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The Farrelly brothers could burp out a movie funnier than The Hottie & the Nottie, a farce of corrupt stereotypes that's never more grotesque than when it pretends to be more than skin-deep.
The Hollywood Reporter
Ultimately best suited for the confines of late-night cable.
You've seen dozens of movies like this on cable in the wee hours.
Though Hilton may be a model, if her work in Hottie is any indication, she is no actress.
You've got to admire Hilton's complete conviction in herself as the center of all that is beautiful and good. And maybe such unwavering self-regard is actually kind of hot. Or not.
Great actors make the craft look easy. In the Paris Hilton comedy The Hottie and the Nottie, acting looks very, very difficult.
That generous half star rating I tacked onto this comedy abomination is all for Paris Hilton. Come on, it takes guts (or gross dim-wittedness) to appear on screen again after "House of Wax."
Chicago Tribune
Verdict: not so hot
A cinematic excursion so horrific that it's an insult to bad movies to call it a bad movie.
Miami Herald
The most astounding thing about this abysmal comedy -- aside from the fact the studio actually allowed critics within a mile of it -- is that it's so ghastly it is beneath even the meager dignity of Paris Hilton.
Preposterous, disingenuous, remarkably unfunny and genuinely distasteful.

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