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Denis Cast in Paul Walker Thriller

Catalina Denis cast in Paul Walker thriller Model and film actress Catalina Denis has been cast as the female lead opposite Paul Walker (Fast & Furious 6) and David Belle (Malavita) in Camille Delamarre’s Brick Mansions. The action thriller is EuropaCorp and Relativity Media’s English-language remake of the 2004 French-made action / thriller District B13. In Brick Mansions, Paul Walker incarnates an undercover cop out to defuse a bomb in possession of drug warlord RZA. Catalina Denis will play David Belle’s romantic interest. Luc Besson, who specializes in run-of-the-mill, Hollywood-style French-made action thrillers, is one of the film’s producers. Directed by Pierre Morel (Taken, From Paris with Love), and co-written by Luc Besson and Bibi Naceri, District B13 / Banlieue 13 stars David Belle, Cyril Raffaelli, Dany Verissimo-Petit, and co-screenwriter Naceri. The film performed modestly at the French box office; according to Box Office Mojo, District B13 was no. 51 on France’s 2004 box-office chart,
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'Heroes' makes way to ARCHOS units

PARIS -- French owners of ARCHOS Generation 5 WiFi portable media players can watch now episodes from Season 2 of NBC's Heroes directly on their machines, Gallic broadcaster TF1 said.

The offer follows NBC Universal's recent deal with TF1 to air Heroes on its VOD site just 24 hours after the original stateside broadcast.

ARCHOS Generation 5 WiFi player owners also can access TF1's full catalog of titles, including feature films La Vie en Rose, Taxi 4, Tell No One and Pan's Labyrinth as well as TV series and exclusive shows, including performances from national celebrities.

All programs are available in streaming, temporary download or permanent download from TF1 Vision's Web site

'Mediocre movies' hurt Kinepolis boxoffice

'Mediocre movies' hurt Kinepolis boxoffice
BRUSSELS -- European cinema chain Kinepolis Group on Friday reported a 6% drop in attendance for the first quarter of this year, blaming it on "the mediocre range of films on offer during this period."

The group said that the top five movies from the January to March period -- Night at the Museum, Taxi 4, Blood Diamond, The Departed and La Mome -- compared poorly with the boxoffice hits from the same period last year. Those films included The Chronicles of Narnia, King Kong, Munich, "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" and Les Bronzes 3.

The three-month period saw the group sell 5.7 million tickets to its cinema complexes, off 4% from the 6.1 million that walked through the turnstiles from January to March 2006. However, the latest figures include new complexes in Bruges and Poland so, on a comparative basis, the numbers are down 6%.

The results come a month after Kinepolis reported net profits of €14.6 million ($19.1 million) in 2006, up 80% from its €8.1 million ($10.6 million) profit in 2005.

Kinepolis, launched in 1997, has more than 300 screens in 22 cinema complexes in Belgium, France, Spain, Poland and Switzerland and employs more than 1,900 people.

Rosy boxoffice for Dahan's 'La vie en rose'

Rosy boxoffice for Dahan's 'La vie en rose'
PARIS -- Olivier Dahan's La vie en rose took in 1.2 million admissions during its first five days in theaters. Gallic distributor TFM saw strong opening-day numbers, with 230,370 admissions at 675 screens. The Edith Piaf biopic starring Marion Cotillard will be released by Picturehouse in the U.S. in June. The film was second to Gerard Krawczyk's cult hit Taxi 4, released by Europacorp, which topped the boxoffice with 1.7 million tickets sold at 867 screens.

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