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Disappointingly dull given the explosive subject matter, this at least attempts to get a message into the mainstream. An extra star for effort rather than execution.
New York Magazine (Vulture)
The jumping around is as deft as a hippo in a tutu, and the director, Gavin Hood, never finds a rhythm.
Rendition certainly makes the case that torture, whatever name it goes under, is indefensible, yet one can agree with that view entirely and still feel that the movie is just a borderline exploitation of what anyone who reads the papers already knows.
By underplaying the melodrama in the presumed hope of seeming subtle when Kelley Sane’s script is so baldly melodramatic, the “Tsotsi” helmer drains the life out of an obviously explosive subject.
The film's disappointingly black-and-white approach robs characters and situations of badly needed ambiguity.
Village Voice
Unlike Hood's far more persuasive gangster picture "Tsotsi," Rendition feels generic and lackluster.
Intelligent and well-meaning, Rendition is nevertheless an oversimplified and uneven attempt to arouse righteous indignation among its viewers.
Chicago Tribune
In Rendition Gyllenhaal is supposed to be the smartest one in the room, yet he’s essentially just a good-looking plodder. And despite its whirligig story machinations, so is Rendition.
Rolling Stone
What a cast, indeed. And what a bust as persuasive drama.
The A.V. Club
With a cast this stacked, the performances are predictably strong (particularly from Sarsgaard, whose slow-burning role recalls his work in Shattered Glass), but the first impression they make is the same as the last.

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