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Index 41 reviews in total 

37 out of 56 people found the following review useful:

Full of tired clichés and lazy screen writing. Avoid.

Author: chris-4071 from United States
31 August 2006

Utterly dreadful movie. I'm not sure how I managed to get through it. The acting is extremely wooden throughout, the characters are very two dimensional and all of this is made even worse by the fact there is very little dialogue in this movie (perhaps 10 lines at the most.

The first death scene requires an enormous suspension of disbelief on the part of the viewer because of laziness on the part of the writer.

Every single event in this movie is a horror movie cliché and I even found myself saying out loud what would happen next to be proved right about 80% of the time. The remaining 20% was either delayed or substituted with another cliché.

This reminds me of a student film, of a fledgling screenwriter trying to make a homage to his favourite horror movies - it is most certainly NOT a decent horror movie in its own right.

I want those two hours of my life back.

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24 out of 38 people found the following review useful:

Stylish and Suspenseful

Author: Antony_msn from United States
14 March 2007

I really can't agree with a lot of the comments. Blood Trails is a great looking indie horror-thriller with an unique relationship between stalker and victim. Of course it's not always logical, but really most of the survival horror movie have to suspend the viewers disbelief. Blood Trails does this, too. So what? More importantly, it works very well on a metaphorical level. Especially in the great and unsettling conclusion that reveals a lot about the strange relationship of the movie's villain and protagonist! The last 20 minutes are really intense! The visuals are stunning. The mountains nearly become a character of their own. Obviously the movie evokes a "love it or hate it" reaction. Well, I loved it! Go see it and make up your own mind. Or else you miss an original indie gem.

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10 out of 14 people found the following review useful:

Tense but Illogical Thriller

Author: Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
6 December 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The biker Anne (Rebecca Palmer) has a violent one night stand with the supposed cop Chris (Ben Price) after a minor infraction. Two days later, feeling guilty and traumatized, she decides to go hiking with her boyfriend Michael (Tom Frederic) in the Whistler chain of mountains, a spot where bicycles are prohibited. When she sees Chris riding a bike, she tells Michael about her affair, and Chris unexpectedly kills Michael. Along the rest of the day and night, Anne is chased by Chris in a sick and mortal mouse-and-cat game.

"Blood Trails" is a tense, but totally illogical thriller. The character Anne is full of contradictions to make the film work. For example, she decides to go to a place not allowed for bikes, but she does not know the location well and needs a map later. When the Ranger rescues her, she decides to go back to seek Michael, when the logical attitude would be going to the hospital and calling the police. When she meets the woodsmen, she does not tell what is happening, just keeps saying that she needs a gun like a crazy or deranged woman. When she gets a truck, she reverses the truck to hit Chris instead of going away. When she gets the ax, she throws it instead of keeping the defense-weapon in her hands. Further, how could Chris kill two armed policemen with his bare hands? Therefore the forgettable plot is absolutely flawed, but surprisingly entertains. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Trilha de Sangue" ("Blood Trail")

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30 out of 54 people found the following review useful:

Blood Trails sucks to the point of exhaustion

Author: jpgonc from Lisbon, Portugal
8 September 2006

Blood Trails is nothing but a bunch of other things seen in other flicks. An enigmatic lunatic chases his victim thru a forest killing her date and whoever appears in the way. The end is completely unoriginal as expected for a thing that made rip-offs of other horror stories of this kind.

Mediocre acting, clichéd screenplay, flashes, gore and stupidity all around it...

The movie got me really tired and I've tortured myself seeing it till the end. There's bad movies out there and Blood Trails is one of them. Finito.

I don't have anything more to say, but let me tell you this: You will be more satisfied seeing "Love Boat" or Walt Disney's Donald Duck & Uncle Scrooge adventures... believe me.

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6 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

What is happening here?

Author: ttb_1984 from Denmark
28 November 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Hi, this is the first review I ever write on IMDb, and sadly, it has to be very negative.. I liked the beginning, that is the first 2 minutes, but after that it's just downhill. In the first part of the movie you don't really care about any of the characters. Perhaps the poor fellow who has a cheating girlfriend, but he turns out to be such a whiner and he goes first.

Now only the girlfriend is left, and she is unbelievable stupid! I know that some of the guys here says that "she ain't REALLY trying to escape, y'know? It's somethin' with sex and psychology, ye'know??" No, I don't know that. Even though she may be attracted to him, how would I know? She is not telling me, because she only moans, screams and makes stupid faces which is not at all representative for her current situation. Like for instance when she throws a rock 2 meters away to make th killer look that way and she looks like she has won a trophy!!? What is that? Even though he might be 2 meters off, he still knows where you are!? And after she thinks she has driven him down (by a slowly accelerating diesel-truck, even if the guy was blind and had broken both legs it would not have worked!!) she gets an awkward satisfied grimace?

And what about her trying to get the keys, "but she can't take them because there are BLOOD on them!?" Well miss, you have been running around for hours pretty much painted in the blood of your boyfriend (not counting the few minutes after you "accidently" drove directly in to a lake).

She is just SO unbelievable, and after at most one hour, you really wish that she would die fast. She is just so incredibly stupid, and she gets nervous breakdown in the most random times! It goes like, "Oh Christ NO, she is screaming again now.." and "What is she doing NOW?" "Why is she doing that?" "What is wrong NOW?" etc etc...

I'm not so much writing this as a warning, as a mean to let out some steam, because I'm boiling! This is one of the worst movies ever made. I of course forgot about the killer.. Actually his character might be okay, but the best way to phrase it is to say that he is IMBALANCED! He has surveillance all over the woods, he can teleport at will and he even knows what she will do next ALTHOUG this seems to me the most RANDOM thing to predict. IMBALANCED!

Okay, cheers.. Thomas

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6 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

Just. No. *SPOILERS*

Author: anxietyresister from United Kingdom
22 December 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Don't you just hate it when people in jeopardy behave like morons just to prolong suspense? Take 'Blood Trails', for instance. This film has some of the most stupid behaviour of any potential murder victim I've seen in my life, but first lets concentrate on that title. You'd never guess, but the majority of the action takes places on a biking trail near a mountain, and lots of people get killed on it. Blood. Trails. It has a double meaning. DO. YOU. SEE?? Alas, this is the same level of intelligence the director and writer display throughout, as people make unfathomable decisions and end up inevitably as lifeless corpses. You have allow for a certain amount of leeway in slashers but come on, check out this bunch of howlers:

1. If you get the opportunity to escape in a car, take it. Don't try to reverse and run over the psycho, and certainly don't assume that just because you can't see him any longer, he's dead. Or you might just end up with an axe in your fuel tank.

2. If confronted with said psycho, do not throw only weapon you have at him because if you miss, you'll be defenceless and prone to attack.

3. If the psycho turns his back to you and you happen to find a sharp knife to ambush him with, its usually a good idea not to make a lot of noise as you approach him, for he may just hear you and smack you in the gob, putting you on the floor and halting your worthy effort.

4. If you somehow find yourself in possession of a cellphone in the wilderness and you reach a high enough peak in the wilderness to get reception to call 911, you should listen to the advice of the operator to STAY WHERE YOU ARE so they can find you with a helicopter within a few minutes. DO NOT run a mile from your present location just because you see a horrible sight. No, not Sharon Osborne, but your dead boyfriend crucified on a cross with his blood dribbling on you.

5. If a strange girl covered in blood enters your vehicle and asks for help rescuing her boyfriend (who has any sane person could work out is brown bread by now) either contact the authorities or drop her off at the hospital. The guy in this film looks like he's going to be sensible and do the latter, but without much convincing from our lass in peril he backtracks, then takes his gun and advances on said psycho asking him for his credentials. I think you can guess what happens next..

6. ..Which brings me neatly to 6, where I must tell you that no fewer than three people in this movie have their guns trained on the psycho at any one time, but somehow he is able to disarm and kill them all with just a lil wee knife. Is he some kind of army Marine? Nope, just a deranged cop who is the victim of a stupid screenplay.

7. You're a lumberjack and you're OK. You sleep all night and you work all day. You also never warn people when you're felling trees, you throw around people's bikes when you're in a bad mood, and if your mate gets slaughtered by a psycho you rush over there unarmed like a lemming over a cliff to impale yourself on a sharp object. At least according to this script you do. If you have a union, I think you should sue. Get all copies of this removed from the shelves for misrepresentation. I don't have an ulterior motive, honest..

8. Finally, after psycho abducts you, dresses your wounds, feeds you dinner, ties you up, cuts your legs open (you know, the usual) you're maybe wanna going to take some revenge. But this being a E-list horror film, being impaled through the head isn't going to be enough for him, is it? No, only when you've got a shard of glass and stabbed him through the throat with it, then you can relax. And the film ends LITERALLY THAT SECOND. Yay.

So, in essence this is a badly directed (Check out all the pointless sped up and black and white scenes) badly acted ( Ben Price's performance as the monosyllabic psycho is laughably unconvincing) badly written (see above) and well, just all round bad really. I wouldn't be surprised if the catering on set was bad, too. Any cast members wanna PM me with complaints about their grub to confirm my suspicions? I hear lots of copies of Robbie Williams's flop Rudebox CD album were buried in a desert landfill somewhere because they wouldn't sell. How's about we fly out every DVD of Blood Trails too and dispose of them the same way? They can keep each other company! Come on now, What d'ya say?????? 1/10

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12 out of 20 people found the following review useful:

Do we really need another formula splatter flick?

Author: nuke909 from Canada
14 October 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

So blood trails starts out interestingly enough,It is filmed beautifully, taking us to an interesting setting with the bikers in the woods, plus the set up involving the cheating girlfriend, but right after the first rather far fetched and unbelievable murder scene, it all falls into tired, over used territory. The woman loses her boyfriend and she runs a panicky chase through the woods, often losing her way and running into things, the killer hot on her trail. Several times in the film she runs into strangers, who she begs for help, and i groaned out loud as they brainlessly looked bewildered, and of course were killed seconds later. When the woman finally gets herself into a truck and the engine won't start, i almost threw my remote at the TV. This is age old stuff here people.

To take from anna399's review, the killer does has some jason vorhees qualities, like how he walks really slow,then appears a mile ahead of the girl, or otherwise pops up in a quiet moment. Or his ability to overpower people with guns pointed right at him. But really this is no super villain, just a boring looking thug with no good reason for committing these atrocities. That's supposed to scare the audience, but it doesn't, and by the time he catches up and lets the woman go for the third or fourth time, i honestly no longer cared who lived and who died. I give this movie one point above awful for the gritty look and decent gore, but it brings nothing at all new to the genre. Give this one a pass.

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2 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

Visually quite nice but conceptually awful thriller.

Author: Paul Andrews ( from UK
21 March 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Blood Trails starts as the relationship between lovers Anne (Rebecca Palmer) & Michael (Tom Frederic) is on the rocks, in one last effort to salvage the relationship they decide to head out to Whistler Mountain Range where they have a cabin & can go mountain biking. One of the reasons why Anne & Michael's relationship is on brink is because Anne had a one night stand with a guy named Chris (Ben Price) who claimed to be a cop but is in fact a brutal & sadistic serial killer who has followed Anne & Michael out to the isolated mountain range with the intention of killing them both, can they survive as they use their mountain biking skills to try & find help as Chrissets about his work...

This German production was co-written & directed by Robert Krause & one has to say that Blood Trails is a rather dull, clichéd & frustrating horror slasher come thriller that has a few positives which are lost amongst the negatives. The script is largely to blame for the films major failings, Anne as a character is really awful & she's one of those dumb horror film heroines who do the most bizarre, unnatural & stupid things. When faced with a brutal killer who has killed two people in front of her Anne decides to ignore the 4x4 Jeep & casually ride her bike away back into the woods instead of getting in the Jeep, running the killer over & heading for safety where she can find proper help. Anne blindly rides along & ends up riding off a cliff & into a river, why? Then she hits a large tree in the middle of her way which knocks her out, again why? Couldn't she like just stop & climb over the tree? Then there's the scene in which she phones for help & the operator tells her to stay where she is so they can track her mobile phone so what does she do? That's right she leaves. Brilliant. Then there's the notion that in broad daylight Anne can sit against a large wooden cross & not notice that her dead boyfriend is nailed to it for about five minutes. Right. The list goes on. Then there's Chris the killer who can just magically appear anywhere he wants & can instantly find Anne wherever she is in the mountain range. What were those two cops at the end doing there? How did Chris kill them? They had their guns pointed at him for God's sake. Why didn't either of those two forest workers not say anything? Surely if you see a scared, bloodied & upset woman you would at least ask her if she was OK, right? They don't even talk to each other & it's just a totally bizarre sequence that makes zero sense. The film takes itself extremely seriously but there's not much to it, the mountain biking aspect doesn't amount to anything & the character's are really empty & soulless, there's barely any dialogue & at nearly 90 odd minutes the film drags badly at times with seemingly endless shots of Anne walking, running or riding through the woods which become pretty tedious pretty quickly.

There's not that much actual gore here, there's some blood splatter a ridiculous scene involving a slashed throat & a mutilated body is briefly seen. I actually thought the majority of Blood Trails looked terrific, there's some cool camera angles & some strong colour schemes & lighting that showcase some of the isolated wilderness to great effect & the 2:35:1 widescreen image is used to good effect & the film has an expansive feel but it's off-set by the annoying hand-held shaky camcorder moments & quick editing which gets annoying. It's debatable whether Blood Trails is a horror film or a thriller, it doesn't seem to know what it wants to be & ends up short changing us in both departments.

Shot in Austria & Germany the production values are really nice & the film has some style about it but the script is poor, the pace is slow & the kills, character's & narrative are weak. There's only about five people in the entire film, a couple seem dubbed (badly too) while leading lady Rebecca Palmer puts in a decent performance with questionable material.

Blood Trails is a mix of standard horror slasher & thriller which doesn't really satisfy on either account, in fact despite some nice visuals Blood Trails is pretty forgettable.

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13 out of 24 people found the following review useful:

Disturbing & Great

Author: s-smithereens from United Kingdom
15 March 2007

I've bought the SAW 3 / Blood Trails Deadly Double and was pleasantly surprised by the film. First of all, yes it has its flaws. They are quite obvious: The plot isn't original and it has its fair share of clichéd slasher moments. But on the other hand it clearly has a unique voice. The camera and editing, the acting and the brooding atmosphere of dread. It doesn't work as a conventional slasher, but it works on a far more terrifying and disturbing level. It also plays very nicely with the mountain locations. Rebecca Palmer deserves a special mention for her great and unsettling performance.

Blood Trails is an extraordinary low budget film!

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4 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

Hape of SH1TE!!!!!!

Author: colnb from Ireland
11 August 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

For some reason the reviews i heard about this film where good, even the dude behind the video counter said it was good so how could i go wrong?? This movie has to be the biggest load of sh1t ever created! How on earth could a cast of GOBSH1TES come up with a nonsense/dumbest/annoying/irritating movie like this? From the first 30mins it just kept on pissing me off, i was shouting nearly at this dumb bitch to either cycle away, get in the van and not on the bike, don't look back when your running and most of all when you hit/stab some one in the head/eye with what looked like a 13inch drill bit don't s..l..o..w..l..y crawl over to them and straddle them to finish them off....keep on stabbing/kicking/stomping what ever it takes to make sure the fecker is dead!!!!! If they had made her a blonde this film would have made sense.

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