act gets tiring.
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Ivana Iva14 April 2012
I enjoy the show. Sebastian Stark (James Woods) goes from defending the bad guys to prosecuting them. And he goes with style. Yes, there are better & worse episodes, but every episode so far has been watchable, enjoyable and funny. The "little helpers" from his office might appear to be too good looking for their job but once Woods is on the scene there are all forgotten. Also, Jeri Ryan, who plays Stark's boss, for some reason shows her thin waist in every episode (at least so far). This does not really go with the position she should have but I guess it was a desire of the people who created the show. In addition, she walks like on a catwalk and it looks rather comical. Also, it was probably thought that the show will be more interesting if Shark and his team do not only take on law but also do the police work. Like in Law & Order there are at first the cops who investigate crimes and then there are the lawyers; the creators of Shark decided that Stark will do everything. That's where the show is not entirely believable. With that said I have to add that I don't mind too much, I just sit and watch :)
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I love this show
MrChe1 April 2011
Well, let me start by saying, after Boston Legal who is for me the best show ever, Shark is in range with it, I just love action, drama and law stuff in TV series. They did a terrific job bringing James Woods for the role of district attorney Sebastian Stark.

After watching first episode I was hooked, in every episode you just wonder whats Shark gonna do, is he gonna do this or that, it's incredible.

I highly recommend this to be watched, it's fun to watch, interesting, the plot of series is amazing, producers and writers have done their job excellent. I hope they will continue shooting this show. And I will be waiting. I give this show a solid 10.
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Great Show, so let's make sure we cancel it. OK?
Launchd-II30 December 2010
Oops! Guess they DID cancel it!

I am so worn out on this treatment of intelligent, enticing, involving TV. Being a tad biased regarding the Great James Woods, I really enjoyed him in a weekly outing with a great cast. Even Jeri Ryan did great, totally shedding the bloat-image "Seven of Nine" boring image. Every time I see people from Shark on other series I still head over to IMDb to see what they went off to since departing one of the more fun and well done series in the past 20 years. to see the TV gods fold Shark's characters into occasional appearances on the new "The Defenders". Yeah that's it- that could be the ticket!

Happy 2011 to all.

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Great Show
kaiserkarl3110 August 2010
This was a great show---good characters, good acting, good writing. I didn't like Julie's character in the pilot, but she settled in well for the rest of the series (though she was obnoxious at times, she WAS a sixteen year old girl living in luxury in LA...). The strong central characters---both Stark and Devlin---provided a good foundation on which to build the entire show, and the rest of the cast supported them well.

The strike really did this show in, as it did many others, but I really think this one gets added to the long, long list of really good shows that got canceled before their times.
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I watch this for James Woods
chrichtonsworld18 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
What can I say about "Shark"! First I was really excited because James Woods would be the main character! The pilot episode was great in which you could see how talented he is! Only I couldn't see him working with a team! He does work with these people,but honestly I don't really care about the other team members! Since they don't add something extra to the show! One exception was episode "Wrath of Kahn" in which Cruz dies at the end. It was very dramatic and unexpected! To me it gave a boost to the show,so I couldn't wait for next episode! I was hoping for a funeral, a tribute or something! Nothing happened concerning Cruz! They just went on, only one moment they mentioned his name. Come on,in real life you at least talk about it. What about grieve! They supposed to be a close team! Also the episodes aren't that interesting! There is nothing new,it all has been done before by other shows! The only reason I still watch this show is because of James Woods. It is to bad they don't develop his character a bit more! Maybe in the future episodes things will change!
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