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Nate Haden (Louis Thomas) is Desire's salvation / Gregg Strouse (Cully) is Co-savior and #1 Supporting Actor
dmreach9926 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Tuned in for eye candy #1 (aka Alex Thomas). Staying for eye candy #2 (aka Louis Thomas). Louis is the man--everyone else should either join Camp Louis or go home.

Andrea's and Alex's so-called mourning of Louis--Yes, while it is true that from the very beginning it was apparent that Andrea and Alex belong together, I've mourned the missing of a Macy's white sale longer than the two of them mourned Louis' "death".

Let's do the math: Joey Gamarra tortured Louis for 2 months and once Louis agreed to marry Cara, Joey announced the two of them would be married in 2 weeks. Andrea went to Italy for two months after her father's death, which was shortly after Louis' disappearance. Once she got back to California, her and Alex used any excuse to be together and according to my math they started doing the horizontal mambo within 2 weeks of her return.

I find myself, like Rita, joining Camp Louis. Louis is hurting, he's been gone for under 3 months and too much has changed in that time. When Alex says to him, "Louis don't be like this" in defense of him and Andrea being together and Louis replies, "I just came back from the dead brother, I can be any damn way I feel like" I was in agreement with him. I find myself tolerant of his behavior, but I do not and will not support him speaking to or treating his mother disrespectfully-she never gave up on him.

To the writers / directors / producers: At the end of the 13 weeks I will be very upset if LOUIS is not around. In the two mid-week highlight shows there was a scene with (standing to the side) Cully whispering in some woman's ear, Andrea and Alex and Rita and Peter dancing together-NO LOUIS in that scene.

It would be unforgivable not to acknowledge Gregg Stouse's (Cully) major contribution to the salvation of Desire. Nate Haden (Louis) could not have done it without you. He gives an excellent performance as Cully and I love his character. According to his biography he was born in Long Branch, NJ which may have helped that east coast energy that he brings to his Cully character.

Cully is loyal and knows how to disagree without being disagreeable. Because he has no family, true friends or love interest of his own, he does not take those relationships lightly.

When Joey Gamarra goes to burn down the Thomas restaurant/home he says to him, "Boss, are you sure you want to do this, his mother lives here too." He stops Vincent from killing Peter Evans when the two of them interrogate Peter as to Louis' whereabouts. And, when Louis comments on how much of a parasite George is because he was after Andrea's fortune long before he came on the scene, Cully facetiously remarks how she (Andrea) is lucky to have him (Louis) show up (Louis outbids Andrea at the auction for her restaurant and home).

To the women on the show: Cully is my #1 pick for Boyfriend / Husband material.
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Marco Manetti
keri4026 December 2006
I watch Desire from the beginning. At first i was not sure of the show's story line but as i watch a few more episode it had me hooked. Mostly because of the character Marco Manetti played by Joe Tabbanella. He did a great job bring his character to life. I have since found out the other movie he was in and have enjoyed watching them. He plays all the different characters very well and professional. I look forward to seeing him in future shows an/or movies. Are you aware of any new Television shows that he will be in that I could look out for? I just want to thank you for bringing the show to us and all of the character that made this show great. All the actors really did a great job on this show and can not wait to see them in future projects. I was sad to see the show going off the air. Is there any chance it will be coming back?
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Zack Silva (Desire)
lisahearton1 October 2006
I have been involved in the entertainment business for many years and took a break from management about a year ago. I met Mr. Sylva prior to his break at a storage facility before he filmed his pilot. He was such a modest young man and should have been boasting about his recent lead role. He did not even mention it until I told him he should be an actor as he had leading man potential. I asked him if he had representation and he answered that he was very satisfied with the agent and management team he had and told me about his recent role in Desire. I watched an episode last week and was so impressed with his talent that I called everyone I knew to watch. Catch this rising star and watch him climb. "You Go Zack".
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Nate Hayden is heart of Desire.besides desire has very good looking cast that could'not be in a melodramatic show ever.
horizon_722 April 2008
Nate Haden is the heart of this romantic soap.I love desire show much that I don't even mind to watch it in third repeat telecasts.Desire is classic example of beautiful people fallen for basic emotion called love.though it is very addictive television soap i've ever seen it has very few episodes and no access to dvds or vcds or video clips to be found anywhere.I am looking forward to SECOND SEASON of DESIRE.OR At least a link to episodes of Desire.

Michelle Belegrin is very sweet ,love history of Louis Thomas is very interesting ;a playboy turns finally into a dangerous addictive lover boy for a very decent girl from a rich family background.He does every possible tricks to win heart of his ladylove but finally fails to extent such that he even broke off his family ties.Terribly heartbroken Louis gets lost somewhere after he sees his ladylove is his own brother,s arms.Fantastic.Lovely couples.Beautiful people.I wish i would have been amongst one of the cast members.

Besides Nathen is most handsome man ever god has made.I have a crush on him already.But can't get to see him more on television nowadays.can anybody tell more about his projects and him.

hope to watch more of desire
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Alan Ursillo especially good
sonlight-418 March 2007
Not bad....not bad at all. Interesting underlying plot with enough twists to keep my attention. Some great scenes of San Diego (for those who recognize our city) and some interesting takes on Italian family culture (for those of us who are Italian). Lead actors were hot. But, needed to see more of Lucio (Alan Ursillo), the heavy who was finally killed in the pool scene, halfway through the series. He was really a great heavy, and the only mobster I have ever seen on TV (or in real life) who shot a gun left-handed. Love the realism there. Will be looking for him in other productions. Hope the series has a DVD production soon and will be looking for summer replays.
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Absolutely unrealistic and stunningly bad
moni5 April 2007
I am sorry. I am so sorry that one of our TVs has decided to air it. It seems that the screenplay writers had absolutely no intention to do anything. Give them mediocre actors with pretty faces, and that's it. Sitcoms like this make Hillary Duff like Sir Lawrence Olivie. None of the performers can be remembered, the plot is absolutely awful, writing so bad it makes me thinking it has been done by second grade schoolboy. Remember - to be pretty does NOT necessarily mean you CAN act. Especially when you have such bad script. To the script writers - please, please watch more Latino soaps, they are much more meaningful of what you've created.

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Getting hooked on the story...
CoMa20 October 2006
I am really getting into the story! I like the way Marco is standing up for Cara. I think they make a great team. The guy who plays Marco would be great in a Scorsese movie....he coulda been in the Departed....I think his name is Joe Tabs....Great natural name for a mobster, by the Joey Bagadonuts, or Joey Bananas....see, they all start with "Joey" something... I want to see him more often....there's something cute, sensitive and dangerous about him all at the same time.

I am losing sympathy for Louis. He's too angry and violent all of a sudden. I don't like the way he treats women, either. Change him back!

P.S. I want to see George get whats coming to him!
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Desire is just too unbelievable a plot.
vargaslaw29 September 2006
Although the dialog and script is horrible, the entire plot upon which this TV series will be based on is just too unbelievable. The young star actors are cute and handsome but have terrible lines and their acting just does not cut it. I must though say that this should not apply to Alex Silva since he has few lines on the first episode. However,the few lines he had were well acted and he is hot. He could be the next Brad Pitt. The actresses are beautiful and sexy but their acting is just horrible. Although, the script and lines were no help but they still could not deliver the lame lines with any believability. I struggled seeing the entire episode. It just has such a stupid plot. You should check it out just to see how the fact that just because you get some cute boys and cute girls will not sell a TV series. There has to still be a good plot, script or writing, and talent with the persons delivering the acting; not just young cute guys and pretty girls. I guess you can compare Smallville with Desire. Desire lacks a good script and actors with talent although they supply only the youth and beautiful people. Smallville has a great script and the beautiful young actors and actresses can act.
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Desire: Table For Three
frances_kusuma25 December 2006
Desire is a film about two brothers, Lewis (Nate Haden) and Alex (Zack Silva) who likes the same girl, Andrea Zavatti (Michelle Belegrin). When Andrea's father is murdered by George (Tomy Dunster) and his sister (Sofia Milos), she stays with Alex while Lewis on the other hand, is kidnapped by a man called Gamarra, Cara's father. While he was kidnapped, he made friends with Gamarra's guard, Cully (Gregg Strouse). They both want to run away when Gamarra told Lewis that he had to marry his daughter, Cara (Kelly Albanese). Lewis and Cully had to think of something fast. Cara love Lewis but he doesn't. After weeks past, Lewis and Cully stole a large amount of money from the Gamarra safe. During the wedding, they both ran away and decided to go visit Andrea. Lewis arrive there in shocked and saw his own brother sleeping with his fiancée. Now, everyone's in their own complicated situation. This is a film about love, loyalty, jealousy, murder, and betrayal. Will they all ever make things like they use to before?
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