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MPAA Rated PG-13 for some sex-related content

Sex & Nudity

  • SEX: 4/10
  • A woman climbs into bed with a man and rests her head on his chest (they are clothed)
  • A man is seen looking at a website where life-size female dolls are sold (it is implied that the dolls are sex toys); a narrator reads suggestive and sexual descriptions and some of the dolls are seen in skimpy outfits.
  • A man and a woman lie in bed together (they are clothed).
  • A man tells another man about an pornographic website where the women are "customizable" and refers to them as "anatomically correct".
  • Women discuss a life-size female doll being a "love toy" and use crude terms to refer to her gentilia.
  • A woman looks up the skirt (presumably to her pubic region) of a life-size female doll and we see her reaction.
  • A life-size female doll is washed in a bathtub (her bareback is seen).
  • An older woman asks a man where his girlfriend is, he tells her he doesn't have one and she asks the man if he's gay to which he denies.
  • A man asks a another man how he knew he was a man and he asks him if it had to do with sex.
  • A woman asks a woman if another man has sex with a life-size female doll and another man tells her "That's what she's for".
  • Two men make crude sexual remarks about a female doll.
  • A woman asks a man if he is attracted to a woman.
  • A life-size female doll is seen wearing a skimpy outfit and fishnet stocking over her arms and legs (it is implied that the doll is meant to resemble a prostitute).
  • We see the bare belly of a pregnant woman from a distance.
  • An older woman hands a flower to a man and tells him to give to a woman.
  • A man thinks that a woman interpreted their get-to-together as a "date" and he tells her that he could never cheat on his girlfriend (the woman assures him)
  • We see a man dancing with a life-size female doll from a distance.
  • A life-size female doll is portrayed by a man as his "girlfriend" throughout the movie.
  • A man says that he asks a female doll to marry him and that she declined.
  • A man is invited to a party by another woman and he asks if he can bring his girlfriend, to which the woman agrees.
  • A man tells a woman that a female doll is unable to have babies.
  • A man lies in bed with a life-size female doll in a few scenes (they are both clothed).
  • A man and a woman hug.
  • A man and a woman touch each other's hand tenderly.
  • A woman flirts with a man in a few scenes and it is implied that shes attracted to him, however he seems to be oblivious to this.

Violence & Gore

  • Violence: 2/10
  • A life-size female doll is seen being pushed through a hospital on a gurney while wearing an oxygen mask and is pushed into a room, presumably to be operated on (we later hear that she is very sick and it is implied, towards the end of the film, that she "died")
  • A man begins to walk away from a woman, she grabs onto him while trying to bring him back and they both fall over (they are unharmed)
  • A man screams at a man and a woman to wake up, he tells them that a life-size female doll "wont wake up", he shakes her and another man tells him that she's unconcious and he rushes to call 911
  • A woman runs in front of a man's car as he is pulling into his driveway and he stops just short of hitting her.
  • We learn that a man's mother died.
  • A man says that a female doll's parents died when she was an infant.
  • A woman confronts a man about "hanging" her teddy bear (we see a knotted noose around the bears neck).
  • A woman tells a man that her husband died.
  • A woman lightly touches a man on the arm and neck and he reacts in pain.
  • A man chops firewood angrily.
  • A woman performs a blood pressure test on a life-size female doll and tells a man that her blood pressure is low, he asks if it is serious and she replies that it could be.
  • A woman asks if a man has ever engaged in violent behavior, to which she denies.
  • A man begins to hyperventilate, but he is calmed by a woman.
  • A man describes compares receiving a hug to being burned.
  • We hear a man yelling at a female doll in a few scenes.
  • A woman yells at a man in a few scenes.
  • A few of the characters are put into grief after realizing that a man begins to treat a life-size female doll as his girlfriend.
  • A man playfully tickles a woman.
  • A man cries and greives after a life-sized female doll "dies".


  • Profanity: 4/10
  • 1 scatological term, 2 mild anatomical terms, 4 sexual references, 5 mild obscenities,1 exclamation (shut up), 1 religious profanity, name-calling (crazy, insane, nut, sick, klepto, baby), 4 religious exclamations.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Although we and everyone else in the film knows that Bianca is a doll, it might still be disturbing when we see Lars on top of her in bed, panicked that he can't wake her. That also holds true for news that Bianca is dying, and then him later holding her body in a lake, obviously distraught. That's followed by a funeral scene for the doll.

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